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"Shaman Amy" /
« on: October 19, 2008, 01:06:10 am »
Shaman Amy Frank
P.O. Box 1024
Edgewood, New Mexico 87015

Here's the blog:

Quote of the day:

I'm a first level Shaman. I consider myself an Earth Shaman. Looking for being inclusive of all peoples and not just one culture or peoples.

A first level shaman, eh? Such powers are surely worthy of marvel  ::)

And the online store:

Personally, I found this particular bit a little telling:

No More Sacred Trade

It is dishonorable for me, the person needing help, and to the spirit people when people do not know how to do sacred trade.  When I help people I spend a lot of money.  I have to purchase stones, wood, leather, etc, etc, etc.  What ever the person needs for their ceremony.  And to have people treat me with the attitude of "Oh great.  Now I can rummage through the neighborhood trash can and find the most worthless items I can and just give that to her for my ceremony and I don't have to give up my money or anything worth anything.  "  Will I no longer accept it because my time and services are far more valueable than that. So from now on everything I do has a price.  If you are poor then just look out for the free public ceremonies and go to those.

Many blessings
Shaman Amy

Sounds like a pretty dishonorable attitude to have considering she just got done telling us she is "looking for being inclusive of all peoples and not just one culture or peoples". Would 'all peoples' not also include poor people?

And this was cute equally disgusting:

Shamanic Protocol

When you come to a shaman for help.  You need to bring also the items needed for your ceremony.  You need at least to bring box of unopened black tea.  Bring a good amount so the shaman can have it for the ceremony.  100 tea bags is good and Lipton which anyone here in the U.S. can find is good to bring.  I need something to place on the altar for the spirits.  Bring some fruit.  Make sure nothing is rotten.  I need incense to use in the ceremony so bring sandalwood incense and I need the good kind like Morningstar or HarmNone in Moriarity has good sandalwood stick inscense.  I need 100 of these to keep up the ceremonies.  I also need money (bills) to place on the altar for the spirit people.  When you send the money think about how much you spend to see a doctor.  Many doctors take 250 dollars to give you at best 15 minutes of their time.  I spend a lot more time than that on you.  Also bear in mind that the spirit people know how wealthy or poor you are.  If you are very poor like live off of $600.00 a month then $50.00 is more than adequate because you are so poor.  But weathy people need to send along more.  Make sure what you send is honorable and does not affend the spirits or me. I may need other items as well.  All of these things should be wrapped in sky blue silk but since this is hard for most Americans to find then use organic cotton of sky blue or 100% sky blue cotton.  No synthetics at all please.  Some ceremonies need special items like brain tanned leather, a bottle of spring water, etc. depending on what you need.  It is always good to contact me and find out what all may be needed in addition to the afore mentioned items.

Many blessings
Shaman Amy

Please don't feed the frauds.

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Re: "Shaman Amy" /
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"Many blessings". It is unfortunate that this expression is so typically used by the charlatan.

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Re: "Shaman Amy" /
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  Well....Lipton Tea will cure what ails you........ ::)

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Re: "Shaman Amy" /
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Looks like a Stick Person....

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Re: "Shaman Amy" /
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Yes Amy, the Dineh are just rolling in that about blind. People go to IHS because they don't have a couple hundred for the doctor. Or they wait in the emergency room of a state hospital for hours.

It's pretty conspicuous that Amy claims to be taught by elders of many tribes, including...Mongolian? Since the Franks are Navajos, what excuse do they have for the usual Nuage hodgepodge except greed?

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Re: "Shaman Amy" /
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Every time I see "Navajo Soap" I keep thinking of Dr. Greene's Flesh Wound Reliever