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Karin Tag and Council of World Elders
« on: January 23, 2012, 01:35:18 am »
According to this FB page

Karin Tag
is the founder of the World Council of Elders

It appears that the WCOE is planning a conference in Germany in September 2012

Video of Karin Tag here - German? Language - apparently she's like Indiana Jones only with added Mayans and crystal skulls.  Or something.

and as for this........  ???

This website is hers also

Just as an aside, and I'm not sure how relevant this is, but the Deer Tribe associated musician Mihirangi has the World Council of Elders as a recommended link on her website, so I'm wondering whether there might be deer tribe connection also?


World Council of Elders
Is a global organization dedicated to helping the world’s Elders preserve and share their teachings. Learn more about the world’s beautiful and diverse indigenous cultures, the tremendous wisdom of their Elders…

source: (scroll down)
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Re: Karin Tag and Council of World Elders
« Reply #1 on: January 23, 2012, 06:21:33 pm »
I split the topic. Tag's group is Council of World Elders, while Vaspra's is the World Council of Elders. And Tag deserves her own thread. She's one of the crystal numbskulls, right at the heart of that fraud.

Crystal Skull Researcher
Since 1986, Karin Tag (Prof.hc.Dr.hc. holistic sciences) has explored and researched archaeological and geological excavations. Karin’s interest in unusual objects began while she was studying artifacts in the Senckenberg Museum in Frankfurt and the Jurassic Museum in Eichstätt (Germany). During her excavations she found many artifacts that she donated to these museums.
These experiences drove her into intensive studies of alternative remedial arts and research into electromagnetic fields and photon energy. This ultimately led to the development of her photon camera, which is a mixture of several methods of measuring electromagnetic fields and photon movements.
Karin Tag is the CEO and founder of the ISR-Institute and the Seraphim-Institute. She received her doctorate in holistic sciences from the University of Oregon. Karin Tag is a Reiki Master and is certified in the art of Traditional Chinese Medicine, homeopathic therapies and Phyto therapy. She has also authored five books including her latest covering the findings of her crystal skull research - available in english soon. (German edition in print now)
Karin Tag is also the caretaker of Corazon De Luz, her incredible Crystal Skull that originated from South America and is considered to be ancient. This skull is believed to be connected to the Incas from the Holy Valley of Pisaq, Cusco.
Karin Tag (Karen Day) lives in a small, quaint town near Frankfurt (Frankfurt), Germany. She is fluent in seven languages.

Obviously Lakota or Mayan or any other Native tongue are not among those languages, judging by her singing in those videos.
Her claimed accomplishments aren't actually impressive.


In 2007, it appears that the Osmanagic Foundation is continuing to invite foreign scientists to Visoko to study the ‘pyramids’ - but ‘scientists’ of a very different kind from the previous ones, who had been bona fide geologists or archaeologists. For instance, a news item dated 30th of April on the Foundation website mentions the visit of "Dr. Harry Oldfield from Great Britain and Dr. Karin Tag from Germany".

Let’s begin with "Dr. Karin Tag". The Foundation provides only her name, but she is described by the local media (bs) and pro-pyramid forums as an "archaeologist and geologist".  No point in looking for any academic references or publications; you won’t find them. Karin Tag is, nevertheless, a medium, a member (and maybe even founder - she owns the domain name, at least) of the "Seraphim Institute" (de). The purpose of this  Institute, located in Germany, is that of establishing world peace by means of meditation, prayer and "energy transfers" using a "crystal skull", of which Karin Tag is also the guardian. Karin Tag takes this crystal skull, known as the "Corazón de Luz" (Heart of Light) - we are told that it has links with Atlantis - all over the world to "places of magic" that she uses the skull to "activate." Besides the classic examples of the temple of Karnak and Great Pyramid of Kufu, these places of magic also include Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower and Euro-Disney... Can we neglect the possibility of the skull making a brief trip recently to one of the Bosnian ‘pyramids’? [2]

