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Smart Mule:
He's giving a lot of ndn people in Ohio headaches. What he fails to mention when he tosses an individuals name around is that that particular individual goes back to Standing Rock and he goes back with a load of school supplies and stuff for the kids.  

There are two interviews (part 1&2) with Barbara Crandell.  The person who made those interviews also made one with Ollie Collins of the Tallige  :o


The following was taken from an e-mail from Dr. Richard L. Allen:

The Overhill Villages are a creation of the anthropologists/archaeologists to identify groupings of Cherokee and were never acknowledged as such by the Cherokee. It has only been within recent years that individual such as Oliver Collins, Hu Gibbs, Richard Paugh, Barbara Crandall, et al have claimed to be descended from forgotten Cherokees called the Overhill band. However, none of these individuals have never been able to establish any legitimate connection to any of the three legitimate Cherokee governments.

It seems that some groups are aggressively appropriating an American Indian identity. Some are attempting to repatriate the bones of our ancestors to gain legitimacy with other non-Indians. In 1987, the Ohio group did conduct a "reburial ceremony" of remains (probably ancient Shawnee remains) that were turned over to them by officials of the Scioto County government. The group claimed to have conducted a traditional Cherokee reburial ceremony.

A videotape of news reports chronicles the event including the forty-seven, small caskets that are passed down by women, one to another, into a community burial pit. In the center of the pit, a fire has been built "to smudge" the burial area and the remains as explained by Oliver Collins.

Collins introduced Hugh Gibbs as the Principal Chief of the Etowah Cherokee Tribe (another bogus group) with whom Tallige Fire claims association. Gibbs oversees the re-interment "ceremony." According to Collins, Mr. Gibbs is a fullblood Cherokee medicine man. During this same time and on videotape, Mr. Collins claimed only to be a member of an amateur genealogical society,

But now claims to be the Principal Chief of the Tallige Cherokee Tribe.

Read more:;wap2#ixzz1YudbHRiX

ETA:  I listened to both interviews.  I'm pretty disgusted, and not with the individual she's trashing.

I see that the first thing non-native do is threaten to sue a person
Then they make demands and complain about how they are being
slandered, but all a person did was ask questions, the last time
i checked in american we can question anyone. It is our right,
we are not sheep who follow blindly.
I want to know how people can make up tribes and then make
demands, as anyone from native country can tell you
"Adoption does not give you the right to use our culture,
make medicine bundle, do our ceremonies all they do is
give you the right to the family who adopted you not the

Smart Mule:
Earth I agree with you completely.  It's a bit mind boggling that Ray Freeland can scream about filing complaints about 'slander', when he is doing the same thing to a person who is somebody who is an actual indian and doing good things for his community.

Yes i know they demand  :o to have this person enrollment number which we dont give out
and asking all kind of question about him but when we ask question about them they want to sue.
There has to be some accountablity from these people who go around steal our culture.

critter - a white non-ndn person:
I think when they jump up and scream law suit, it is because they know they are guilty.


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