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Bernard Perona AKA Drunvalo Melchizedek
« on: June 14, 2010, 03:41:28 pm »
Got a request about him. He's mentioned in quite a few threads as associated with other frauds, dubious characters, and sometimes naive people who don't know about him. Also mentioned online as a fraud quite a bit. Google gives suggested searches of:
Drunvalo Melchizedek fake
Drunvalo Melchizedek fraud
Drunvalo Melchizedek scam

Apparently not related to the scam operation the Dominion of Melchizedek.

Perona/DM's story is pretty strange, claims about Atlantis and the CIA etc.

Who is Drunvalo Melchizedek?
I just noticed that there is a Drunvalo page on Wikipedia. It was created three months ago by user PhilAuckland, who has also done most of the subsequent editing. I just did an edit (user Ianji) to note that Drunvalo was born Bernard Perona.

Over a year since my last entry and I don't have anything of substance to add. I did just read an amusing web page with the same title as mine though - an August 1995 article by "Density4/Devin".

I am ready to add a few new names to this page. First I would like to mention a Kabbalah scholar called Stan Tenen and his vehicle the Meru Foundation. It seems that Stan does command some respect amongst mathematicians and artists and that he is the original source of ideas which have inspired a host of New Age guroids. One of these is Dan Winter, who got into trouble for plagiarising Stan's work and had his website confiscated by court order. On 1998-07-28 Dan apparently signed this Corrective Notice which includes the statement:

I regret that others have been misled by my false claims, and I strongly encourage Mr. Vincent Bridges my publisher, and Drunvalo Melchizadek, a/k/a/ Bernard Perona d/b/a Flower of Life, Inc., and all others who have repeated my false and hurtful reports, to stop doing so.

Well that is interesting in that it supports the idea that Drunvalo was formerly known as Bernard, but I have another new name to add to the stew as well. Googling for "Drunvalo Melchizedek" and "Stan Tenen" together I came across this exchange posted at in which it is claimed that Drunvalo was funded to the tune of $3 million by the former CEO of Corporate Express Mr. Jirka Rysavy. Googling for "Jirka Rysavy" and "Drunvalo Melchizedek" together gave about 60 results and whilst none of them "prove" a connection between them, these Charles Gilchrist Mandalas were apparently inspired by Drunvalo and commissioned by Jirka.

Although I still notice a lot of hits on this page from people searching for info about Drunvalo I have not been contacted by anyone recently. I was just checking some links on this page and I noticed that Bob Dratch has been busy. He has a new site at which is quite amusing in its sheer nonsensicality.

On 2004-11-26 I met a very interesting dude at a squatted church in North London. I had quite a deep conversation with him, and it turned out that he knows Drunvalo. I may post more about this at some point.

I was just checking, and Bob Dratch's new site that I mentioned on 2003-09-25 has gone 403 - apparently due to HYPERMART discontinuing free Web Hosting. However, his old site appears to have gained a new lease of life, and he has obviously been investigating the situation in the Middle East. He has links to a number of documents which suggest that Israel has been using chemical weapons against Palestinians, and furthermore, he suggests that these same weapons may have been involved in the death of Yasser Arafat.

According to SCAMDOG it seems that Drunvalo Melchizedek has nothing to do with the fraudulent Dominion of Melchizedek

I just noticed that has 47 URLs listed for "Drunvalo", and that this page is ranked number one:-)

Over two years have passed since I wrote this page so I figured it needed at least a minor update. There is an interesting discussion on FACTNet about JZ Knight which mentions Drunvalo and links to my site. I am also linked from this thread on the Zelator Messageboard which started with a discussion about the Zoso Symbol used by Jimmy Page. I subscribed to and posted a message which prompted a response regarding a workshop that Drunvalo did with a "lunatic" called Larry Hunter. Shortly after that I noticed hits which implied that people were discussing this page in but when I tried subscribing my request was rejected by the moderator. Bob Dratch has a new website but the Wayback Machine has a copy of the page I quoted from. I also noticed that the link I gave for information about the "Hall of Records" now points to some sort of commercial site.

