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Natasha Garry AKA Natasha Navajo/Moon NO LONGER A MATTER OF CONCERN

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This woman calls herself Natasha Navajo and runs various newage and "native" ceremonies in Camden Town, London.

from her website at

--- Quote ---Ya Aninaah, means welcome in Navajo, and I welcome you warmly!
Come warm your hands around my fire...and learn the way of your ancestors. Wife, and Mother to my beautiful little boy, with the hope of mothering many more, I like to seek, go deep, laugh and walk the way of the Bohemians. I have been working with alternative remedies for 12 years and  have always believed that we can all heal ourselves, we just need the right tools. My soul purpose is to help you find and use the tools you already have...return to the root, the source. My journey of life experiences as well many studies and research brought me to a point of healing. I had to choose my path and had to heal myself before I could consider healing another. I was always looking outside of myself for happiness, thinking I could find contentment in the material. Feeling confused, unsure and constantly judging myself I realised that I had to love myself!! A simple realisation? I don't took me a while! And even longer to really understand what loving myself really meant. But finaly I realised and it changed everything.

My healing for a long time was dance. I love to dance. During my journey of self-discovery, I had an accident, injuring both of my knees quite badly. After visiting the hospital I was prescribed a bucket full of medication, told that I would be on crutches for 6 months, and would not be able to dance again. I was distraught. Sitting in this great amount of physical pain, uncomfort and anger towards the situation, I decided to channel this energy in a different way. I was learning about manifestation, and in someway I had manifested this accident to teach me something...this was was a learning and I was going to transcend this physical and emotional pain into good. Connecting with nature, meditating, a positive spirit and absolute 2 weeks, I was walking without crutches and after 3 months, was dancing to the beat of Mother Earth again. That was 11 years ago and I'm still dancing with my drum. Dancing with the light and shadows.

There have been tests on all levels. Not just the physical, but mental and spiritual challenges. My mind could be a weapon I used against myself, creating negative energy that would surround and consume me. The deeper we journey on this path of self-realisation, the deeper we understand that we have to embrace all sides of the journey and come to a sense of harmony. I embrace my journey, my adventure and my arrival and I thank the four winds for guiding me...bringing me to a place where I can help others.

Studying with Buddhist Monks, following Shaman leaders & exploring the Himalayas are just some of the teachings that I have been blessed enough to receive from our sacred Mother Earth. My approach to healing is influenced by Eastern Teachings, Ancestral Native American Wisdom and Modern Psychology which allows me to blend my treatments so that they are tailored to your every need. Everything shared is done so in the strictest confidence and having high-profile clientele enforces this privacy. Meditatively, creatively and accurately we can discover the root together and bring you to a place of harmony, fulfilling your true un-realised potential; discovering your inner warrior or wise woman.


Natasha NavajoMoon
07946 651 781

--- End quote ---

charges for "shamanic healing"

--- Quote ---45 mins - £55
90 mins - £95
Block of 5 at 45 mins - £250 (a £25 saving)
--- End quote ---

A page about "Native American Names of the Moon"

a recent London meetup

--- Quote ---GrandMother Earth Native American Meditation
Saturday 22nd January 2011, 11am-12pm
Greetings Beautiful Women! How divine it will be for us women to come back to our imaginary meditation tent and circle together...combining our mystical waters and feminine beauty.

I invite you to my GrandMother Earth meditation of gentleness and power where we will call on GrandMother Earth for teaching and openess in to 2011. A Native American Cherokee Meditation of respect and nourishment for ourselves, opening our Root Chakra so that we can connect with Mother and Earth in a spiritual and dance-like way, experiencing, accepting, cherishing, empowering and opening to Great Spirit setting our intention for the year ahead.

Our first meditation for 2011...come let us be heard!

To all the women who have recently joined...I look forward to connecting with you! Great spring blessings to you all!

Love and Winter blessings
Natasha Navajo
07946 651 781

--- End quote ---

her blog

Basically this person offers a mishmash of tarot readings, reiki, shamanism, "native" ceremonies, power animals and meditation. 

Is she really Navajo?  I wouldn't know how to tell.

This really does not look right at all to me due to the selling ceremonies, cultural appropriation and the eclectic mix of diverse newage and native / fake native elements, but I would appreciate the opinions of people who know more about Navajo traditions.   Thus this thread.

The photos of her aren't too clear. They just show a dark haired woman with a Hindu mark on the forehead. Her beliefs seem much more claiming to be Hindu than anything. Outside of some vague Nuage ideas about power animals and shamanism, not really anything claiming to be Native, much less specifically Navajo.

I've never heard of any Navajo having the name Navajo Moon. It seems like a lame attempt to take on a poetic spirchul name.

Thanks Al

It didn't look right to me but I didn't want to jump to conclusions.

I received this message from the English woman calling herself NN. She says she no longer practices, and her website is down, and asks that we remove the thread, even tossing in the threat of legal action. Though the threat is one more typically useless bit of bluster, should we move her to Archives? And mark No Longer a Matter of Concern.

Below is her email followed by my response.

Unfortunately, it's only just been brought to my attention that quite a few years back in Feb 2011, my old & extinct website appeared on your forum - I have a pasted link below for you to see

I can see you commented on the old thread which was a short conversation between yourself and nemesis with you rightly recognising that my name was just a 'poetic stance on a spiritual name'. Now being a full time mum to my two beautiful young children...and focusing more on our family's design business, it does distress me to have my past name and something that I once cared very much about associated with this label of new age fraud - even though I do understand you were not insinuating this - my old name remains linked to this forum in an insulting fashion which makes me very upset.

My children's Godparent's are both lawyers and they sensibly suggested I simply contact you as the administrator to request the page be removed. I would appreciate if you could do this as soon as possible.

Thank you for your time and I will await your reply.
Kind regards


I'll ignore the silly legal threat. We get those at least once a month, and nothing ever comes of them, except to make us more determined to not back down from such failed attempts at intimidation.

We do not remove information from our site, ever. But we do move threads from Research and so on to Archives and mark them No Longer a Matter of Concern for those who are not doing any harm or those who have changed their ways.

I'm glad to hear you no longer teach the falsehoods you used to. There is no such thing as "Cherokee meditation" and those who told you so were wrong, perhaps con artists. There is an entire industry spreading such falsehoods for profit to outsiders who do not know any better.

"Power animals" are another New Age falsehood. To charge for Native ceremonies, or practice outside of their traditional context, is considered deeply unethical. One should never pay to pray.

Since you no longer spread these falsehoods, I'll ask the others at the forum if we should move the thread to Archives. I urge you to make restitution to those you took from under false pretenses. It is of course entirely possible you did not realize what you were doing was false, inaccurate, and considered unethical by actual American Indians. But now that you know, I urge you to consider making amends.

Defend the Sacred:
We need some time to research and make sure she's really stopped.


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