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Sonara Ettles
« on: May 16, 2017, 10:28:53 pm »
Got a request about her. One of the Wolf Clan fraud franchisees, mostly making Nuage knockoffs of Native crafts and a few cases of ceremony selling teaching others to make knockoffs. Claims vague unnamed Native heritage, no tribe mentioned.

We invite you to come play with us, to journey with us, to celebrate in ceremony and birth your own personal Spirit rattle, Ceremonial Rattle or Medicine Rattle. Sonara Ettles of Spirit, Rhythm & Bone will be guiding us through the journey of making our Rattles....

By commiting, you will be birthing your Medicine Rattle, giving a Spirit Ally a physical home/form and making an agreement to honor the time involved and the developing relationship. We have intended this workshop as a private offering to keep the space clear, safe and focused. Our format includes holding space for a deep offering in which YOU can fully step into and receive the medicine of your Spirit Rattle, along with a little help from the Chocolate Spirit.

The first day will include: introductions, journeying to meet/ connect to the Spirit Ally, and initiating the physical construct of the rattle. We will share songs and stories and learn more about the medicine of the Rattle and the use of this sacred tool. We will have the opportunity to absorb the benefits of Sonara's teachings, and at the end of day one take our rattles home to hang dry for the week. Over the course of the week, participants will be encouraged pay attention to what happens during that time and reflect upon and communicate with the Spirit Allies of their rattles.

The second day will include another opening to ceremony and participants will have the opportunity to partake in a cacao ceremony offered by Autumn Raven Eyes Rose to receive guidance from Ix-Cacao through our process. Here, will continue to construct the rattle with lacing, add the stones (voice) and attach the handle, there will be more journeying led by Sonara and we will decorate our rattles with paint, leather wrapping, beading, etc. We will finish this day by introducing our rattles to the circle and end with a ceremonial closure on the whole Workshop....
The exchange for this workshop $100 for the 2 full days.

....Sooke local Sonara Ettles of Thunderwolf Sanctuary led a Shamanic Journey with drums and rattles that allowed us to expanded and open to the potential to become present inside ourselves.  It was followed by sharing our experiences under Sonara‚Äôs guidance....

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Re: Sonara Ettles
« Reply #1 on: May 17, 2017, 12:25:39 am »
By commiting, you will be birthing your Medicine Rattle

What does that even MEAN?? Ugh.  Canada needs a law like the Arts and Crafts act.