Whilst investigating the claims of a company called Perfect Science I stumbled across the name Drunvalo Melchizedek and thereby opened a Pandora's box. This web page is an attempt to make sense of what I found. I hope you find it interesting or at least amusing and that it proves helpful if you are attempting to uncover the truth about Drunvalo. Not an easy task when the web seems to be inhabited by the sort of people who will readily believe that he is an Atlantean CIA agent just popped in from the 4th dimension.

I would recommend that you start by getting hold of a 4th dimensional plug-in for your browser and checking out where you can read about his current projects and find out all about the Order of Melchizedek. Come back soon though because I have found some even juicier links for you to explore.

In the early 1990's Drunvalo founded "Flower of Life Research" as an umbrella organisation through which to teach his Flower of Life workshop. In 1997 he apparently handed over the reigns to pursue other interests. Currently is registered to Lyssa and Ronald Holt of Phoenix Arizona. The Flower of Life website includes what is apparently a version of Drunvalo's resume that starts from the time he was at UCB in the late 1960's and which seems far more specific than anything I could find on his own website.

According to this resume Drunvalo got his degree in 1970 then headed up to Canada, married a woman called Renee and lived at Kootenay Lake. As you will soon realise, it is significant that he does not mention that he ever went by a different name.

Are you still with me? Well hold on tight because things now start to get really bizarre. First port of call is the curious website of a guy called Bob Dratch AKA Dolphin Hyper-Resonance Institute, inventor of the Godbox(tm) Holographic Waveform Projector. On a page entitled "Spooks, Mystery and Intrigue" we find:

In the late 80's I met someone who calls himself "Drunvalo" (at that time, he had not changed his name yet to Melchezidek, but kept his natural name of Bernard Perona, although he used to call himself as AKBAR before his "drunvalo incarnation) - I was introduced to him by Bruce Mace of Aspen Colorado.

Bob refers to a CIA connection and goes on to reveal how he once "scanned the neural ganglia of Drunvalo" prior to the "Entrance of the Dark Light Spiral".

The implication that Drunvalo is a 5000 year old Atlantean appeared in a posting to the psychoceramics mailing list, an interesting forum for the discussion of crackpot phenomena. In a followup to this posting I became aware of his interest in the Hall of Records which is a generic term referring to all three locations (in Egypt, Yucatan and Bimini) at which, according to the readings of Edgar Cayce, the records of the Atlantean civilisation exist. Apparently Drunvalo is a contributor to the mailing list but I have not managed to find the archives without subscribing to the group.

I then decided to change tack and focus on the name Akbar, at which point I discovered the following book:

The Traveler & the End of Time: The Secret Life of Ken Page
Paperback, 195 Pages, Clear Light Arts, March 1996
ISBN: 0964970317
Author: Page, Ken / Hemingway, Simon P.
Editor: Page, Mary D.

This book is actually available online at where in Chapter 10: Blue Lake we find the following:

Don told me about the year he spent living off of the land in British Columbia in 1971. The story ended when he was poisoned and died. He held me in his steady gaze waiting to make sure that what he had told me had taken root. "Don is dead," he explained seriously. "I am Akbar now." I understood. Akbar was the being that had come in to inhabit his body after Don left. It was like a sublease. I understood subleases. My uncle didn't take his eyes off of me. "Akbar," I said experimentally, trying out the feel of it on my tongue. No problem. Instead of my ultracool Uncle Don I now had the wise and mysterious Uncle Akbar. Everybody should be so lucky. Uncle Don was Uncle Akbar for only a few years. Today he's widely known as Drunvalo Melchizedek.

Are we getting a coherent picture yet? Not really, but at least a few pieces of the puzzle are matching up.


And of all places, David Icke's forum has some debunking of him.
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So I was browsing youtube and stumbled upon this video, claiming Drunvalo Melchizedek is a fraud basically.
The voice is highly (****ing) irritating, sounds kinda like Bill Cooper (but annoying).

I realise this is probably even less credible than Drunvalo himself but it isn't the first time Iv heard of Drunvalo being a shill or whatever....Basically there were claims that the Meru Foundation's (sacred geometry) work was ripped off by Melchizedek and Dan Winter, so this is Stan Tenen (Meru Foundation) explaining what happened

Its all a bit dubious, Im inclined to think this Drunvalo character is pretty shady, his flower of life books are ludicrous, its like its designed to be completely mesmerizing, theres so many outrageous claims that hes 'channeled' through Thoth its unreal. You either believe it or you don't.