....[2] I was not mistaken : today, 7th May 2007, the Fondation has just published (bs) the results of an "experiment" on the "energy interaction between a crystal skull and the Bosnian pyramid of the Sun". We learn that Karin Tag, "crystal skull expert", again described as an "archaeology and geology PhD", has brought her skull, said to be of Maya origin, to the top of the hill of Visocica. This event was witnessed by Harry Oldfield, who used his amazing invention (see the continuation of the article) to record the "photon and electromagnetic fields" from the ‘pyramid’ before, during and after the skull’s fleeting visit. If you have the strength of mind to look at the lengthy video (mostly in English) presented on the Foundation web site, you will be rewarded by the knowledge of how Ms. Tag "activated" the ‘pyramid of the Sun’ and "opened its energy portal", hoping to bring peace and wealth to Bosnia and to the entire world ; on the other side, if you keep your eyes peeled at around the 14th minute, you’ll hear a sentence from Mr. Oldfield to the effect that he, along with his German colleague, observed an "unidentified flying object" near the ‘pyramid’... And I had really been on the point of wondering if it wasn’t about time for extraterrestrial pyramid-builders to make an appearance!


Tag's council includes notorious fraud Humbatz Men AKA Cesar Mena Toto. We have multiple threads on him.

The council also includes a Japanense author, a Mongolian poet, two others identified as Nepalese shamans, a swami from India, and these two.

Coco Vizcarra is an Inka Shaman with Quechua roots. He was born in the Amazonian district of Peru and has travelled the whole world to represent the Quechua culture. His life is formed by his Native American origin. 25 years ago, while searching for the ancient traces of his culture, he joined a particular circle of native indians consisting of different tribes and traditions of the American continent. He then went through a long and disciplined teaching process, but without any intention for a shamanic title. He understands himself as a messenger for his ancestors, the Inka....

"AYLU MASI KUNAPA - We are all related to each other"
He is a specialist for ethnology and cultural anthropology. He is intensively occupied with the history and the devastating cultural background of his ancestors, the Inka. Together with his family he is very busy in supporting the native people of his country for the conservation and promotion of their indigenous culture. He has been cooperating for many years with renowned representatives, authors and scientists for the conservation of this unique Quechua culture.

KUSI KAWSAY - a school project in the Andes
He is especially engaged with the KUSI KAWSAY school project, which is a school for indigenous children of the Sacred Valley of the Inka in the Peruvian Andes. It was founded for the conservation and survival of the Quechua culture....

Ruben M. Saufkie sen., Native American Hopi, singer and dancer of the Hopi Water Clan
He is dedicated to the revival of traditional Hopi dances, performing them together with his family during tribal festivals.
He participated in two historical Hopi runs. As coordinator of the H2opi run from Arizona to Mexico City in 2006 he pointed out the importance of water as an essential vital element. The second run was the Fire Run from Mexico City to the land of the Hopi people in 2007, which was coordinated by Ruben Saufkie.
Ruben Saufkie is extraordinarily contributed to the native traditions of the Hopi youngsters. He is teaching them the abstinence of alcohol and the values of the ancient wisdom of the Hopi tradition....

Saufkie's father does have a long questionable history, but I couldn't find anything harmful the son has done.
As for Vizcarra, you can find him all over the a hotel owner! Running a little inn in Peru along with his brother and both their German wives.

On the council's facebook page, their is a huge sign at the conference even listing Greenpeace as one of these "elders."

Clearly Tag isn't using elder to mean what we are accustomed to using the word for. She seems to be using people who would not claim that title for themselves, except as elderLY, and minus one huge exception, she has chosen mostly activists. She's sponsoring this council to make herself look good and hide her history of exploitation and lies, much like Vaspra and much like Jyoti the sponsor of the 13 Grandmothers.

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Re: Karin Tag and Council of World Elders
« Reply #2 on: January 23, 2012, 10:29:00 pm »
Aaaah a Bosnian "pyramid" link!  8)

Now  there's an interesting subject on so many levels.  The Serb Nationalist movement and the new age movement are deeply intertwined in Bosnia and the "pyramids" are just one example of this unusual constellation.

Interestingly lots of newagers from all over the world are rushing to take the opportunity to work long hours completely unpaid renovating the "pyramids".

I was reading reports on message boards from people who'd been and it's really hard work but they just love it because of all the newagers who converge there.  Crystal skulls aplenty as I'm sure you can imagine.

