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A.H. introduction
« on: February 04, 2008, 11:51:22 am »
I haven't introduced myself properly.

I am Andrej Hrvatin, from Slovenija, Europe. I have and claim no "native, ndan, channeled, whatever" origin or knowledge.

I am a musician and audio engineer.

I never was a hippie or part of any colourful new-age organisation, cult or whatever similar.
I also have no religion but can't claim to be atheist.

One of my favourite authors would be Karl Jaspers.  (one of the rare really non-fault and fake-free personalities that addressed the questions I am deeply interested in).

In fact I hate that there is so much naivety and fakeness around the subjects that interest me. I also never read colourful new-age "spiritual" literature - apart from Castaneda that I read as a teenager and later recognized as fake.

My interests are progressive music and irrational need to explore the subcouncious and underlying substance of the Universe (very nuage statement I guess - but that is the only way I can say what bug is eating me).

This brings me often in the vicinity of new-age frauds. Most are very stupid and easy to recognize and dismiss but  some are more tricky.

I thought that I am rational, smart, wary and educated enough to see easily through new-age frauds, but visiting this forum showed me better. 

I haven't been victim of any new-age fraud yet, but am maybe too forgiving of some that should be recognized as frauds more quickly.

I don't know much about the current ways and problems of N.American indigenous people so I will research some more before any further posting here.

I came here to check a certain dubious "spiritual experience" offer that I irrationally accepted as valid and discovered instead the whole new world of active fighting against the things that also bother me and even more important - an active struggle of N.A. indigenous people.

My first post on this forum about Cross-cultural CATCH 22 was meant sincere but was too superficial and already today I see some things differently.

Best to all and keep the good fight!

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Re: A.H. introduction
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Thanks for introducing yourself, Andrej. Feel free to ask any questions you might have if you can't find answers by searching the forum.