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the same Guy Lone Eagle?
« on: December 05, 2006, 09:33:34 pm »
Is this the same Guy Lone Eagle on the other thread or is this a new one?


when began developing his shamanic expertise in 1982 with the study of indigenous medicine where he learned how to use all the facets of the Natural World to assist in healing. His quest to enhance these abilities led him to study traditional Hawaiian energetic healing. During 13 years of close study with Nelita Póokui Cook-Anderson, a Medical Kahuna (a Hawaiian shaman), he was initiated into her lineage with the name Kaniwaiokeakua — the Sound Spirit Makes Traveling Through Water.

This photo shows Nelita Póokui Anderson performing one of her last rituals in the Heiau at Pu`uhonua o Honaunau. Rising Elk received his Hawaiian Spirit name: Kaniwaiokeakua many years earlier at this same Heiau.

With the popularity of the Hawaiian Islands and their traditions, the interest in the Huna (the ancient practices) has exploded. Much because of this growing interest, the Hawaiians have become more guarded. This made Nelita Póokui Cook-Anderson's instruction even more precious. This study of the healing practices of Anderson's Ku lineage gave Owen a way to co-create magic with the Natural World.

To augment this 13-year training, Owen began working with Guy Lone Eagle Gilleshammer, a lineaged medicine man. Starting in 2001, Owen led a 19-month shamanic training incorporating the work of Amorah Quan Yin in consort with Guy Lone Eagle Gilleshammer and Martha Rainbow Lightning Elk.

Owen continues his shamanic development through his work with a varied group of individuals and the leading of Sweat Lodges for his men's group. His appreciation for the ancient ways deepens every year.

It's not that some people have willpower and some don't. It's that some people are ready to change and others are not.

— James Gordon, M.D.   ""


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Re: the same Guy Lone Eagle?
« Reply #1 on: December 05, 2006, 11:14:25 pm »
Well, first off, Huna is a bunch of bunk, not aincient Hawaiian. So that is my observation. Sounds like Horse puckey to me.

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Re: the same Guy Lone Eagle?
« Reply #2 on: December 06, 2006, 03:25:14 pm »
Yeah, I agree Debbie    are there Hawaiian's here on the board? 

This part:

 ""With the popularity of the Hawaiian Islands and their traditions, the interest in the Huna (the ancient practices) has exploded. Much because of this growing interest, the Hawaiians have become more guarded. """

 (IMHO)  the *business*  owners of exploitative practices try that much harder to take what they can from the original people and turn a profit/distortion on it.  Same story.  Of course interest has "exploded" because of websites that push it to the tourists who don't know better, but have money to be seperated from.   

This is all my opinion of course, observations, etc.   
It's what I think and believe.
There, I think I covered myself with disclaimers LOL.     


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Re: the same Guy Lone Eagle?
« Reply #3 on: December 06, 2006, 03:46:05 pm »
"Rainbow Lightning Elk" went by Stephanie in the other thread. Maybe Swiftsick is just lazy with his naming. In one site she goes by Rainbow LighTENing Elk.

A photo of GLE's associates. Geez, none of these people inspire confidence. Shouldn't people be running for the doors at the sight of all these obviously clueless "shamans" and "healers" with dazed and glazed looks?
"Guy Lone Eagle is an internationally recognized practitioner of shamanic arts who offers alternative solutions from Native American traditions and academics. Eagle helps individuals, companies and organizations around the world grow and prosper with consultation in business and project development; natural design for business infrastructure and efficient use of personal energy."

