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I believe his birth name is Arturo Mireles, but everyone calls him by his prison name Pastel. Anyway, many people in LA have found he has been accused on child molestation. To make a long story short, mostly the people defending him are people he gave "positions" to.

Anyway, it's obvious he is fake, but LA is mostly focusing on his molestation accusations even though it has been going on for a long time.


--- Quote ---Arturo (Paztel) Mireles, who heads Danza Mexica Cuauhtemoc in Los Angeles.
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There is a serial child molester that has been operating in Los Angeles under the cloak of an Indigenous leader for over 20 years now. Women and children in the past have come forth to elders in confidence and spoke of violations by this man only to have extremely little to no justice brought to the matter. In 1992 there was one attempt at justice. This man, Arturo "Pastel" Mareles, the leader of the largest Indigenous Dance Circle in the country, Danza Mexica Cuauhtemoc, was called to the fire by credible indigenous elders (twice) of the Los Angeles "community" to resolve this (particular) matter—to which he has never appeared to speak on. So much for respecting Indigenous protocol and “community”.
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--- Quote ---Danza Mexica Cuauhtemoc (DMC) is located in various communities across the United States (EEUU). All circles of Cuauhtemoc are autonomous from each other but are connected through the commitment to the political, cultural and community work.
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--- Quote ---Temachtiani (teacher) is a portrait of Arturo “Pastel” Mireles, jefe of Danza Mexica Cuauhtemoc. After being given permission by Don Salvador Rodríguez, a direct descendant of Cuauhtemoc, that last tlahtoani (spokesperson/leader) of the Mexica people, he established Danza Mexica Cuauhtemoc in the Los Angeles area during the 1980s. Under temachtiani Pastel’s direction, Danza Mexica Cuauhtemoc has worked towards building unity, understanding, mutual respect, and harmony amongst all nations in the struggle for political, economic, environmental, social and cultural justice.

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Is this the same Don Salvadore Rodriguez?

--- Quote ---Help Save the Geoglyphs;
- We need your support to protect Kokopilli! Please sign our petition to protect and preserve the Blythe geoglyphs endangered
by construction of a proposed solar power project.The Knowledge Begins when cuauhtemoc’s remains were revealed in Ixcateopan Gerrero on February 2nd 1948 by
cuautemoc’s 12th descendant Don Salvador Rodriguez
August the 13, 2011 is the day of the coming of the Energies .In Mexico, Teotihuacan, (The pyramids) represent the coming of the energies You can sign here:
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--- Quote ---08 Apr 2015
Community Letter in Defense of Safe & Sacred Spaces

To the greater community of Los Angeles County and relatives, For many years there has been a pain in our community that is a direct result of violations to safe and sacred spaces that exist in our community. These spaces; mental, emotional, physical, but especially spiritual and connected to the bodies of our women and young mujeres, have been under attack, not only by an individual but also by the actions taken to protect him. This has been an ongoing issue for more than a decade.

These safe and sacred spaces both in body and spirit are the gateway for healing from the traumas of colonialism in all it’s forms. Children play and learn in these spaces, young boys and girls learn to build healthy families, and men & women heal in these spaces. Those individuals entrusted with caring for these spaces carry an important responsibility that should never be leveraged for the sake of personal gain, especially of a sexual nature.

The individual known as Arturo “Pastel” Mireles, leader of Danza Mexica Cuauhtemoc for many years has evaded accountability for his violation of these sacred spaces. Men of his nature and status are privileged with the benefit of doubt known as patriarchy. Yet, those mujeres that have been violated are further victimized with the burden of proof and the parading of their hurt amongst those only looking to find excuses for the predator.

When a man in a position of power abuses his position, he no longer is gifted that benefit of doubt, nor any scale to rate the level of his violation no matter how small or how large it might be. When collusion and deceit are used to evade responsibility and accountability, when those victimized are branded as liars and infiltrators by his protectors, when a further burden is placed upon those already in pain – then it is clear this individual does not have the community’s well being as a priority.

When that fabric of community is torn, shattered or interrupted by those aggressive and predatory actions of an individual such as Arturo “Pastel” Mireles and his lack of accountability – the only course of action is banishment.

As of this day, April 08, 2015, those here undersigned have chosen to no longer remain silent and ask that this individual be removed from any community events beginning with the Marcha por Zapata, scheduled to take place on April 12, 2015 beginning at Mariachi Plaza and ending at Parque Mexico.

We respectfully ask the organizers of the Marcha por Zapata, to ensure that his presence will not be allowed. Should Arturo “Pastel” Mareles be present at the march or any future events, ceremonies, and gatherings, it will initiate a physical removal by community members in defense of these safe and sacred spaces.
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I uploaded here an image of him from a video, sign in to view


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