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I don't think this will stay in the "Research Needed" forum long.

A separatist website.  A few individuals banding together...declaring themselves "traditional chiefs" and claiming to be in charge of everybody.

Robert's the son of Princess Palemoon.  Apparently he's issuing driver's licenses and plates, members can apply for CID (Citizenship Identification Number) to replace their social security number.  In fact, you have to give up your ss# altogether to receive "full citizenship benefits".

Pay attention to the legal notice page.  Apparently he's claiming to copyright everything under the sun and threatens $550,000 in legal action just for typing or writing his name without permission.

And here is another thread from a tuscarora site discussing them and one of their members attempting to chime in.

Have fun everyone.  This one's a doozy.


Oh yes, "Princess Pale Moon" AKA Rita Mae Suntz, a right winger with her hands on several dubious charities.

Some of their news is interesting.

" 7-31-08  Official Notice, Russell Means Of Republic Of Lakotah Has Expressed An Interest In  UNOTI "

Not the best advertising of the group's legitimacy.

"4-24-08 Official Legal Announcement, Chippewa Nation Of Indians Repatriated

 Chief Ron Delorme & Keith Delorme Full Fledge Citizens Of The Little Shell Pembina Bands Of Chippewa Nation Of Turtle Island Who Have Defected From The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA In Order To Repatriate, And Be Able To Assert Their Treaties.... Chief Ron Delorme & Keith Delorme Have Decided To Repatriate This Name In Order To Full Fill The Full Repatriation Of Chippewa Country. 
 Chief Ron Delorme & Keith Delorme Now Together Hold The International Copyright On The Names Chippewa Nation Of Indians,- Chippewa Nation Of Turtle Island,- Pembina Bands Of Chippewa Indians,- Chippewa Country,-  Little Shell Pembina Band"

The Pembinas are a militia group, and now it seems their tactic is to copyright names of actual tribes to spread confusion, or perhaps demand money.

And this announcement, of frauds ripping off frauds.

"3-13-08  Official Legal Notice WARNING Please Be Advised

UNOTI ICJ Justice Napwe Has Ordered Special Rapporteur Chief Robert Swift Arrow Rose Gahliduh Ayahnooli To Investigate And Report All Of The Illegal Activities Of JOHN RUIZ DEMPSEY And PATRICK HOLLEY  A.K.A. THEDAWAKA Involving Banking Fraud Counterfeit PassPorts & Counterfeit Driver's License. If Anyone Has Any Information About These Individuals Activities
Please Contact:  Office Of The Special Rapporteurs 202-957-5731

JOHN RUIZ DEMPSEY Is Not Authorized To Represent United Nations Of Turtle Island In Any Way.
PATRICK HOLLEY THEDAWAKA Was Issued A Valid International Driver's License Through United Nations Of Turtle Island DMV And A Valid PassPort Through United Nations Of Turtle Island International PassPort DataBase Agency, Although PATRICK HOLLEY THEDAWAKA Was Never Given The Authority To Issue UNOTI Driver's License Nor Was He Ever Given The Authority To Issue UNOTI PassPorts. PATRICK HOLLEY Has Already In The Past Admitted To His Wrong Doing And Over The Telephone Stated That He Would Never Do It Again,- He Lied.
JOHN RUIZ DEMPSEY Through A Recorded Conversation Over The Telephone  Admitted To Trying To Set Up Four Banks On Behalf Of UNOTI. An Ongoing Investigation Is Now Ordered By Justice Napwe Of United Nations Of Turtle Island International Court Of Justice. Anyone In The Possession Of A UNOTI International Driver's License Or UNOTI  PassPort Should Immediately Contact United Nations Of Turtle Island To Verify If The Document They Are Holding/Asserting Is Valid/Legal Before Navigation/Driving Or Embarking On A Journey To Go Anywhere."

Also this item I highly doubt:

"1-24-08  Today Special Rapporteur Gahliduh Ayahnooli Had An Official Meeting With The  Embassador Of Bolivia Who Acknowledged Cherokee Country Internationally, And Who Also Approved The Issuing Of Our International Driver's License For Indigenous People Who Are From Bolivia But Living Or Traveling In The Northern Part Of The Continent Of Turtle Island."

This is a weird claim.

"2-7-07 As a special announcement, we are happy to receive Jose Acevedo as Representative of the  Aztec Government, Of Aztec Country."

Somebody forgot to tell the millions of Nahua people they supposedly have a govt.

And remember this guy, the would be royalty?

"9-20-06 Kaneekaneet is free, hopefully now with a reaffirmed proper relationship, as two vessels living side-by-side, and as friends, and allies. Now the justices of ICJ will make a ruling on this case.

9-18-06 Two Embassadors incarcerated by subjects of the crown of Great Britain in the Canadian part of Turtle Island. Tuscarora Citizen Thedawahka now free, but
Kaneekaneet is still a political prisoner. REGINA POLICE attack the Family of Soto
Nation-Anishinabe People, get the full story soon."

Got an email from Rose. He sent a scan of an article by a military paper that mentions him, claiming it to be proof the Pentagon accepts him as an official representative for the Cherokee nation. Then he demands removal of any criticism, followed by threats of legal action.

