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Woodfish Institute
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Mission Statement

""The mission of the Woodfish Institute is to provide education and services to the general public for the purpose of bridging core indigenous ways of knowing and transindigenous healing methodologies with modern multidisciplinary approaches to human problem-solving, mind-body healing, and ecopsychology.""

Seminars Workshops

""Following are seminars and workshops that Dr. Leslie Gray can present on behalf of  Woodfish Institute:

Shamanism and Ecopsychology
Non-ordinary States of Consciousness and Native American Culture
All Our Relations: Native American Approaches to Healing the Human/NatureRelationship
The Healing Power of Shamanic Art
Turning the Wheel: An Ancient and Contemporary Model for Balancing Power
Stone Circles: Teachings and Shamanic Practices of Native North America
Woman as Shaman: Balance Restored
Native American Medicine
Native American Psychology
Cross-Cultural Healing
Cross-Cultural Shamanism
Shamanism and the Frontiers of Consciousness""