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I finally have time enough to get started on a book about what we do here, one that's badly needed. I mean an encyclopedic guide to all the frauds out there, one which will be aimed at the widest possible audience, in layman and not academic language, an unambiguous and blunt collection of all the Native objections to the frauds and all the harm they've done.

This will take me at least a year to write, but I plan to submit a proposal to publishers sooner than that, as soon as my first book (my dissertation) gets published so I'll be able to present myself to the publishing houses as an already published author. And my diss hopefully will be out this summer, or fall at the latest.

Frankly I owe quite a lot ot all of you for all your support and all the research so many of you have contributed to NAFPS over the years. I won't forget that, and I will give credit to you in the Acknowledgements.

Let me know what you think of my outline and what you think should be added, changed, etc.

Tentative Chapters: NAFPS The Book
Intro-Why This Guide Is Badly Needed, How To Use It
1. The First Fraud: Carlos Castaneda
2. The Most Famous (and Infamous) Imposters Posing as Native Medicine People: Harley Reagan, Roy Steevensz, Brooke Edwards, Penny McKelvey, Charles Storm, Forrest Carter
3. Sexual Predators Among the Nuage and Pseudo Shamans: Harley Reagan, Robert Franzone, Rainbow Tribe
4. Racism and Religious Bigotry Among the Nuage and Pseudo-Shamans:
Harley Reagan’s Cult Trains for a Race War vs. Latinos
The Nuwaubians and Washitaws Belief in Black Supremacy
Forrest Carter and Education of Little Tree
5. Violence as Practiced by Nuage and Pseudo-Shamans: Death Threats and Stalkings of Critics,
6. How Nuage Harms American Indians: Stereotypes, Disruption of Ceremonies, Damage to Sacred Sites
7. How Nuage Harms Anglos: The Red Gandalf Stereotype
8. Nuage Groups That Target/Recruit Blacks: Nuwaubians, Washitaws, Binays, Diane Fisher AKA Ywahoo
9. Nuage Frauds That Target/Recruit Jews:
10. Nuage Frauds That Target Mexicans: Maestro Tlakael, Miguel Ruiz
11. Nuage Frauds That Target Gays: Lesbian Sundances, United Satanic Apache Front
12. Nuager Groups That Mislead Liberals, Environmentalists, and Others on the Political Left: Sweet Medicine Lodge, Rainbow Tribe
13. How Nuagers Harm People of Distant Indian Ancestry (PODAIs)
14. Phony and Would Be "Tribes"
15. Did They Really Say That? How Nuagers and Pseudo-Shamans Lie About Their Support from Native Elders & Leaders: What Arvol Looking Horse, Frank Fools Crow, Dan Evahema, Paula Gunn Allen, Vine Deloria Jr., and John Rolling Thunder Pope Actually Said
16. Natives Criticize Their Own Elders for Nuage Ways or Ties: Wallace Black Elk, the Swallow Family, Ted Silverhand, Twyla Nitsch
17. Nuage Falsehoods About Native Prophecies: The Truth About the Hopi White Brother, Lakota White Buffalo Calf, Anishinaabe Seventh Fire, The Pseudo-Prophecy “Warriors of the Rainbow???
18. Nuage With a Different Marketing Angle: The Pseudo-Shamanism Movement
19. Exploiting Latin American Indians: “Spiritual Tourism???
FAQs About Nuage/Native Conflict
Alphabetic Listings of Nuage and Pseudo Shaman Exploiters, Frauds, Imposters, with Extensive Listings of Harm Done and Native Objections
Sample Flyers to Hand Out at Protests of Nuage Pseudo-Ceremonies and Workshops

Looks good to me. Just make sure you have all the documentation in order because some of those people will be mad as all get out.;)


It looks real good, clear, logical, and nice flow from one section to the next.

I was aware that Forrest Carter was a fraud in the fact that he was not Indian and was a racist but I was not aware that he propurted to be a medicine man also. I will look through the archives.

At powwows there is the Duck and Dive dance for men. Practice that one Al :) when Harley Reagan reads the book. LOL


You're right Joseph, my mistake. Carter never claimed to be a medicine man. I'll reword the chapter title from "posing as..."  to "Teaching Native Ways".

Some new chapters and appendices I'm adding:

20. Europeans’ Role in Nuage Exploitation
21. Right Ways to Learn About Natives: Good Sources

Appendix: Nuage-Speak to Plain English Dictionary
Appendix: Native Elders and Activists Proclamations Against Nuage and Pseudo-Shamans


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