I'm guessing that means we'd be "tried" by their "court". ::)

First is his email followed by my response.


From: Gahliduh Ayahnooli Tsiskwah <>
Subject: Complaint about the Post started by [SUPERDOG] on August 12, 2008, 05:37:19 pm

Date: Wednesday, December 15, 2010, 8:38 AM

Sheeoh-Siyo-Osiyo- "Greetings" To All Our Relations             December 15, 2010
From: Traditionally Appointed- Ugvwiyuhi "Chief"
          Robert Swift Arrow Daniel Rose Gahliduh Ayahnooli
          Representative of The Cherokee Government
          of Cherokee Nation of Indians of Cherokee Country
          Treaties of 1730 & 1791
          United Nations of Turtle Island- Federation of Turtle Island

          On November 1st, 2006 the [U.S. PENTAGON] on the [U.S. PENTAGON NEWS CHANNEL] released the information acknowledging me as a "Representative of the Cherokee Government". Please see attachment. And United Nations of Turtle Island -Federation of Turtle Island has now won 9 Court Cases proving our collective sovereign powers of authority to issue navigation documents. Being appointed as an Ugvwiyuhi- "Chief" by the ani/family clans of my Nation-being "Cherokee Nation of Indians" the original treaty signatory name that we repatriated, I must respectfully request that by not being a newager, nor a fraud, nor a plastic shaman, that you remove any and all content from your website involving United Nations of Turtle Island, Robert Swift Arrow Daniel Rose, and everything else that [SUPERDOG] directly copied from our website without our written permission, and then posted on your website. I agree with most of what your website is trying to do to inform people about the issues involving frauds, although I am disappointed that you didn't show respect for our Nations and elders who operate United Nations of Turtle Island by allowing [SUPERDOG] to post what he did. So we are respectfully requesting that you now remove all content posted about us, our people, and our Nations who have united together on this Great Turtle Island as a Federation- United Nations of Turtle Island.
If the post by [SUPERDOG] is not removed immediately then we will see the post as a case of defamation of character.
Sgi-Skee-Wado- "Thank You"
All Our Relations- Nvwatohiyadv- "Peace"


You are not recognized by the federal govt. The Pentagon does not recognize you and has no power to recognize tribes nor representatives of tribes anyway.
A military reporter briefly mentioned you in an article about diversity and carelessly accepted your self identification, without bothering to check the truthfulness of your claim. That's it.
Nowhere in any of the posts does anyone claim you or your organization to be New Age nor plastic shamans. However, you do have many dubious claims about who you represent.
If you would like to make a statement for us to post, we'd gladly do so. We always welcome as much information as possible. Evidence of recogniton by the three Cherokee tribes, for example, or support from traditional elders.
Could you tell us about the nine cases you say you have won?
Al Carroll, moderator

Apparently he can't read either as I didn't copy anything from his pages.  Merely provided links to them for others peruse along with my comments.  So I'd ask Rose to take back his threats, especially against me as:

1)  You're talking to Indians here, Pentagon News acknowledgement is a far cry from recognition we all know, doesn't count for diddly.  They are the Dept of Defense...not the BIA.  You are not recognized by Cherokees as their representative and that's where I put weight to legitimacy.  Apparently Rose, you put all your weight in what the government tells you...good luck with that.

2) There is nothing copied and pasted from your website in my post.  Nothing.  What you have are links.  The typing in the post is my own comments, which, as original thoughts, are my own and I'm entitled to my opinion.  If the information on your own website is defamation against better commence suing yourself.  The best part about that're gonna win for sure.

3) The e-mail you've sent is some of the most damning proof against you.  I can easily refrain comment on it to satisfy you...anyone reading it will form their own opinions.  Should we take a poll?  What do you say everyone....legitimate or not?   ::) Once again...are you gonna sue yourself for defamation against yourself?

Some leader.... :-\


And just for a complete picture of what people are saying about UNOTI here's a few other boards with other discussions.  I may just be doing you a favor Rose as, along with the tuscarora forum linked above, these forums do have copied and pasted information from your site and have for more than a year....yet the information still stands and proves there's nothing you can do about it.

And somebody seems to using your copyrighted everything to make a profit.

I'm assuming you have something to do with that Rose..and if that's true...these images are out in the public domain.  Not to mention...just selling the items with imagery attached has the website violating your copyright laws....interesting conundrum.

One of the offshoots selling medallions...once again for profit.  Part of the "sovran" movement and associated with UNOTI.

There's also a link from Chaska Denny and the Dahcotah Nation....more of the same.

I see a theme here.  Charge people for governmental services...sell everything under the sun with the name of the group on it....outrageous claims with no real proof to back it up.  How's business these days?....'cause that's all I and making money.

Read through the "cases" you claim you've won as well.  None of them provide much proof of anything.  We're talking a letter that shows one of your UNOTI licenses was reason why it was taken in the first place....most of the rest of the evidence falls along that line.  If that's the best you're hurtin...

By the format of the e-mail sent by seems to be a form letter where he simply has copied and pasted my handle on here into the appropriate spaces.  Next time at least take the time to pen an original thought.

Back to the real world,


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