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Re: Karin Tag and Council of World Elders
« Reply #3 on: February 01, 2012, 03:34:57 pm »

I recommend to move this thread to the fraud section:
Karin Tag is not only selling distorted versions of alleged indigenous spirituality and claiming to be recognised by ndns, but is also active in other esoteric fields and cooperates with persons active in the extremist right and publishes her book with a company covering esotericism, conspiration theories, and extremist right issues.

The English language site E.I. quoted is the only one to mention alleged titles "Prof. Dr" - the sites maintained by Ms Tag herself do not make such claims. Of course, it is a criminal offence under German law to make use of titles one does not really possess, or of vanity titles bought from title mills. Other German language sites also do not mention these alleged titles, although they speak vaguely of some alleged „scientific research“ Tag does and of numerous honours bestowed on her – none of them being specified.

It is likewise noteworthy that both titles mentioned happen to have been awarded "honoris causa", i.e. honorary titles. Or probably "humoris causa" in the case at hands - since the learned lady apparently has some difficulties grasping 5 or maybe even 3-Dollar-words.

On ethnological-political [sic] levels, she has received several awards for her commitment for international understanding within international ethnological [sic] groups of peoples.

The term 'ethnological' is being used throughout the site in this wrong way, like e.g.:
... she organises worldwide congresses and conferences which, in a future-oriented way, deal with the development of new solutions regarding world peace and ethnological resp. environmental education ...

Please also note that Ms Tag, at least according to her own words and claims, is something like a Jack of all trades:

As a lecturerer on international cultural projects, she works for the conservation of cultural assets and values and supports the foundation of schools and educational centres.  In 2009, she founded a Museum for ethnological [sic] cultural art and receives valuable exhibits from various ethnological ethnic groups [sic!], among them antique crystal plaques and the Peruvian crystal skull Corazon de Luz which she keeps available to the public,

Why a skull might prefer to go by the name of "Heart of Light" will probably remain its secret.

Ms Tag also claims voluntary work for various organisation for environmental protection and for humanitarian aid projects - none of them mentioned, of course. And she got hung with medals and honours – as you might have guessed, none of them mentioned explicitely:

Within the recent decade, she received special recognition and awards from native peoples due to her political commitment ...

As an aside: there's also a glaring and embarassing grammatical glitch in Tag's German sentence...

Grammatical glitches and wrong use of words, however, are not the only mistakes Ms Tag committed: She also cooperated with William Jervis. The cooperation seems to have been rather temporarily in nature and one may suspect it did not end on cordial terms, since all traces of this cooperation have been carefully deleted from her sites, but you can trust in Jervis spreading the stuff all over the internet on various blogs and sites. Apparently Tag did a ceremony with Jervis and his sidekick Hines, and there are photos of their meeting, e.g. here:
photo of Jervis & Hines plus Karin Tag

Not to forget: Tag claims she is an author of various books on "shamanic wisdoms and on secret artefacts". She also says there are several employees working for her institute (does the IRS know?).

Tag mentions no price tags. Clients can book individual appointments, e.g.:

Opening of Heart and Soul at the Atlantic crystal library
The Atlantic crystal library with all its sacred items is at the museum of the Council of World Elders. It is Karin Tag's task to keep it available for ceremony. As a shaman trained by the Inca, she allows special persons at special moments to go into ceremony with the library. ... This power is not for sale... Still the Council of World Elders will need an energy exchange in order to save and restore further objects of the Atlantic crystal library. Therefore we rely on donations of energy exchange.

"To go into ceremony" with a library...? This almost sounds like Scientology Newspeak.

According to Ms Tag, clients will of course benefit vastly:
This ceremony will give you initiations which will decorate your path in life with happiness, as a connection to the infinite knowledge of the Atlantic crystal library will connect your path in life with light and joy. The entire ceremony is inspired by the power and the love of angels, and only serves light and love. In the beginning you will be cleansed with flowers and incense and prepared for the ceremony with precious Egyptian oils. After having been cleansed with rose water, you will be prepared to the encounter with the Atlantic crystal library in silent meditation.

Quite apparently, the infinite knowledge offered by this library does not encompass grammar, spelling (e.g. 'spehric music), or writing style (I mean, "the connection ... connects you" - cf above -, well, pu-leeze!).

