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Re: Society for Shamanic Practitioners
« Reply #1 on: July 14, 2005, 07:46:24 am »
I see two of the worst exploiters among their fouding members, Sandra Ingerman and Albert Villoldo. Villoldo is also on the advisory board. Tom Cowan, an "Irish shaman" who sells sweatlodges as a way to connect with Irish heritage, is also a member. Most of the books they sell are either Cowan´s or Villoldo´s. Sad thing is theyve gotten some PhDs to join this. It seems to me to be primarily Villoldo´s ply for respectability. All those disclaimers tell me something though:

"But the Society does not credential practitioners in any way nor does membership in the Society imply an endorsement by the Society of any individual or group."

"Advertisements on these pages do not constitute endorsement by the Society for Shamanic Practitioners."

Many of them know there are enormous ethical and even legal problems with the frauds who are on their site. Some of the PhDs may hope there´s still something to be salvaged after clearing away the fraud aspect. I think theyre wrong, and letting themselves be used.