Swiftdick's people seem to be everywhere.
Pleiadian Lightwork Associates -
Dolphin Star Temple Private Practitioners
Following is a list of individuals who have taken training programs in order to be independent Pleiadian Lightwork and Full Sensory Perception practitioners.
All practitioners offer individual sessions.
Many are available to do phone work, to travel to you for private intensive work or are available if you wish to travel to the area of the practitioner to stay for a time of private intensive work designed for your personal needs. Many of the practitioners offer professional services in other spiritual and therapeutic healing fields - you may inquire with them individually about these other fields of expertise.
The following list includes the names of the training programs, and the codes that you will find by each practioner's name to denote their completion of training programs, as well as codes for Lightwork services offered:
Course Description
 Service Description
Pleiadian Lightwork Intensive, Levels 1, 2, 3 and advanced
 PLI 1, 2, 3, AdvPL
 Available for travel
Full Sensory Perception Training Program, Levels 1, 2, 3 and advanced
 FSP 1, 2, 3, AdvFSP
 Available for personalized private intensives
 Regression Facilitation
 Available for phone work
(All others work in person only.)
Please call practioners for their individual fax and e-mail information
Within U.S.A.
Rotem Yaakobovich
Teaching FSP 1,2,3
Sessions - Phone and in person.

Eileen Kelly
Readings and healings -Phone
Teaches FSP 1,2,3
Alchemical Hypnotherapy
 Ph: 530-926-6635
Ph: (541)201-8150
 Mt. Shasta, Worldwide

Ashland Area/Worldwide
Nicole Kean Healing sessions in person and phone.

Twyla Sing FSP1 & FSP2 Phone/Travel Certified Metaphysician Ph:(212) 340-4728

Ph: 631-582-4933 190 Riverside Drive, PH-E New York, NY 10025

New York/Long Island
Debra Lehrberger Certified Instructor - FSP 1-3 PLI 1-3 Will Travel
 Ph:(213) 927-0102 press *2 and enter #1034541388 or Ph: 530 926-4094
 Mount Shasta CA, PO Box 876 96067

FSP1 Class offered in April 2006, in Conneticut Call for Details.
Adama - PPI. Phone. Travel. Teaches PLI 1,2,3 Adv PL FSP. 1,2,3
 Ph: 541 482-0679 Ashland, OR
Maitreya Amadon (Nick Taylor)-- PPI. PLI1,2. FSP1,2,3. Ph: 360-866-2680  Western WA
Grant Atwell/Star Touches Earth-- PPI. FSP1,2,3. Ph: 408-445-2702 San Jose, CA Bay Area
Buffalo Waves in the Breeze-- PPI. Phone. Travel. FSP 1,2,3 Ph: 208-263-9702 Sandpoint, ID
Elizabeth Brown-- PPI. Travel. FSP1, PLI1 Ph: 530-378-1501 Northern CA
Mary (Polly) Bowie-- PPI. Travel. PLI1 Ph: 415-381-5430 Northern CA
Harvey Caine-- PPI. Phone. Travel. Visa/MC. PLI1,2,3. FSP1,2,3,AdvFSP. Ph: 509-535-3377 Gold Hill, OR
Cristy Carlson-- PPI. Travel. PLI1. FSP1. Ph: 503-286-4726 Pacific North West
Steven Chase-- Phone. PPI. Travel.PLI1. FSP1,2,3,AdvFSP. RF. Ph: 530-926-3728 Mount Shasta, CA
Snowbird Guards the Children-- PPI. Phone. Travel. FSP1,2,3 Ph: 208-265-5314 Sandpoint, ID
Janice Christine-- PPI. PLI1,2,3. FSP1,2,3. Ph: 541-899-7262 Gold Hill, OR
Erichel LaInari (Christopher Cook)-- Phone. Teaches PLI1. FSP1,2,3. Ph: 818-344-6773 Los Angeles, CA
Dennis Crouch-- Phone. FSP1,2,3. Ph: 602-996-0683 Phoenix, AZ
Crystal Path Finder (Jim Heaney)-- PPI. Phone. Travel. FSP1,2,3. Ph: 301-229-5229 Washington DC/USA
Dreams Through Waters (Patrizia Da Milano)-- PPI. Phone. Travel. FSP1,2,3. Ph: 806-342-0741 Texas/USA
Janine DÕAndrade-- PPI. Phone. FSP1, PLI1 Ph: 310-588-1967 Los Angeles, CA
Fire Sparkles the Sky (Alycia de Mesa)-- PPI. Phone. Travel. FSP1, 2, 3. 480-205-5911 Arizona/Worldwide
Kaleah RaSumaya (Carol Willson)--Phone. PPI - Travel --FSP1,2,3. PLI 1,2,3 Ph: 248-549-2209 Royal Oak, Mi. available Midwest & USA
Jomaji Doss-- PPI. Visa/MC. PLI1,2,3. FSP1,2,3. Ph: 541-474-6519 Grants Pass, OR
Guy Lone Eagle-- PPI. Phone. Travel. Teaches FSP. FSP1, 2 & 3. Multiple lineages woven together. Workshops and trainings meet some requirements for FSP 1, 2, 3 of the Dolphin Star Temple. See web site
for event schedules. Ph: 'Smoke Signals'303-838-0199
 The Renewal Trails of Shamanic Teachings, PO Box 553 Conifer, Colorado 80433
Eagle Woman Who Dances in the Light-- PPI. Phone. Travel. FSP1,2,3.  Ph: 208-255-1423 Worldwide
Kiara Earthwalker-- PPI. Travel. Teaches PLI and FSP. PLI1,2,3. FSP1,2,3. About Kiara Ph: 530-926-0762 Mount Shasta, CA
Stephanie Rainbow Lightning Elk-- PPI. Travel. Teaches: FSP.,1, 2, 3 and PLI 1, 2, 3 Ph: 650- 599- 5000 California/Texas/USA and International
Rising Elk-- PPI. Phone. Travel. FSP1,2 and 3. Ph: 208-265-8440 Sandpoint, ID/International
Fire Raven Who Sees the Dawn-- PPI. Phone. Travel. FSP1,2,3. Ph:805-704-5420 California/International
Ariah Firefly-- PPI. Phone. Travel. FSP1 & PLI1. Ph: 510-520-3044  LA, CA (in person) San Fracisco/ Bay Area California (by phone only)

