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This site and the activists have some useful resources. Some of the advice applies to some of the victims of Nuage, some doesn't. Parts of the steps are things I've advised myself, esp Step 3.
How I healed the psychological injuries from my abuse in a cult By Lawrence Wollersheim

I am the Co-founder of the oldest and largest internet source of free information on cults and mind control. I am also the winner of an 8.7 million dollar lawsuit against Scientology --- that Scientology was forced to pay!

I have waited far to long to write and share this short statement of how I was healed of the greatest part of the damage the cult of
Scientology did to me through their use of mind control.
To put things in perspective the psychological damage caused by Scientology is generally considered the worst and longest lasting
of all cults. And, I did not just heal back up to where I was before I was abused by Scientology, the simple process below actually transformed my pain and loss into amazing strengths and character qualities that I could have never attained had I not done all 5 steps below.

If you are a cult abuse victim, the simple list below can be used as a checklist to see what might be missing from your healing program.
Most of the information below is also equally applicable to all other forms of abuse and victimization.

Step 1: Learn what happened to you by reading the accounts of other similar victims.
Step 1a: If you are a victim of cult abuse, thoroughly learn about the psychological dynamics of how mind control works. This way you will
be able to see more certainly and clearly how you were systematically deceived and victimized by a technology in the hands of the unscrupulous cult leaders or their middle management manipulated manipulators.

Step 2: Get therapy from a specialist in the area of abuse that you have suffered. Keep getting enough therapy until you are far more
functional and the cult created irrational thought loops and induced phobias are no longer controlling the way you think about or see the world. (Therapy will go far faster and easier if you really don¹t skimp on step 1 above.)

Step 3: Get real angry and sue your abuser. Anger over injustice is appropriate and useful if used as a temporary motivational scaffolding. More importantly when you sue the abuser you reverse the psychological victim/oppressor dynamics radically. You are now the society sanctioned legal oppressor and they are the appropriate and legitimate victim of the social justice process. I cannot over-emphasize how much it will help your healing when you sue the oppressor even if you do not win!
When you see your oppressor on the stand in the court as a mere and often pathetic mortal with no magical or special spiritual powers, it does wonders to break more of the cult induce mindset out of you and restore to you once again your own power. Suing your oppressor also does much to teach others about their abuses through the pubic exposure you bring to them in the disinfecting light of the courts. Finally, suing them for legitimate abuse increases their costs for wrongdoing and begins to make them consider avoiding such wrongdoing which would cause more similar suits in the future.
Because it is not my practice to answer individual questions, shortly I will be publishing at and emailing out to the
various cult support organizations exactly what I believe were the most important things that I learned on exactly how to win a civil lawsuit against a cult (particularly Scientology) so you will also have the benefit of this hard won successful lawsuit experience when you sue your abuser and continue deepening your healing.

Step 4: If you were in a religious cult and the religious abuse and spiritual betrayal has taken you away form your spiritual journey and spiritual quest it is absolutely critical to re-begin your spiritual journey and your inner more meaningful life again. Deep spiritual betrayal is among the hardest of the betrayals to overcome, but
when you do you will heal faster and deeper than on any other step of the process.

Step 5: Educate others on the cult and their abuses. I co-founded FACTNet to do just that. Now there are many ways to help you do this on and off the internet.

That is it! Do these five steps with a passion and your will become stronger and better and healthier than you have ever been. Your experience will become so transformative it will border on
I wish you the absolute best on your healing journey to wholeness and to your new abilities and strengths.
Lawrence Wollersheim
PS. Please pass this simple ³how to heal² email or web page to everyone you know who you think could be benefited by this simple power formula for the healing of cult abuse.


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