Really strange claims about him.
12/8/2005 10:08 AM
Re: Drunvalo Melchizedek......who is financially backing him? Quote

in 98 or so Drunvalo attempted to infiltrate my house with his assistant RON HOLT * via Dan Winter, and have me killed.. (long story) they have a bank- roller from i think it is Czechlosvakia.. who is a big drug dealer. who came here with ZIP!. named ´YERKA´ who also financed first HOAGLAND.. he bought THE SNAKE MAKZDAK.. DRU.. a home in Prescott AZ for 1 million.. Dan Winter also tried to get this drug lords $$.. his name sounds like YERKA or URKA.. ( but is spelled differently.. i have forgotten) the police also wanted Drunvalo and were after him for running drugs.. but he lives in one of the wealthiest- communities in PHX CAREFREE a gated community.. or did.. ( i dont currently follow this snake)
RON HOLT ( i did his photo and his wife´s who LYSSA ROYAL who channels the GREYS)) were full of parasites.. galore.. ) they are all as ´evil´ as they come.. his ORIGINAL facilitator who left him...[name redacted] was devestated when she found out how ruthless & fraudulent he was..& became my good friend.. which really URKED DRUNVALO.. BRADEN was made a MELCHIZEDEK SNAKE .. at his home in Prescott in about 1998 .. after he went to JEKYL ISLAND with DRU... two of my close friends were Bradens once.. Braden will no longer talk with them......

ah ho WIO
briefly this is it.. i had a meeting about the alien issues.. some drgonslayers came and dan winter asked me if ron holt could come.. i said NO! and then he kept asking and said ron wouldnt cause trouble.. DAH.. well i said finally OK.. my fault.. there.. and i had some NDN friends there too.. Ron went s t raight for Sweet Medicine and t ried to re c ruit him.. Dru and Ron offered SM $$$ women and drugs.. and went over to Dru´s and Ron´s House where Lysssa Royal tried to have s e x with SM .. they knew his allegiences to AIM etc.. and his run in with the system.. anyway Dru showed him his bedroom with lots of weapons Rocket launchers etc.. and asked him to kill me with a silencer i. SM said NO!.. he still liked me.. etc. and came back to tell me what happened.. he was very scared..for me and my family and called Denise Banks.. AIM.. my husband called the POLICE.. and a friend of his in SWA T.. they knew a bout D runvalo.. but said they probably couldnt help.. so Denise called Dru and said.. IF U HARM BARBARA OR SM OR HER FAMILY WE WILL KILL U!.. he meant it.. and ofcourse after that ALL WAS QUIET!..
thats basically it.. i have had no more contact with DRU and his fiends.. as far as i know.. he moved from TEXAS to SEDONA to PHX.. and i was horrified.. he followed me everywhere.. he has been married se v eral times.. and says his son by a previous wife will lead the world.. of the so called INDIGO CHILDREN.... btw.. if i remember AIM was already at that time infiltrat ing that snakes lair.. because they ALREADY KNEW!

ah ho WIO


As you can see, there's claims about AIM and Dennis Banks. Perona/DM makes his claims about NDNs in places like here.

His claims about Hopi, Mayans etc 2012.

A man by the name of David Running Eagle has a pretty angry denunciation of of Perona/DM.

And of all places, Manataka has some details on Perona/DM working with another fraud, Adam DeArmon AKA Yellowbird.

In April 2009,  Adam "Yellowbird" DeArmon, who heads up a million-dollar organization called "The Institute for Cultural Awareness" (ICA) located near Sedona engaged the services of Ruben Saufkie, Sr., a Hopi tribal member, to help him organize the "Return of the Ancestors" Gathering and attract more paying participants in "sacred ceremonies".   It was the widely advertised intention of DeArmon and Saufkie to take dozens of bus loads and long caravans of cars to ancient sacred sites located on the Hopi Reservation. The Hopi Nation formerly notified both DeArmon and Saufkie in writing months before that the Gathering would not be allowed on Hopi land.  But, DeArmon continued to sell high-dollar reservations to unsuspecting participants for months via the Internet and by U.S. Mail with full knowledge that the ceremonies would not take place. 

