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Some things happened here over the last week or so that were very disturbing.  At this time I cannot go into details except to say that someone who spent a lot of time here and was a wellknown member of the Indian community was murdered out west.

Surrounding this wonderful man's death, some people tried to take advantage of the situation to promote themselves.

Several of us who are active in the Indiana Indian community decided to start talking to the larger Indian community, including here, about what is going on.  So, I hope that this is the first in a series of posts about frauds in this area.

Over the last couple of days as I tried to navigate the difficult registration process here I was reading posts about other frauds from around the area and will comment on those as well. 

While I have never met Steve McCullough, I have talked to him on the phone.  According to information we developed he runs the Sundance down in the Hoosier National Forest.  He claims to be Shawnee which is a funny story in itself.  Over in Ohio is a man by the name of Hawk Pope, a sleazy character caught in a number of lies and potentially dangerous situations (for young people, especially young girls).  The point is he has a group called the Remnant Band Shawnee of which McCullough claims affiliation. The people affiliated with the RBS have also claimed affiliation with the Kishpoko Shawnee, and the "East of the River Shawnee" both of which are made up tribes which have caused fits with the three legimate Shawnee Bands in Oklahoma.

The trouble is that local non-Indians do not have a clue as to what federal recognition is, what tribal affilation means, and get all starry eyed when someone shows up with names like Walking Eagle, Crow Dog, or Barking Fox.  Although I will post more on him later, there is apparently some kind of feud between this McCullough and another fraud who claims to be a brother to Leonard Crow Dog, called John Crow Dog, who also holds sweats, yuwipis, and other "traditional Lakota ceremonies" for "donations."

As I said, more on this Crow Dog character in another thread as per the rules.

McCullough has managed to ingratiate himself with the local media and so appeared in a local PBS produced documentary on the Wabash River.  Which leads me to the point.  Filming ceremonies, as these guys tend to allow, is not a good idea.  I am Potawatomi and we would never allow such scenes to be filmed unless there were extenuating circumstances, ie, for teaching purposes or for some kind of posterity or with the permission of the family and so on. 

McCullough claims to be a medicine man of the Shawnee but since he is not federally enrolled he cannot sign off on the application to hold the Sundance in the Hoosier National Forest.  We have been unable to find out who signs off on the federal application for the special use permit, but do know they are people or a person associated with the Leonard Crow Dog followers from Rosebud, which also has led to some bad feelings between John Crow Dog and Steve McCullough.

More later when I post on this Crow Dog character.

Finally, one way to stop these guys is to turn them in for violations of the Migratory Bird Laws which require a federal Indian ID (that is a tribal or BIA card) which these clowns usually do not have much less carry.  If you transport or wear feathers from Eagles or other protected species you have to have that card on your person.



Johnnie, there's also an older thread on McCullough in here at

It has some information you might find useful, such as that Vernal Cross never trained him like McCullough claims.

I believe you will find Nathan Chasing Horse signs for the permit, at least he did a year a two ago.
It used to be on the net under the state parks page, seemed they required a card carrying indian...
might have a copy somewhere will look and let you know

I beg your pardon.....I was mistaken. I confused the Salt Cree k Indiana sundance with this subject. Please disregard.


It is the one and the same Sundance.



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