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THe other day they had a news story on a woman who "follows the Native American Path" (new age speak) and I noticed something. All the white women I know who "follow the Native Path" dress in a sort of uniform way: long skirt, preferrably the "broomstick type", longish blouse and fringed items. In this case a fringed vest with a fringed leather purse. She was wearing said purse in her house as if it was something she always had looped over her shoulder while walking around her house. So, now I want to know why? Why do they dress that way. Is there a website that tells them how to dress? Cause it really looks like a Hollywoodish thing that they think Indian woman dress like. Or should dress like.

Sounds like a throw back to hippie style dressing. I see that at powwows too. There's another chapter Al, "New Age Uniforms, Hairstyles, Etc. Etc."

I always wonder why they shop at organic food store and always look so unhealthy.


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