Ms Tag apparently also has found a way to travel in time, since she claims to have been taught by the Inka. Not only this, but in the further text describing the 'library ceremony', Tag claims: "The ceremony will be done by at least two graduates of the Avalonic School. Sometimes, an Inka will be present in person, too."

Ms Tag also seems to rely on her readers having quite a bad memory. While speaking of 'donations' initially, at the end of the text she informs: "Prices upon inquiry (energy exchange is needed to save further objects...".

Right, so a good memory is what clients don't need in the first place, as they will not only receive a new kozmic name by Corazon, the skull, and Ms Tag. After this ceremony, clients will lead a new, conscious life filled with love and joy every day. Who'll need a good memory, then...

You may also pay for a training to become a guardian of a crystal skull in three grades which she does give price tags for:

On March 17 and 18, 2012, you can do grade 1 for a mere Euro 280.

Grade 2 may be done May 25-27, 2012 (or, as Tag writes: three full days) with Tag asking the fee of Euro 680.

Grade 3 will even supply clients with a "qualification certificate" issued by Seraphim Institute. This course will take eight weekends and cost Euro 2,240. This price does NOT include trips to England for an initiation at Avebury and Stonehenge, and to Egypt.

In Grade 3 courses, Tag claims to teach:
Courses on ritual and ceremonial lore
Symbols, energetic remote transfer (remote healing), activiation and lay-out
of power places
Courses on seminars, initiation rules
Courses on ethnology

Tag comments:
The Grade 3 course is very responsible and is an education in a teaching profession. As in real life, the fee must represent the value and is only possible after an initial interview and subject to the Inca priests' consent. The revenues of this seminar, after costs having been deducted, will go to the Council of World Elders who will use it to support the world elders, indigenous peoples, and environmental organisations.

When one, quite conveniently, happens to be one of the world elders, it is presumably no problem assuring clients all monies after costs will be for the benefit of said world elders.
However, with her wording Tag insinuates that her courses may be compared to official educational and vocational certificates.

The Council also lists several persons as its 'global advisors'. Among these is e.g. Nina Hagen, a German singer who happens to be quite cult-prone. 

Further advisors are one "Michael Bear Hawk" and Eva-Maria Mora. We have got a thread on them - Michael and Eva-Maria Mora . Mr Mora seems to be getting deeper into selling alleged indigenous wisdoms and ceremonies, so that thread will be updated in the near future.

Tag also lists Drunvalo Melchizedek as an advisor.

Another interesting addition as a global advisor is Armin Risi who is mentioned as a 'philosopher and author'. Swiss citizen Risi is an author who works with publishing house Kopp-Verlag in Germany. Kopp publishes books on various conspiration theories, extremist right issues, Ufos, but also alternative medicine and pseudo-science like e.g. "Germanic New Medicine". They also sell a range of nuage products via their webshop, as e.g. different dietary supplements, Flor Essence (pls cf ), Noni juice etc.

Kopp-Verlag cooperate with Grabert publishing house which publishes extremist right books and gets mentioned in annual reports issued by inland secret service (Federal Bureau for the Protection of the Constitution). Kopp also used to cooperate with Arun publishing house which may be seen as extremist right neo-pagan (NAFPS has got a thread on Arun and its owner Ulbrich: ).

Risi's fields of interest are nuage, conspiration theory, he rejects evolution and also seems to support so-called 'light nourishment'.

Risi took part in one of the conferences organised by Ms Tag and wrote a lengthy report of which Tag publishes one paragraph, complete with a logo of Kopp-Verlag, on the site of her alleged Council of Elders site. The site of her institute is linked to the website of Kopp-Verlag.

Kopp-Verlag publishes the complete report Risi did, and there are some interesting paragraphs:

Five weeks prior to the congress of the Council of World Elders, a Swiss organiser invited four Maya elders to participate in two large events... I mentioned these events in my lectures and thought there was a cooperation. Both events drew an audience of 1,000 persons, but the following congress was not mentioned. Quite the contrary - the Maya present emphasized that only Maya were in a position to pass on Maya knowledge, and everybody else had only used Maya knowledge to make money. They explicitely mentioned José Argüelles who had died shortly before. [...]

