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This is a little bit different than adoption, but relevant I think.  I was reading my local newspaper and happened on a brief article in the business section giving some basic cross-cultural tips. Although titled "Overseas Travel Tools," I think it's equally relevant to any cross-cultural interaction anywhere. The author comments on generalizing vs. stereotyping, orientation to time, and researching local laws and customs, but the part that struck me was (emphasis mine):

--- Quote ---Decision making.
In some societies, the individual solves problems and makes choices. In a collectivistic society, the individual defers to the group. Even though a person might seem to agree with you, no decision is really possible until the group agrees.
--- End quote ---
I figured hearing what's said here by posters here based on their cultural values, repeated as pragmatic business advice to those raised in individualistic societies, would reinforce the truth of the message for visitors to this forum.


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