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Doug Byland
I am a Medicine Man/ Energy Healer & Native American Minister. @Sanctuary of Divine Healing.

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Sanctuary of Divine Healing
I am a Souix Trained Medicine Man.  Healer. Native American Minister.  Part Cherokee/ Chickasaw  .  Ect.    It was the Medicine Man/Woman that took care of the Tribe. Body Mind & Spirit.  If you needed Healing.  Here he is Clearing the Energy around the man with Sage and Rattle.  Praying to Wanka Tanka. The Great Spirit ( God ) to send Healing to the man . White Light from Spirit shows over His Heart.... Medicine Men are Gifted. Energy Healer. Intuitive. Knowledge of Nature’s Healing  Have knowledge and Wisdoms given from the Great Spirit. They are Travelers as the go to the Spirit world through altered states. Through Deep Meditation or with the use of Plant Medicine . To seek Knowledge & Wisdom to help the Tribe.🔥😎🔥

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