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Cheyenne River Sioux Tribal Resolution

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Sorry to bring up a tense issue, but given that the resolution goes out of its way to acclaim Arvol as the pipe-keeper, is there a chance that a secondary agenda of the resolution is to address Arvol's personal critics who are claiming the Pipe is kept elsewhere? I'd love to see that issue resolved, one way or the other.

Arvol is the pipekeeper, we acknowlede him as we always did,
we know of many fakes claiming to be the pipecarrier but they are not
Many say that they are most closly related but that is not how the pipe
is passed down, Why should Cheyenne River acknowledge all the fake claims.
The issues has alway be resolved by us the problem is the fakes and wannabe
don't want to believe.
We have so many fake white buffalo calf women showing up on the reservation
we have so many people making claims about the pipe, we know about our pipe
and that is all i have to say.
We have listened to rumor for years but you have to be one of us to know the truth.

I took 2 years of Lakota in college. I wonder if the universities will still be able to teach Lakota because that would be considered making a profit off of the culture of Lakota.  I enjoyed taking Lakota in college and my heart goes out to their cause. If any culture should be preserved right now it should be theirs.


--- Quote from: Defend the Sacred on November 13, 2010, 12:50:57 am ---Attaching scan of original, three page document.
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I downloaded all three of them. They open, but show up blank on my Mac.

I found the original here:


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