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Swedish "Nafps-book" out in English


I am very happy to inform you that the book "They call us Indians" is now for sale in English!

I got news yesterday that a bookshop in Amsterdam, Holland will be carrying it and it will also be translated to Dutch. It´s a first step. With Al´s forthcoming European tour I am sure we will be able to "invade" Europe with the information.

I found out some weekends ago that a woman here in Sweden who used to run sweats and other so-called NA ceremonies had to close down her business because people cancelled while referring to our book - especially Al´s contribution. So it is making a difference! Let´s see what happens now in Holland. And Germany. And other places....

This book would never have come to be without all the fantastic people I´ve met in NAFPS and all the help I got no matter what "stupid" questions I´ve asked. Loads of thanks for the support!!

Well, it´s a good start before the REAL NAFPS-book gets published...:) Good luck, Al!!!

Anyone who would like to buy the book - visit


You shouldn't diminish what you've accomplished Annika, and there's a lot of good stuff in the book and topics that my book doesn't cover.

But I also want to use the tour to promote the new book for those who will be hopefully lookign forward to it and wanting it.

You should definitely promote your book during the tour, it´s a great opportunity. I was just thinking - maybe you´d need a "European version"? Quite a few of those frauds or groups you mentioned mean nothing to European readers. While others might be added.

Some chapters, however, would be just great for us to read: Castenada, Harley, Wallace, "Did they really say that - Seventh Fire (Oh pleaseee send that chapter to me as soon as it is made...LOL) and definitely number 20 and 21 plus the last appendix. (The first one will certainly be fun to read but maybe it wouldn´t work over here....). Probably some more.

Anyhow, your Publishing House in US will have the rights to the book (I guess? That´s how it works here) so it´ll be up to them. But the idea of breaking it down to flyers and brochures would  be great.

Best of luck!

Hmmm...just thinking....maybe you could start with the seventh fire prophecy, bring it over here and we´ll make copies and hand it out? Especially to Mr. Eagle´s groups....!

For chapters 20 and 21 I'll try to target the frauds that are in Europe as much as I can. As for the dictionary, I'm starting a thread on that in Humor and I'll adapt it according to people's suggestions.

I'll be sure and have at least a flyer written up on the Seventh Fie prophecy before I get over there. Email me any other suggestions you for tailoring my lectures to specific audiences.


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