Critical listeners soon noticed that these were "fundamentlist" Maya on the stage. The accusation of all non-Maya only making money with Maya knowledge was broad generalisation and lacked respect. After all, Argüelles received lots of honours and titles from different Maya tribes [...] and his work of 30 years undeniably introduced Mayan knowledge to the world [...]

In retrospect it is evident that this line of Maya representatives cannot accept a Council of World Elders or an European woman as the leader and coordinator of the Council or as the guardian of a crystal skull. Contrary to these events in Switzerland, the Bad Homburg congress passed only positive knowledge and constructive criticism.

We definitely need Ms Tag and her 'global advisor' Risi to learn who the real racists are.... : sarcasm off: . These paragraphs cast a revealing light on the attitude of white supremacy held by both nuagers and the extremist right, in which ndns rejecting the Euro expropriation of indigenous spirituality will be defamed as 'fundamentalists' not representing the 'true Indians' ™, all garnished with the accusation of reverse racism.

But we can learn some more racist views from Ms Tag at the site of "Basel Psi Association":

Crystal skulls are held sacred by the indigenous peoples of South America for millenia as a storage of knowledge for the turning of times ahead. In their presence, people have received images, visions, and messages time and again. Since 2002, when Karin Tag was recognized as the guardian of Corazon de Luz in a ritual of the Inka, she studies the Peruvian crystal skull scientifically and medially.

On one of the journey she received a special initiation into Indian-shamanic rituals and ceremonies. She received the honorary title of a Curandera and was given the crystal skull Corazon de Luz to work for world peace."They have given me the skull to take it to Europe in order to support the process connected to the Indian prophecy about the year 2012. This is the year many calendars end, and the Inka, Maya, and Hopi all speak of an intensive change of consciousness." [...]

But why Europe? In an interview, Karin explains: "The prophecy says that people from Europe - the white people - will found a new world culture and will take this to South America to unite the peoples. It simply is like this that a part of the prophecy will be fulfilled here and they trust the skull to arrange it the right way."

This is so far off the track it gets pathetic. Indigenous peoples have struggled, and still do, to preserve their cultures and languages – but none of them are looking to the white people once more forcing another culture upon them, not even 'a new world culture'. This is nothing but white man's burden reloaded, and that concept was BS the first time around already. As a European philosopher said: History repeats itself the first time as a tragedy, the second time as a farce. And when none too bright Euro ladies running scamming schemes called institutes and world councils claim to fulfill home-made, conveniently fantasized prophecies, what else but a farce can this be?

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Re: Karin Tag and Council of World Elders
« Reply #4 on: March 18, 2012, 01:21:29 am »
When I was a kid, I was really fascinated by the Crystal Skulls. So I read up on them. And all of the ones that I've seen have been categorically declared fakes. I detest wilful ignorance, so when people claim that "Science can't know everything", I tend to reply with "no, but if I can repeat the experiment and get the same result, there's a pretty good chance that in this instance science is right" (I studied experimental and theoretical physics for a while at Uni) and since we're talking about electron microscopy, this is pretty old science and pretty reliable science.
I keep learning on this forum.
This is good.

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Re: Karin Tag and Council of World Elders
« Reply #5 on: March 26, 2013, 07:01:28 pm »
Tag's people contacted us, wanting we take down the thread. First is their email followed by my response.

Dear New Age Fraud Team,

down to the present day no one of Karin Tag's clients, business partners or public authorities were in juristic dispute with her.

Please delete your reports of Karin Tag in the column "Frauds".

Anyway your report is insulting Karin Tag with comments like "...She's one of the crystal numbskulls...".

Could you please delete the following topics?

Please understand our situation. I'm sure if someone would claim your business or job is criminal, you are a numbskull,... you would like to delete such false accusation, too.

Thank you for your understanding.

Kind regards
Panoramaweg 27
61194 Niddatal

We do not delete proof that a fraud is in fact a fraud just because their feelings are hurt.

That she has not yet been prosecuted for fraud is a sign of laxness of the authorities, not innocence.

