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It has come to our attention that this man Tecumseh Brown Eagle, aka Abdul Abdulla Mohammed, & James Oliver Johnson 111, is not who he says he is.
His genealogy that he has been passing around is not own, but is someone else's that is known by certain leaders at the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory.
He also been making erroneous statements to government officials about the Six Nations Confederacy and their treaties that have caused great harm to their land issues. We have suspicion that this man isn't even a Cherokee as he claims. Please verify with us, if you know of this man, or can verify that he is Cherokee. Since he is not James Oliver Johnson 111, the attached genealogy is not his.His real name is Abdul Abdullah Mohammed.
He claims to be a Chief of Erie Indian Moundbuilders, who by the way do not have a listed telephone number or address through The telephone number that he lists on his website is a cell phone. This leads to more of our suspicion about this man that he has something to hide.
Please advice us of your findings.

I think Mo is being kind about TBE. If TBE claims to be Erie, why give yourself the name of the most famous Shawnee chief? His geneology chart also claims he has a CHEROKEE ancestor on the Dawes Roll, though that could be Cherokee Freedman. So why go around claiming to be Erie? Why not just enroll in the Cherokee Nation? (Pretty obvious: this way he gets to play at being an Indian Chief.) Why call yourself mound builders when they were a people once spread over what is now the eastern half of the US, not this one tribe? Most of what we know about the mound builders points to them either coming from, or at least being very much influenced by, NDNs of central Mexico.

TBE is on a UFO/paranormal site.

Also on a motivational speakers radio show to talk about "ancient codes and secrets."

The "tribal" website has a lot of bizarre links to sites about "ancient mysteries," the "secret language of Atlantis revealed" and one link the site of a now deceased New Age fraud, Robert Franzone (Ghostwolf). Do a search of our site, Franzone was pretty notorious, and yet this "tribe" links to him.

Why does his "tribal" website have outdated archeology accounts rather than Erie traditions for their origin story? He knows so little about NDN traditions he supports the Bering Strait Theory.

Then after a long, looooong recitation of the BST, he finally describes the EMB.

"The EIMTN is the direct descendant of Mississippi Valley Erie-Mound Builders Indians, who called themselves hErie, Alliwegis, sometimes called Talliwegis.
As soon as we assert we were the hErie-Alliwegis, others usually say we are related to the Iroquois Nations because that’s the way they heard it. But the Iroquois in the 5 Nation ,now 6 Nation Confederacy are uniquely different from the Alliwegis, who were from the Mississippi Valley Erie-Mound Builders Culture. We also are uniquely different from the Iroquois 5 Nations. We mainly are the Eries, the Erie-Neutral Nation and Erie-Sussquehannocks to name only a few of the 70 plus names we were given or called."

Most of the rest is extremely detailed to hide just how little they know or say about actual Erie history. For example, the Erie were nowhere near the Mississippi Valley. They lived around modern day Erie PA. The accounts I saw said they were no further south than Virginia, no further west than the start of the Ohio River.

Isn't there another group calling themselves Susquehannocks, whose "chief" mostly does ceremony selling in Europe, that Trish exposed? If I remember right, the Susquehannocks were wiped out in the 1730s or so.

