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Got a request about himPart of the dangerous cult the Deer Tribe, so immediately placed in Frauds.

Popfinger, who also appears in the ARUN publishing house of his "shaman" colleague Ulbrich, also sells indigenous spirituality and, by his own admission, has been in this business since 1997. His "truly Native American" names, and particularly their spelling, indicate a connection to the Deer Tribe - he turns out to be a student of Helmut Christof "Sunwalker", who in turn is a student of Deer Tribe founder Harley "Swiftdeer" Reagan . Christof, on the other hand, cheerfully mixes set pieces of indigenous, Indian and African spirituality with runes....

He's already on the site in two other threads.

Re: Calvin Tatsey
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Tatsey's site has some very interesting members, so e.g. Helmut Christof who is an ex-Deer Tribe student. He still sells ceremonies and makes more shame-ons.

This is an ad for a Nuage congress dd June 1-4, 2001, organised by Nuage magazine „The Andere Realität“. Its title was „Psychic Healing and Mediality with Europeans, Indians, and Shamans“. The text apparently was published before the event.
The ad announces:
More then 40 lectureres from all five continents will offer various ceremonies, sweatlodges, lectures, short workshops and music....For the Western region there will be e.g. […] the German shaman expert Helmut Christof.

A lot of weed is sacred posts.
But also lots of ceremony selling.

Account of the ceremony for sale.
-------------  ( ‚ training, education on ’  - "the way  of the peace pipe“
„The way of the 'peace pipe':

An online shamanic training into the powers of the Medicine Wheel Directed by Sundragon & Aaki SunheartOn a donation basis/self-assessment

Start: Every month on the new moonThe Way of the Peace Pipe connects you with heaven and earth and gives you special abilities and access....

The way of the Peace Pipe is based on an ancient Indian knowledge, which has been translated by the shamanic teacher Sundragon for our time and culture in such a way that this way has now also become accessible to us Europeans.

He has created a profound initiation path in which the participants expand their perception and build their connection to the directions of the medicine wheel in an intensive healing and growth process.

What do the participants say?
"After over 3 months of training I can now say that an inexhaustible wealth of knowledge about the Peace Pipe and the Medicine Wheel is being taught by Sundragon. It is really magical what good things have already happened in my life. The most important thing for me, however, was the motivation - not only to be shown a help and a path for ourselves, but I believe that Sundragon and Aaki are about the good for all beings and the planet. I am deeply grateful to have had the knowledge of this Sacred Gift, the Peace Pipe, placed in my hands as a " mediator" of Great Spirit by such a responsible, authentic and understanding teacher that is Sundragon!" Heidrun….

The pipe path is a healing path. It picks you up where you are and by repeating the pipe ritual in connection with the different directions of the medicine wheel...Helmut is a wonderful teacher. " Beate B….

"In the training with Sundragon I got to know the medicine wheel as the compass of my soul. The pipe is the compass needle... Helmut is an experienced teacher in whom I have complete trust..." Christiane S….

The pipe training consists of 13 weekly modules in which the energetic access to the different powers of the pipe and the medicine wheel are shown.
Participants learn different pipe rituals which they can use as a key to solving different problems and know how to build strong force fields of peace and healing in harmony with Mother Earth as a pipe keeper.

Important: At the beginning of this path you will do a pipe ritual every day for 28 days to activate your pipe.

The energy compensation:
Traditionally the pipe knowledge is not sold, but the learner honours his teacher with a voluntary donation, which corresponds to his financial possibilities,
i.e. you name Sundragon an amount and also the period in which you will pay this amount.
(non-binding recommendation 330 € - 3330 €)

If Sundragon accepts your offer, you will receive the invitation link to the modules. You can save each module on your computer/smartphone/tablet. You will receive another link to a closed telegram group where we can exchange ideas and ask questions. Sundragon & Aaki also invite you to Live Zoom sessions at certain intervals where they deepen the knowledge....

This is a basic training. Once you have completed it, you will have access to advanced courses and also face-to-face events on the Peace Pipe.

Contact Sundragon & Aaki and make your offer.

Afterwards you will receive further information and also sources of supply to pipe builders.

Matching to the pipe training there are also these wonderful Chanupas at Siyotanka - Indian meditation flutes and ceremonial pipes…  (!)

--------- ( about us’ ) …
....I led the life of an ascetic and explored the deeper areas of my psyche with the help of intensive yoga practices, often in combination with psychedelics. Here I was able to experience the awakening of the kundalini force, which according to yoga teachings is a magical-mystical energy that rests within us and can release our spiritual-sexual potential. Now began a difficult time in which I often danced on a fine line between life and death, madness and experiencing God. But, after I had a violent near-death experience one night in southern Spain at the age of 23, I had enough of the magical-shamanic path. I voluntarily returned to society for the first time in my life and started a small family. Soon I became a disciple of an Indian guru and spent my next years meditating and satsang.In 1985, at a shaman convention, I met the Heyokah shaman Thunder Strikes, [cult leader, fraud, and imposter Harley Reagan] who invited me into his sweat lodge.

After this sweat lodge ceremony I felt for the first time in my life that I had arrived on earth, which led me to immerse myself in the world of indigenous shamanism and to learn a lot about the power of shamanic rituals, the medicine wheel and the connections between the everyday and the non-ordinary world. Earth spirituality honours creation, the male-female balance and the connection to the living nature within and around us - I eagerly absorbed this knowledge. I began to form my own path from the richness of Indian, African and ancient European traditions, searching for the methods that could help us, and especially me, to come more deeply into oneness with the earth and sharing them with others. At the request of some therapists I began to work as a shamanic teacher in 1987.

I received my first ceremonial pipe in 1989 from the pipe maker and activist Adam Fortune Eagle, whom I met during his stay in Italy.  Later, his student Jim Tree, author of "The way often the sacred Pipe" and former Native American pipe holder at the UN, built and awakened a Phoenix pipe for me.I received my legitimacy as a sweat lodge leader in 1991 from "Grandfather Tom Yellowtail", Sun Dance Chief and Crow Indian medicine man, who passed on his deep spiritual power to me and blessed my work. The History of GAIA Shamanism In 1990, around the time of Walpurgis/Beltane, I developed a five-day ceremony during a training meeting to initiate my students deeply into the elements of the earth.

The results and experiences were so overwhelming that I knew it was important to pass on this ceremony. The GAIA initiation, as I called it at that time, was born and hundreds of people experienced in the years after how their lives changed for the better. Further initiation rites of several days followed and I developed GAIA shamanism as a way for us Europeans to find our roots again and to discover new approaches to ourselves and the earth.In 2003 I met a Peruvian healer and ayuasquero who invited me to the traditional curandero diet in the Amazon jungle and taught me how to use ayahuasca, a consciousness-expanding plant mixture. I also learned how to use San Pedro and other psychoactive substances in Peru and explored their effects....

This gave rise to the "Green Spirit Rituals".

....I currently live with my soul partner Aaki Sonnenherz in southern Spain and am involved in building a spiritual community in which the medicine wheel and shamanic rituals play an important role.


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