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Voice of Golden Eagle?
« on: December 20, 2007, 04:26:49 am »
Does anyone know anything about "Rev. Steve Cox, Voice of Golden Eagle"?  I came across him while looking for music on the free download site at:

I can't put my finger on "why", but there's just this gut instinct that there is something not right.  The video (linked below) seemed so sacharine... as in fake. 

Not much info on line but I did find a few links:
Rev. Steve Cox, Voice of Golden Eagle

Universal Life Church (which offers "instant ordination")

Golden Eagle Rev Steve Cox, Voice of Golden Eagle presents views concerning our place in the universe and beyond

WARNING... do not click... One of the sites listed on a Google search directs you to a "hard core porn" site.  The title says "Golden Eagle Full Screen Pictures and Videos" - it isn't

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