A more accurate site on Erie history.
"It took the Seneca, Cayuga, and Onondaga until 1656 before the Erie were defeated. Many survivors were incorporated into the Seneca to replace their losses in the war, and the Erie ceased to exist as a separate tribe. The Erie, however, did not entirely disappear at this time....Some of the Erie, Neutrals, Tionontati, and Huron escaped...the last group of Erie (southern Pennsylvania) did not surrender to the Iroquois until 1680. Where they had been hiding during the intervening 24 years is a mystery.
In 1656 an unknown tribe fleeing the Iroquois entered the Virginia Piedmont and settled near the falls of the James River (Richmond). They built a large, fortified village and terrorized the local Powhatan tribes who called them the Ricahecrian. A combined English and Powhatan army went out to expel these intruders but was soundly is very possible they were Erie. Where did the Ricahecrian go afterwards? No answers...just possibilities....
Of course, they could just as easily gone north, or the Ricahecrian may not have been Erie in the first place. Other than the final Erie surrender in 1680, only one other identifiable mention occurred after 1656. In 1662 the Susquehannock told the Dutch they expected 800 Honniasont warriors to join them in their war with the Iroquois. Honniasont is a Iroquian word meaning "wearing something around the neck" and refers to the Black Mingua habit of wearing a black badge on their chests. The Honniasont (Black Mingua) are believed to have been a division of the Erie that lived around the upper Ohio River in western Pennsylvania....they were gone by 1679. Many of the descendents of the Erie that were adopted by the Seneca began leaving the Iroquois homeland during the 1720s and returned to Ohio. Known as the Mingo (Ohio Iroquois), they were removed to the Indian Territory during the 1840s. It is very likely that many of the Seneca in Oklahoma today have Erie ancestors."

So from what we know the Erie have been gone since the 1680s.

I recently came across a PDF of a court action which gave his name as Abdul Abdullah Mohammed. He's apparently legally changed it to TBE. It seems to be an insurance matter.

Mohammed, A
602 W 3rd St
Erie, PA 16507-1115

Forgive me for going off on a tangent here - but ...

This gentleman has a serious lack of knowledge of United States Indian Law, land claims protocols and law, the court system or international law, especially the World Court in Den Haag.  It seems that he has been reading some fictional accounts of indigenous issues and Indian land claims issues. So for a number of reasons there is NO, I repeat NO way he can lay claim to any land or initiate any land repatriation suit for anyone.

First of all, because the Erie were no longer viable when the US government was created, they have no way to even apply for recognition at this time. The recent (yesterday) decision of the US Supreme Court in docket #07-526 - Carcueri V Sec, of Interior – the Supreme Court ruled that unless his nation (tribe) was fully recognized by the US federal government prior to IRA (of 1934) he and his followers can not make any land claims to any lands found within the continental US, nor can he attempt to purchase and place into trust any lands gained by any method.  He will find an even less supportive government in Canada if he wants to try up there too.

This was a devastating decision to the Wampanoag who have a legitimate land claim and it really ticks my buttons when someone like this tries to manipulate the system.  It just hurts legitimate communities that are trying to reclaim treaty lands.

As to the 1994 U.N. Declaration on Indigenous People, he’d better go back and re-read the declaration as it was ratified.  It does not give his group any rights what so ever.  In fact in the statement - Recognizing also the urgent need to respect and promote the rights of indigenous peoples affirmed in treaties, agreements and other constructive arrangements with States the declaration clearly states that first and foremost a group must be recognized by the nation-state they are located within. Also - Considering that the rights affirmed in treaties, agreements and other constructive arrangements between States and indigenous peoples are, in some situations, matters of international concern, interest, responsibility and character, Considering also that treaties, agreements and other constructive arrangements, and the relationship they represent, are the basis for a strengthened partnership between indigenous peoples and States. Again it states that you have to have some prior relationship. But the real kicker is in Article 46 where they pretty much state that while indigenous peoples have various rights, the US will not step in and interfere between the nation-sate and indigenous group. 

1. Nothing in this Declaration may be interpreted as implying for any State, people, group or person any right to engage in any activity or to perform any act contrary to the Charter of the United Nations or construed as authorizing or encouraging any action which would dismember or impair, totally or in part, the territorial integrity or political unity of sovereign and independent States.

This is also why the World Court and International Court of Appeals would not hear their case.  It will not interfere in cases of declarations of independence from a member state, and will not accept any case that has not proceeded through the National court system and the North American Court of Appeals.  I’ve been working with a legitimate treaty group in Canada that have been refused a hearing on this very issue.   

Oh and as a PS - when did he say he was in Louise's living room?  Because I heard she was at her home in Browning Montana just last week and was scheduled for a fund raiser in the area just before that.  I wasn't there to verify, but I will check with folks I know up there.


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