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Seems [Joel Cohen has] gotten much worse, peddling his ideas with many frauds like Calleman.
This site is selling seminars for the 2012 hoax. The listing for Cohen shows a small photo of him, a balding grey bearded white man. […]
Other frauds at the seminar: […]
John Kimmey, who has spread enormous falsehoods about the Hopi, and even claims to be a Huna and Buddhist teacher …

My bolding. Links in that post are dead.

Educator, native-seed pioneer, Hopi-prophecy interpreter and former Santa Fe resident John Kimmey died from cancer last month in Crestone, Colo. He was 71. […]

(The URL of that obituary is now:

Can you clarify your relationship to "Joel Cohen" aka "Jim Kimmey" aka "Upaava"?

There are other indications in this thread (and by googling) that Joel Cohen AKA Upaava may be the same person as John Kimmey, but it's hard to ascertain whether true or not. If it's an established fact it ought to be reflected in the title of this thread.

John Kimmey has been mentioned half a dozen times in other threads, and there are two threads exclusively about him: [John Kimmey AKA Eesawu] [last carrier of the Hopi Prophecy - John Kimmey]