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Re: Martin V, KnifeChief
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If you become aware of any market activity that you believe may be in violation of the Act, similar to or different from the following examples, please contact the Indian Arts and Crafts Board either online or at:

Indian Arts and Crafts Board
U.S. Department of the Interior
1849 C Street, NW MS-2528-MIB
Washington, D.C. 20240
Telephone: (202) 208-3773
Toll Free: (888) ART-FAKE
Fax: (202) 208-5196

There are helpful examples on this web page of what is potential fraud, also access to online reporting

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Re: Martin V, KnifeChief
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He may already have the attention of the IACB. Not to mention the feds for possessing migratory birds. They're starting to actually prosecute people who fraudulently sell Native crafts and F&G are raiding big time these days.
I came here for the popcorn and stayed for the slaying of pretenders.

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Re: Martin V, KnifeChief
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Ha ha I was just looking through all my bookmarks and opened the IACB stuff.
I came here for the popcorn and stayed for the slaying of pretenders.


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Re: Martin V, KnifeChief
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"Winter Snow at Night" is the title of this black and white painted Deer Skull with Antlers which is signed and dated by the artist, "M V Knife Chief 1992". See third photo. Also says "Lakota Soiux". Knife Chief describes (phonetically) the title in Lakota Sioux language as "Tatanka Wakin Ya Hotompi."

Some images from his Facebook page:

His caption for above: "lakota warrior dance drum /four corners"


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Re: Martin V, KnifeChief
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Interesting. There are two ages listed for him on one... And no mention of Teton/Oglala on any of his records, except for what he's claimed. So, my main concern would be if he is not, then he's fraudulently selling items as Native-made, and it's possible he's unlawfully in possession of eagle feathers, etc. Unless he's bought a tribal allowance/permission of some type. I will get someone I know who has Oglala relatives to ask about him.

Piff, again, you totally rock. I've learned some better record sites for research from you all here. Brutal efficiency comes to mind.

Public records databases (consisting of voter records, utility records, phone directories etc.) sometimes mistakenly combine the info on two different people into one, especially when the names are similar. Also records can be mistakenly combined for various people of the same extended family.

Records sometimes are transcribed a variety of different ways. The same record may be indexed one way on, another way on   

Occasionally an individual themselves may use differing birth dates for records.

Martin has weighed in himself in conversations about frauds:

Submitted by Martin KnifeChief, Mar 6, 2007 18:47

Time and time again, I see these people who say they are "medicine men". One that charges money is not. The medicine men of my growing up years may ask for a donation of tobacco, a blanket or other items but not mazaska (money). These people who pop up and have a following are cultists. For some reason, they have a power that draws people in. Our world is the world of mountains and plains, not New York high rise!! We do not teach that any place is where the Creator resides....and certainly there is no power in a high rise in New York for a Lakota!! A sweat lodge should always be connected to the earth. It must be done as our ancestors have said. One cannot have such a ceremony in a high rise, covered in plastic and duct tape! This man has found a captive, needy, audience, willing to pay for his services!! He should be given the black feather and told to stop!! Hecitu welo!!

Does anyone know of this James Ecoffy that Martin lists on his own bio:

I'm not from around here.Teton Lakota...Oglala/Hunkpapa. Relocation family from rez to city 1950's. Brother family James Ecoffy Oglala


I could embellish my nickname to Piff the Brute.  :) Especially when it comes to white baby boomer aged frauds. I'm glad to help, Diana and Loudcrow and others do great work too. Together we are all able to bring the light of reality to the murk that frauds try to spread.

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Re: Martin V, KnifeChief
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As for his family being relocating from the rez to California in the fifties is total baloney. Records show his Iowa family moving to Long Beach in 1935 and 1940 census shows them in Venice California. 

Nicholas Versteeg in the 1940 United States Federal Census

Nicholas Versteeg


Estimated birth year:
abt 1898




Marital Status:

Relation to Head of House:

Home in 1940:
Venice, Los Angeles, California

Map of Home in 1940:
    View Map   

Pickford Way

House Number:


Inferred Residence in 1935:
Long Beach, California

Residence in 1935:
Long Beach, California

Resident on farm in 1935:

Sheet Number:

Number of Household in Order of Visitation:


House Owned or Rented:

Value of Home or Monthly Rental if Rented:

Attended School or College:

Highest Grade Completed:
High School, 4th year

Hours Worked Week Prior to Census:

Class of Worker:
Wage or salary worker in private work

Weeks Worked in 1939:


Income Other Sources:

 View others on page

Household Members:



 Nicholas Versteeg  42
 Eva Versteeg  42
 Bobbie L Versteeg  21
 Bellie Versteeg  9

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Re: Martin Versteeg AKA Martin V. KnifeChief
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Found out this guy lives in my neighborhood from his postings on Nextdoor yesterday. So relieved to find all the hard work that was done here to research his lineage. Its 2017 and still cultural appropriation exist. Attached see the profile image that screams white guy. How to say something with dignity and grace without looking like I was to start a fight.??