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I've got a friend who somehow got about to get involved in a "8000 Sacred drums ceremony" suposedly of the Otomi nation of Mexico. We started to search a little on the web and found : and its spanish version, both of which seem to me to be new age stuff; for instance they talk about "Atlantean Healing Certification Progam" that sounds highly like a fraud. Their "elder" is named Thaayrohyadi.
Anybody has heard about them ? After visiting this website, do you think too they are a fraud ?

I have not heard of them till now.  Everything here sums up well exactly what they are.  Sure don't remember Dad saying anything about Sacred Geometry.
This mystical experience will connect you with the elements of power of the Atlantean tradition with meditations, ceremonies, medicine wheels and cosmic healing. The teachings are experiential to intensify your spiritual growth. You are invited to be in touch with the healing power of sound and ancestral symbols that can open doors to explore your sacred place on this earth.

To provide Indigenous education, as well as opportunities for the development of Indigenous peoples.
To promote and spread all manifestations of science, education, languages, arts, spirituality and the ancestral wisdom of First Nations.
To offer workshops, mentoring and training programs in the following disciplines:
Indigenous Spirituality - Cosmo-Vision and Ceremonies as a Sacred Way
Native Arts - Ancestral Music, Sacred Songs, Painting, Sculpture, Beadwork, Weaving, Basketry, etc.
Sacred Sciences - Astronomy, Calendars, Numerology, Sacred Geometry, Cosmic Engineering (Architecture)
Indigenous Languages - Emphasizing Native Tongues
Healing Arts - Traditional Medicine, Herbs, Energy Healing, Cosmic Sound, Atlantean Healing Techniques, Somatic Archaeology, etc.
Indigenous Rights - Self-Determination, Sovereignty and Treaties for Peace and Development of our Nations
Mother Earth Wisdom - Philosophical and Practical Knowledge for Cultivating Harmony with Nature
One of the links leads to

Another new age link from the site

That Atlantean healing is phonier than a three dollar bill.

"An Initiation into the Healing Traditions of the Sacred Otomi Olmec Toltec Teotihuacan Lineage
The Otomi are the people known in the past as the Olmec Toltec Teotihuacan civilization. They are the wisdom keepers of their ancestors - the Atlanteans and Lemurians....This mystical experience will connect you with the elements of power of the Atlantean tradition with meditations, ceremonies, medicine wheels and cosmic healing."

The Otomi, Olmecs, Toltecs, and the Teotihuacan culture are four different peoples. The Olmecs lived near Veracruz and further east, while the other three were towards central Mexico. And Atlantis and Lemuria are European legends. Atlantis is a story by Plato, come on.

Medicine wheels aren't part of NDN traditions in Mexico as far as I know. Neither are chakras, that's EAST Indian. This supposed indigenous university for NDNs of Central Mexico is located in:

"Our classroom is located in the Buffalo Building at 306 S. Lookout Mountain Road, Suite D, Golden, Colorado. It is about an hour west of the
Denver International Airport."

And they hold retreats in other places with lots of Mexico's NDNs like...Idaho and Argentina. All the sites I found that mention DT and his university are Nuage, the Center of Light, Journey to the Heart, and Bennie LeBeau's bunch Teton Rainbows. Most of them are big on "sound healing."

Thanks for your advise,
Happy to see that you share the odd feeling we got while checking this "atlantean" website... Makes me sad though that some south american Natives here in Canada are planning a "8000 drums sacred ceremony", I'll make sure they see what's in this website, as they most certainly think they are in contact with honest people... Thanks again and I'll keep you informed about wether or not this event takes place...

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