Gina Graham-- PPI. Phone. Travel. PLI1,2. FSP1,2. Ph: 760-943-9720 San Diego/Southern CA
Aurora Red Dancer (Julie Hanson)-- PPI. Phone. Travel.  Ph: 206-372-3378
 Seattle/N. America
Krzani (Marquita Harris)-- PPI. Phone. PLI1, Adv. PL. FSP1,2. Ph: 530-926-1910 Shakthi Productions
 Mount Shasta, CA
Jo Henry-- PPI. FSP1,2, & 3. Phone. Ph: 215-247-7781 Philadelphia, PA
Mountain Star Light-- PPI. Phone. Travel. FSP1, 2, 3. Ph: 806-236-2660
Antoinette Hummingbird--- PPI. Phone. Travel.FSP1,2,3. 208-255-2328 ID/Worldwide
Shahan Jon-- PPI. PLI1,2. Ph: 530-926-5926 Mount Shasta & San Rafael, CA
Don Becker, MA, LPC Licensed Professional Counsler PPI - Phone FSP 1, 2, 3 & Intuitive Coaching & I-Ching Consultation Health Insurance Accepted Phone: 503-653-9005
 Oregon, USA/Worldwide
Eileen Kelly-- PPI. Phone. Travel. PLI1,2,3. FSP1,2,3.  Ph: 541-201-8150
 Ashland, OR 680 Oak Knoll Drive, Ashland OR 97520

