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Tecumseh Brown Eagle, aka Abdul Abdulla Mohammed, & James Oliver Johnson 111,

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  That was an old post from the year 2007. So it was a couple of years ago that he was in her living room.


I guess I will have to give her a call later and see if she remembers him. 

Niawen gowa Kosowith for your previous post. He has tried to muscle his way around on this side of imaginary line. Unfortunately for one of our elders at Tyendinaga recognized whose geneology he has been using for himself. It happened to be someone who is living here and is known here.

He certainly tried to pull the wool over a number of our people up including some of our chiefs and clanmothers at Six Nations. Now we know who he is. Abdul Abdulla Mohammed



As far as the Erie Indian Moundbuilders Tribal Nation go, Abdul has yet to prove to the Six Nations and many other municipalities in Ontario who they really are. As the majority of his membership are people who have no lineal descent in being Erie nor can they prove it. Many people within Six Nations and the Seneca-Cayuga of Oklahoma have more lineal descent of Erie blood in their family trees than does Abdul ( TBE) himself or his band of misfits!! Most of his followers are Shriners , as he himself refers to himself as Minister Tecumseh Brown Eagle. Minister of what? A Black Muslim Cult that masks itself as the EIMTN.




Where do you start with him? He's been causing problems for years for the Six Nations.
Mangled history and law and archaeology.

Here's him sponsored by dowsers, the people who find water with them old magic sticks, alongside harmonic convergence, crop circles, detox, clairvoyance classes, and the like.

Nuttiest lies are in bold.

Tecumseh Brown-Eagle, Chief, Erie Indian Moundbuilders Tribal Nation; Erie, Pennsylvania....

    The presence of Chief Tecumseh was a very important part of the proceedings and he gave a presentation rich in etymology and long ago history, starting with a description of the "Aryans" who were actually ancient Sumerians, who travelled by land -- pre dynastic kings and queens.  Later on, the German nobility adopted this term for their own use....

     Tecumseh's presentation helped to turn "facts", "history", preconceptions and much of  our prevailing world view topsy turvy upside down.  Tecumseh has the appearance of a black man with negroid features.  Yet he has no African American blood in him whatsoever.  The European royals married into his family in the 1590's.    His colleague looks like Marilyn Dennis.  And she is Algonquin.

     Tecumseh, a Shriner, a Mason of the 32nd degree (Sublime Prince of the Royal Select)  told us:  about the real meaning of the word "America",   Britain a colony of Egypt, the Egyptian origins of Missouri  Tennessee and Kentucky...
He spoke about the the evolution of the very strong and largely unknown CAT influence, e.g. yuCATan, CAThay, CAThar (leading to Khazars, Czars, CATholic), (C)AThens; which includes our concepts concerning the color Black, i.e., the Black Cat is the symbol of BAST, the unknown....

     Did Blacks come from Africa to the Americas?  Or was it the other way around?  Tecumseh has knowledge of the migrations of different groups, talked about the Bering Sea bridge, Pangea, going to and from the Americas, Africa, etc.


Just like with the Washitaws and Nuwaubians, the amount of self hatred of their own Black heritage astounds me. Along with denying the whole history of slavery.

Apparently he's been causing a lot of trouble at Wikipedia.

Heads Up
(Just posted this to the talk pages of a few Iroquoian and related articles in the Toronto region)

"In my opinion those editors who are interested in contributing to articles regarding historical Iroquoian/Mississauga cultural matters in the Toronto region in general, may be interested in reading the following.[2] A quick Internet search [Nexus news is best] and connected interests, indicates to me that many of the (in my opinion) "questionable" editing choices in Toronto regional historical native articles, over the past while, reflect a theoretical bias toward the ideas of a U.S. based group who call themselves the "Erie Moundbuilders Tribal Nation". Those of you who have edited articles in the recent past on these subjects will probably quickly recognize this group. (see news story link above and past versions and discussion pages of Neutral Nation and Erie nation articles.)" regards Deconstructhis (talk) 00:31, 4 July 2008 (UTC)

Thanks. CJLippert (talk) 02:12, 4 July 2008 (UTC)


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