DeArmon and his supporters claim the Hopi Nation and its spiritual elders denied entry to their sacred sites because "ceremonial protocol was broken".  Yes, that is partly true.  But DeArmon and his ICA supporters fail to mention specifics of their actions that precipitated the strong Hopi back-lash.  Telling a different story, Ruben Saufkie claims that Hopi "politics" is the reason why ceremonies were prohibited.  Saufkie says he is a "progressive leader" and the traditional elders are against him.  DeArmon and his supporters now say "...the Hopi are not as important as many people think..." h


DeArmon also advertised ceremonies allegedly to take place at the Northern Arizona University during the Return of the Ancestors Gathering with prestigious elders and educators.  However, months before the event was planned to take place, DeArmon was notified in writing that NAU would not allow event to take place on university property.  This is another event during the "Return of the Ancestors" Gathering that was cancelled and DeArmon had full knowledge of this months before the event was to take place.  DeArmon is silent on the subject of NAU's denial.  Regardless of these facts, DeArmon and Saufkie continued their masquerade as hundreds of thousands of dollars poured into DeArmon's bank. 

The ICA website challenged paying guests to the Return of the Ancestors Gathering to anti-up 1.5 million dollars to hear so-called spiritual elders, primarily from Mexico and South America, pontificate about prophesy, ways to achieve peace and participate in "sacred ceremonies".   After his initial goal was reached, DeArmon increased his demand to 3 million dollars to "...Create a social impact like no other!..." The ICA website also says, "All donations are completely tax deductible and go towards the gathering."

A long-time ICA supporter and associate of DeArmon is a man living in Sedona who goes by the alias, Drunvalo Melchizedek.  Melchizedek says on his website that "Every penny you gave to the ICA, either for tickets or donations, went to the elders in the form of airline tickets, bussing, shelter, food etc,...."

That is an interesting statement coming from an ICA insider.
  The Institute for Cultural Awareness' goal was to sponsor 72 or more global spiritual/cultural leaders and 28 youth council leaders.  Even though many invited speakers drove to the event, let's pretend that 100 airline tickets were purchased at an extremely high cost of $3,000.00 each, thus the bill would be $300,000.  That leaves over a million dollars to feed and house the speakers.

Eye-witnesses say that invited elders were begging participants to buy them blankets because they were cold from staying in make-shift quarters and many complained to participants that they were hungry.  Hundreds of paying participants wandered around for hours trying to find advertised events.  Food was not available at stated times and places.  Emergency services and first-aid stations were not available for some people who got sick. It appeared to many ticket buyers the main concern of the strong-arm security staff was preventing anyone from recording the event.  Many people were frisked and threatened about taking "authorized" pictures.  A horde of paid photographers, video crews and equipment, security staff, and hawkers blocked the view of for many.  Schedules were changed without notice and no printed schedules were available for most participants.

Promoters of the Return of the Ancestors Gathering disregarded the safety and welfare of ticket holders and violated numerous state laws.  The ICA and Adam DeArmon committed fraud by continuing to sell tickets and accepting cash donations for events they knew would not take place.  Local and state law enforcement officials have a responsibility to investigate these claims.   

After light began to show through the thin veil of the million-dollar scam, DeArmon disabled most areas of his website and the only area that appears to be open is page titled "501(c)(3) Donations"  DeArmon did respond once to our emails asking for his comments, but his only response was, "That is not the truth."   He failed to answer subsequent email questions asking what is the truth and what is not the truth.   DeArmon is difficult to reach for a statement, but he promises on his website that "the work will continue".   We hope not.

The Scam Saga Continues

Earlier this year, Arkansas authorities investigated the 09-09-09 Gathering at the Mount Magazine State Park hosted by an associate of Jason "Yellowbird" DeArmon, James "Tyberonn" Tipton, of Texas.  DeArmon's actor, Ruben Saufkie turns up at the event and Tipton falsely identified him in Internet advertising, posters, and letters as a Hopi Spiritual Elder, a Healer and Eagle Dancer in order to attract paying participants in "sacred healing ceremonies".....