The only way we could remove Ms. Tag from the Frauds section is if she were to stop her fraudulent activities:

1. Cease claiming that crystal skulls are Mayan or Native in any way. They are forgeries from the late 19th century.

2. Cease promoting and working with fellow imposters like Cesar Mena Toto, who falsely claims to be a Mayan elder named Hunbatz Men, and imposters claiming to be "Inkas." The Incans have been gone for four centuries.

3. Cease her racist claims that whites will or should take over Native traditions and her publishing a book by an extreme right wing publisher.

4. Cease falsely claiming to have academic title.

5. Pay reparations to the clients she cheated and to Native peoples she made false claims about.

Should Ms Tag make amends and quit lying, deceiving, and cheating, we will gladly remove her from Frauds and praise her efforts.

These emails and all others will be posted online for all to see.

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Re: Karin Tag and Council of World Elders
« Reply #6 on: March 27, 2013, 04:03:08 am »
There is no "Holistic Sciences" degree, doctorate or otherwise, at the University of Oregon. There is a holistic nutrition program at Oregon Health and Sciences University, I think, but it's unlikely that she'd flake out on the name of the school that issued her Ph.D.

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Re: Karin Tag and Council of World Elders
« Reply #7 on: March 27, 2013, 04:41:29 pm »
There is no "Holistic Sciences" degree, doctorate or otherwise, at the University of Oregon. There is a holistic nutrition program at Oregon Health and Sciences University, I think, but it's unlikely that she'd flake out on the name of the school that issued her Ph.D.

Well, do you really think she wouldn't flake out on the name?
On her own sites, Ms Tag mentioned either Oregon State U and U of Oregon, and the same happened on several sites mentioning her titles.

One Nuage mag running a review on one of her books then spoiled it all by naming the institution correctly:

... Senat of the Oregon State CH.& University den Titel Prof. h.c. Holistic Sciences, USA, ...

It was the Oregon State Church & University - a title mill which sold profs at some $ 400. Unfortunately, they overlooked the detail of having to register their church in the USA, so the titles sold are illegal in the USA, too. One may assume that the operators chose the name of their title mill quite well...., but only ill-meaning persons would insinuate the name was chosen in such a way as to facilitate an identification of this rather shady institution with a reputable university in Oregon by mistake.

In Germany, such titles are illegal with or without this institution being registered wherever, and using them is an offence - which is the reason Ms Tag went out of her way to have the titles taken down from as many websites as she could, including her own. As always, some of the site owners will comply, while others can't be arsed, so there is still proof online. And one thing she will never be able to have corrected accordingly is the Wikipedia discussion on deleting her articles where she joined in announcing her name was "Dr. Karin Tag".

A few more sites have meanwhile taken down her name altogether, or adjusted to a more modest "Karin Tag", devoid of all titles. We may assume Ms Tag, or probably her institute, sent a few more e-mails. Perhaps Ms Tag hasn't been informed about so-called screenshots...

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Re: Karin Tag and Council of World Elders
« Reply #8 on: March 27, 2013, 05:39:10 pm »
She does seem concerned with her reputation, or bottom line. And willing to spend money on it. First their email, followed by my response.

Dear Sirs, is an online reputation service and provides research for customer items in the (world wide) web. Our effort is to observe and protect our customer’s reputation.

 Wrong descriptions by third parties or unauthorized releases of photos could lead to a great deal of annoyance – for prospective carreers, the company or family. On behalf of our customer Karin Tag we detected such a content on the website.
Mrs. Tag did not agree to the publication and was compromised by the content. The negative entry could possibly have a longsome bad influence for our customer – and has no advantage for you or your website. This brings us to ask you to remove the publication extensively and immediately. Please consider this in your decision
We appreciate your cooperation and thank you for your effort.

Nicole Jones

Ms. Jones.

We do correct misinformation when we find it.

But there is no inaccurate description of Ms. Tag and what she does. We challenge you to say so specifically.

For example, Ms Tag falsely claims to have the academic titles of Dr. and Professor. She is neither.

She promotes crystal skulls as supposedly Mayan. In fact they were long ago proven to be forgeries.

Is it the policy of your company to protect the reputation of unethical people, even lawbreakers?

If so, the authorities may find that interesting.

We at NAFPS look forward to your response.

