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Have any of you heard of her? She makes alot of claims that I feel are unfounded. Claims that Native Americans are wrong on many things including the word  Shaman or Shamanism. Her link is below:

I would very much like to know what you think. She claims that she is correct and our traditions are wrong because the Scientists say so. Thank you for your time.

Other than calling her company the Morning Star, which I find disturbing I'm not even sure where to begin - she sure seems to think highly of herself and sure does not follow the traditional rule to never brag about one's self.  Also does not follow the modesty rule - even her "newsletter" is "adult content" - Seems she has lots to sell - I like the statement that if you haven't bought a CD yet - dp so before you continue ... I could go on for hours about what I see here - but won't - I will leave it at - she has some pearls of facts there - but they seems to be buried in tons of self promotion and her own interpretations

Some of this is so damned bizarre. Dressing up as ancient Egyptian, claiming to be a practicing shaman and ordained minister, and then having cheesecake photos of yourself all over your site, and promising adult ones if you sign up for her newsletter...
She claims to have done an album in Apache, but then you have all these Plains NDN images everywhere, or actually Franklin Mint images of Plains NDNs. I didnt see the part where she claims NDns are all wrong and scientists are right, but it wouldnt surprise me. She seems more extremely conceited than dangerous though.

Sorry, and I do not say this to be mean, but...

am I the only one who thinks Gail looks and sounds like a man pretending to be a woman? A couple of those pics are not Gail.

As for her schedule of concerts, she is so in demand that she has already turned some events down but she is looking for events, large ones, but she is going to do small ones this time so call her with a name for her tour.

Funny not one event listed yet!

under Gail's Apache Heritage are some interesting things.

"We are not Navajo, or Lakota, we are not Cherokee nor Cheyenne. We are not Shishone' nor Commanche. We are the ones that made Native Nations tremble and Governments shake., We are the ones that are known Worldwide through history."

"We are the only Natives who adopted outsiders (Mexicans mostly) as our own. If you lived, breathed and follow Apache beliefs, you could be part of the Band. This is where our dark skin color comes from."

"When the Apache Warrior stood Motionless, they became invisible to the American white man and the Mexicans. Many soldiers of both the American and Mexican Governments have testified to this fact."

What say you Al?  (grin)


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