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Re: Bernard Perona AKA Drunvalo Melchizedek
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Bernard Perona (a.k.a. Drunvalo Melchizedek) says he taught Thoth - the Egyptian deity of the moon, magic, the calendar, literacy and wisdom - his personal meditation technique, which would be far superior to the one Thoth was allegedly using to retain his immortality. I'm not making this up, it's in one of his Flower of Life books. He also claims to be a 'walk-in'; an extraterrestial and highly evolved spirit "of the Melchizedek consciousness" which he basically says is even higher than "Christ consciousness" (i would love to see him walk on water). His family members on the other hand say that he has always been very eccentric and unpredictable. Before he called himself Drunvalo Melchizedek he called himself Akbar, and yet at that point he already said that he was a walk-in spirit in the body of Bernard Perona, who he claims left the body during an accident or illness, not sure.

He's close friends with Gregg Braden, another pseudoscience author who, like Bernard Perona, makes a living with - amongst other dubious things - false western interpretations of the Mayan calendar, related to 2012. Interpretations which Mayan priests and scholars themselves refute (Alejandro Cirilo Perez: - Apolinario Chile Pixtun: - Víctor Montejo: - Ask yourself, who has more credibility when talking about the Mayan calendar, than respected Mayans like these?). Here's an excellent video debunking Gregg Braden, by the way:
Sadly i could find no such video about Bernard Perona right away, but haven't looked much.

According to Perona, the alleged "Grays" species of aliens are evil extraterrestials which wanted to destroy mankind (because he claims that the atomic weapons that were used against Japan changed things on a universal level too - their level), but that they have been stopped by an indigenous, top-secret young woman from Peru, who used an ancient gigantic UFO buried beneath the Great Pyramid of Giza, to stop them. And she is now the secret fourth dimensional guide of the entire earth, or something.

He also claims that some Egyptian deities and historic figures were actually highly evolved beings, who were much taller than normal human beings and had large elongated skulls, and that this is the reason why these statues, carvings and other depictions at some Egyptian temples are so large  ::). I think he is right at one point though, that the Sphinx is actually much older than most archaeologists think/admit, that it used to be a lion statue aimed at the constellation of Leo, and that there's lots of water-wear on the sides of it, which indicates that it's much older than say, 6000 years. He's also known for showing pictures of a real hyroglyphic which truly seems to depict modern-day western war machines, like a helicopter and a tank. I do personally believe that people from some ancient traditions may have had abilities which would allow for something like this.

But yet again, these are not things that he discovered for himself. He uses a lot of other people's theories and findings. Theories and claims that are unique to him are often wildly vivid and far-fetched, like his claims about a great white pyramid in Tibet, that has nothing inside but this pattern he's become so familiar with, the so-called Flower of Life pattern. As quite a large portion of one of his books (Serpent of Light) revolves around this pyramid, i see an opportunity for a little challenge for his supporters here: tell us which pyramid this is, where it can be found on Google Maps, where we can find photo's of it, and/or where we can find information about it that's not related to Perona. If it's real, we should be able to find more about it. Don't bother with Mount Kailash or the Chinese pyramids of Xian (i repeat, Chinese. A crude estimate of the distance between the center of Tibet to Xian is 2500 km/1500 miles). These are not even close to what he's describing.

I bought some of his books some time ago. When i tried the Mer-Ka-Ba meditation technique he proposes; believe me or not; i did it the right way but i felt very disoriented, and when i entered a take-away restaurant, the security alarm went off. People there were looking at me like they've seen a ghost, this obviously didn't happen before. Like i was supercharged or something, but it did not feel good at all. Not a coincidence if you ask me. Perona has talked about how, several times, black helicopters showed up and were circling around the area, during some of his workshops where he tried a new meditation (which he's not using or teaching anymore, there's no info about it anywhere but a short passage of what i've described here in one of his Flower of Life books, don't bother)... i don't know, there might be a grain of truth here, there might be not. I personally don't believe that this alarm thing was a coincidence but i also don't think this was a good sign. Such sophisticated visualization-meditations are often misused to brainwash people (there's lots of information about this on I'm not implying that Perona is brainwashing people, but he definitely is leaving them vulnerable for others to do so. I think people should only be guided in visualization-meditations by a trustworthy, genuine teacher of a tradition of ageless wisdom. Not by a book.