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Re: Karin Tag and Council of World Elders
« Reply #9 on: March 27, 2013, 09:28:30 pm »
Hmm.  You know, looking at's Web site it appears they concern themselves pretty much exclusively with Facebook.

And this language seemed kinda spammy to me so I Googled it. Sure enough I see the exact language in a comment on a random blog post with a different (and quite strange) company name (what reputable company in their right mind would leave a message like this as a comment on a blog post)?

Dear Mistress,

Ruflotse is an online reputation service and provides the research for customer items in the internet. Our effort is to observe and protect our customer’s reputation.
Wrong descriptions by third parties or unauthorized release of photos could lead to a great deal of annoyance – for a prospective career, company or family. On behalf of our customer Mrs. Marina Profenna we detected such a content on your blog

in a post from December 28 2010.

Mr. Profenna did not agree to the publication and was compromised by the content. The negative entry could possibly have a longsome bad influence for our customer – and has no advantage for you or your website. This brings us to ask you to remove the publication extensively and immediately. Please consider this in your decision

We appreciate your cooperation and thank you for your effort.

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Re: Karin Tag and Council of World Elders
« Reply #10 on: March 27, 2013, 09:32:23 pm »
Also, notice in the example I pulled from the blog post it's Mrs. Profenna in one paragraph and Mr. Profenna in the other?

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Re: Karin Tag and Council of World Elders
« Reply #11 on: March 27, 2013, 09:42:17 pm »
It looks like Ruflotse is the same company as and that is what it is known as in Germany. Still, I suspect there could be some spoofing going on here?


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Re: Karin Tag and Council of World Elders
« Reply #12 on: March 27, 2013, 10:00:54 pm »
It looks like Ruflotse is the same company as and that is what it is known as in Germany. Still, I suspect there could be some spoofing going on here?

Quote got its start in Germany back in 2007, building an all-purpose tool called Ru?otse, which lets users to track themselves across the web and in social networks.

Definitely is weird, there is mention on their site of a premium service level, but I don't find specific info on that. I'd assume someone would have to pay for a service to send out emails like this. Or this is a case of spoofing.

Even if the company and email is legit, they come across suspicious.

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Re: Karin Tag and Council of World Elders
« Reply #13 on: March 27, 2013, 11:35:18 pm »

Ruflotse [reputation pilot] is the former name of the company; it was renamed "" in November 2011.

Ruflotse used to sell services promising their clients they would protect their customers' reputation and delete internet material presenting them in an unfavourable way. They charge for this service, although they seem to send standard mails with the same wording, exchanging just URLs and clients' names. NAFPS received a mail by them some years ago asking to remove the thread on J.-Michael Kalagin aka Tacan'sina Miwatani. The mail was sent in German, and it does seem that educatedindian's notice we were English speaking had a somewhat unfortunate effect on their verbosity...

The site of presently indeed seems to restrict their business on whatever tool it may be they're selling to clients to keep track of farcebook contributions with which clients may endanger their privacy.
If I see this correctly, what they do/sell boils down to closing the stable door well after the horses bolted. Put bluntly, remarks like fleecing the clients come to mind.
The site does not mention they continue the service provided as Ruflotse and I can find nothing on their site which describes or offers such services. The respective texts formerly available at the site of Ruflotse are gone.

So now they are selling "an all-purpose tool called Ru?otse, which lets users to track themselves across the web and in social networks." Hmmmm... did Google close down? Oh wait - Google is for free...

All in all, I'd assume they do not quite qualify for a membership in the Association of Honourable Merchants ....

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Re: Karin Tag and Council of World Elders
« Reply #14 on: April 04, 2013, 01:57:27 pm »
Secure.Me just sent a message confirming, essentially, that...
No, they don't verify or vouch that their clients are not lying or even breaking the law. They take their client's word for it. And would we please remove the thread anyway...

Dear Sir or Madame,

Thank you for your response.

We are very sorry to hear that you won't remove the mentioned content about Ms.Tag.

The service offered by is not mandatory nor any kind of legal assistance. Unfortunately we can't comprehend whether the information provided by our clients is plausible or not.
Again, Ms. Tag would greatly appreciate it if you would please kindly remove any information regarding her and her work from your website.

Best regards,
Nicole Jones