I do think he has some interesting theories and a unique perspective on a few things, he's actually a pretty smart guy. His take on the designs and purposes of pyramids are certainly interesting. He can be good at stringing information and knowledge together. But, like Gregg Braden - as shown in the video i've linked to - he's of course doing this to support his own claims. His books seem to be designed to be absolutely mesmerizing, but lots of his claims are contradictory to what other people (who have a lot more credibility and no dubious backgrounds) are saying. There's way too much that has to be filtered out, and the problem is that most of the people who attend his workshops, watch his videos and read his books, don't use their discernment and check for validation. He presents himself as a super-evolved mysterious authority that can be fully trusted, and this is a dangerous mindset to be in. This image he has created of himself has an awful lot in common with the type of image any random cult leader presents himself with. I think he's putting his followers in danger this way.

Don't give him your money, he's made more than enough. If you really, really must read his books, then buy them second-handed. Better for the environment, and i'm sure there's enough people who want to sell them. What's he doing with all of this money, by the way? Is he financially supporting any projects for tribal communities which he so often lays claim to? Another little challenge for his supporters, show us evidence for this, if any.
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Re: Bernard Perona AKA Drunvalo Melchizedek
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In April 2009,  Adam "Yellowbird" DeArmon, who heads up a million-dollar organization called "The Institute for Cultural Awareness" (ICA) located near Sedona engaged the services of Ruben Saufkie, Sr., a Hopi tribal member, to help him organize the "Return of the Ancestors" Gathering and attract more paying participants in "sacred ceremonies".

Is this the same "return or the ancestors" gathering that Kiesha Crowther was "hosting", or is there more than one scam around them? Or did they just switch the host after this mess... Oh wait, think that she hosted hers later, under the same title at least, in videos...

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Re: Bernard Perona AKA Drunvalo Melchizedek
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I think it's the same: "the heart of the gathering will be the 4th reunion of the Continental Council of Indigenous Elders and Spiritual Guides of the Americas." This is probably the same place and gathering where this Continental Council of Ingenious Exploiters Indigenous Elders, ordained Kiesha Crowther to become wisdom keeper for the entire North America, globe, cosmos, far reaches of space and whatever else.

When i bought Bernard Perona's books, i was stuck in my habits of spiritual consumerism, wanting to read as many mind-blowing stories as possible without truly applying wisdom to my everyday life. I think one of the reasons Bernard Perona is so popular is because he attracts a lot of people who have the same issues; looking for something spiritual, but not willing to have patience and take one step at a time, as is the (necessary) custom in traditions of ageless wisdom. They want a mystical experience but are oblivious to how their modern day western way of living, where you can get anything you want with hardly any trouble, is working against this. By the way, please don't think i'm saying that i'm more evolved than that, i make many mistakes and i have many things i need to work on. But i'm trying to acknowledge my habits of consumerism, which are one of the things that can be really destructive to unique, ancient cultures that we can truly learn from. If they are willing to welcome outsiders, we should approach these people with respect and dignity, and not expect that we can buy their mysteries or learn about them from some Youtube videos, as if we're reading some cheap sensational tabloid. Which is what Perona's books often have an awful lot in common with, imo.

I won't comment too much on his wild claims and theories. Some of it may be true. But i do not think Bernard Perona's books, videos, workshops and whatever else he's selling are good for the survival of indigenous cultures, on the contrary. Is he financially backing any projects for tribal peoples? Let us know, show us the details. I think that the people who buy his products are contributing to the exploitation of tribal people's spirituality, and the unwanted assimilation of their culture, without even realizing it. I haven't sold his books yet; if this thread keeps going, i might read them again and take notes.
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Re: Bernard Perona AKA Drunvalo Melchizedek
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"Bernard Perona (a.k.a. Drunvalo Melchizedek) says he taught Thoth"

Really?! I wonder how much Thoth had to pay him to progress through all the levels?

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Re: Bernard Perona AKA Drunvalo Melchizedek
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in 98 or so Drunvalo attempted to infiltrate my house with his assistant RON HOLT * via Dan Winter, and have me killed.. (long story) they have a bank- roller from i think it is Czechlosvakia.. who is a big drug dealer...  the police also wanted Drunvalo and were after him for running drugs..

Interesting that someone claims a connection between a "guru" and drug dealing... Shouldn't this be enough to discourage people from being interested in what he has to say to the world...
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Re: Bernard Perona AKA Drunvalo Melchizedek
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Here he's asking for money to get supposed tribal elders together at a gathering in Colombia, organized by Adam Yellowbird.


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Re: Bernard Perona AKA Drunvalo Melchizedek
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Drunvalo and Claudette Melchizedek own this corporation

Each serving contains 40mg of pure Fulvic Acid and 30mg of pure Humic Acid targeted ingredient. We don’t use any “complex” ingredients to hide the weight value of our potent ingredient. Humicin contains highly purified forms of these dietary ingredients synthesized for your body.”.

Humic substances (HS) are major components of the natural organic matter (NOM) in soil and water as well as in geological organic deposits such as lake sediments, peats, brown coals and shales.

So they are selling tablets of soil components?


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Re: Bernard Perona AKA Drunvalo Melchizedek
« Reply #9 on: April 14, 2013, 12:41:13 am »
Several law suits involving copyright issues including MELCHIZEDEK v. HOLT, Melchizedek v. Seed of Life Institute LLC - Perona suing former associates and students.

The Holts now run

From 1997 to February 2013, the SOLi founders Ronald Holt and Lyssa Royal Holt were contracted to run an organization called Flower of Life Research, based on the work of teacher Drunvalo Melchizedek. During this contracted period, we were responsible for training Flower of Life facilitators, certifying them, and assisting them with the educational and organizational support necessary for their work around the world.

This contract ended in February 2013. Seed of Life Institute and the SOLi School no longer represent the Flower of Life teachings or endorse, promote, or present the work of Drunvalo Melchizedek in any form. All the teachings through our school are our original teachings, based on more than 45 years of combined experience by the founders.

The term "Flower of Life" refers to a geometric pattern found all around the world on temples, burial sites, and other sacred locations. Leonardo Da Vinci's works are filled with this sacred pattern, among other sacred geometry forms. This Flower of Life pattern is called a creation pattern, because within it can be found all the building blocks of creation in a geometric sense. Studying this sacred knowledge leads us to the awesome and humbling conclusion that all life is connected to the same One source.



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Re: Bernard Perona AKA Drunvalo Melchizedek
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So they are selling tablets of soil components?

Interesting.  $58 for a one month supply.  No thanks, I will just go outside and swallow a handful of dirt to get my daily supply of "balance on a molecular level"  ;) ;)

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Re: Bernard Perona AKA Drunvalo Melchizedek
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Re: Bernard Perona AKA Drunvalo Melchizedek
« Reply #12 on: July 23, 2017, 11:34:34 pm »
Bernard Donald Perona petitioned in 1991, Taos NM, to change his name to Drunvalo Melchizedek, I assume he was granted the legal name change.

He was born in 1941, Alameda CA. His birth record can be found through a search here under his original name.

In New Mexico, as Bernard Perona, he had a company named Naakal Mystery School, Inc. , from about 1989 to 2002.

Since 2007, as  Drunvalo Melchizedek,  he has One Lotus, LLC, in Sedona. Claudette Melchizedek is also a manager of the company. Her prior surname was Koleta, they married in 1994 in Texas.

DM has been married at least once before with that name. And I think at least once as Bernard D Perona.

DM and his wife Claudette have several other companies in Arizona, I'll pull together a list soon. I assume he has had past companies in other states too. I think that he would be interesting for experts to research both legally and financially.


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Re: Bernard Perona AKA Drunvalo Melchizedek
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Arizona corporation research on Drunvalo Melchizedek can be done here:

Here's a rough list of some of his companies, details on each company can be found at the above url, especially as to what is active or inactive, and other names on the records:

member of Spirit of Ma'at LLC, along with Diane Cooper and Allife LLC

member and agent of Allife, LLC, along with Hummingbird Trust

agent of the now inactive Hummingbird Trust

agent and member of now inactive Drunvalo, LLC

manager and member of Lotus Heart, LLC

member and agent of One Lotus Heart, LLC

president of Flower of Life Research Incorporated

member of Advanced Nano Technologies, LLC, with Gloria G Cotton

member and agent of Flower of Sunlight LLC with Leonid  Vaintrub

director of School of Remembering, Inc

manager of Library of Consciousness, LLC