Khakira-- PPI, Phone, Travel. FSP1,2,3. PLI1. Ph: 530-926-4827 Mt Shasta, Ca, USA
Nadya King--PLI1. About Nadya Ph: 503-434-5124 McMinnville, OR
Ivan Kruglak-- Phone. FSP1,2,3. Ph: 818-362-9394 Southern CA
Marana Levin-- Phone. Travel.FSP1,2,3. Ph: 602-368-5336 Phoenix/Scottsdale, AZ area
Melissa Lewis--PLI1. FSP1,2,3. Ph: 530-246-3863 Redding, CA
Betina Lindsey--PLI1. FSP1. Ph: 801-295-8051 Centerville, UT
Lion Twilight Dreamer-- PPI. Phone. Travel.FSP1,2,3. Ph:
Estee Mason-- PPI. Travel. Ph: 415-643-8979 San Francisco & Bay area CA
Hawk Who Weaves Beauty (Rhete Masoudi)-- PPI. Phone. Travel.FSP1,2,3. Ph: 208-255-3751 Northern Idaho/USA
Sandy Miller-- PPI. FSP 1. Phone. Ph: 717-854-8898 York, PA
MiRa El-- PPI. Phone. Travel. Teaches FSP & PLI. PLI1,2,3,AdvPL. FSP1,2,3. Ph/Fx: 530-926-4967
 Northern CA, Japan
Barbara McCann-- PPI. Travel. Teaches FSP. PLI1,2,3. FSP1,2. Ph: 818-240-4748 Glendale, CA
Sky Medicine Horse (Lauren Pomerantz)-- PPI. Phone. Travel. FSP1,2,3 Ph: 925-938-4003 CA, Worldwide
OMaKayuel Teaching FSP 1,2,3 Sessions - Phone and in person. TRAVEL Ph: 530-859-8526 Mt. Shasta, CA
Jay Indigo Wings - PPI. Phone. Travel. FSP1,2,3. Ph: 415-485-1388 San Rafael/California
Peggy Richards - Bambi Woman-- PPI, Phone. Travel. FSP1,2,3. Ph: 208-683-7510 US, Europe, New Zealand
Sahara (Meggan McAndrews)-- PPI. Travel.PLI1,2,3. FSP1. Ph: 847-838-4437
 Chicago and Gurnee, IL areas
Erama Schmid-- PPI. Travel. PLI1,2,3. FSP1,2,3 Ph: 303-660-0241 CO & NM
El Sha-Ra (Lisa Shara)-- PPI. Phone. Travel. PLI1,2,AdvPL. FSP1,2,3. About Lisa Shara
 Ph: 530-926-5232 Mount Shasta, CA
Rohana Stone Rice-- Phone. FSP1,2,3 Ph: 415-897-7227 SF Bay Area, CA
Wing Fire Shadow-- PPI. Phone. Travel. FSP1,2,3 Ph: 208-265-8796 Sand Point, ID, Worldwide
Rosemary "Chamelion Swirls Molten" Shoong-- PPI. Phone. Travel. FSP1, 2, 3. Ph: 208-265-5403
Fax: 240-337-4427
Kathleen Moon Star Snake-- PPI. Phone. Travel. FSP1,2,3.  Ph: 208-255-1731 Worldwide
Madeline Stacy-- PPI. PLI1. FSP1. Ph: 530-243-2788 Redding, CA
Morning Star-- PPI. PLI1. FSP1,2. Ph: 831-469-0103 Santa Cruz/Bay Area, CA
Elaine Noyes "Starsinger"-- Phone. Travel. PPI. FSP1,2,3. Ph: 208-476-9392 Address:
2112 Orofino Creek Rd. Orofino, ID 83544 Idaho
Star Who Sees Through The Trees-- PPI. Phone. Travel. FSP1,2,3. Ph: 208-255-4874 Worldwide
Ani Stokoe-- PPI. Phone. Travel. Teaches FSP/PLI. (Works w/Bob Stokoe) PLI1,2,3. FSP1,2,3,AdvFSP.
 Ph: 559-338-2580 Squaw Valley, CA
Bob Stokoe-- PPI. Travel. Teaches FSP./PLI (Works w/Ani Stokoe) PLI1,2,3. FSP1,2,3. Ph: 559-338-2580  Squaw Valley, CA
Sunrise on Spider Owl-- Phone.FSP1,2,3. Ph: Idaho/USA
Colette Taaffe-- PPI. Travel. PLI1. Ph: 602-495-8070 Scottsdale, AZ
Su-dah Na-da Ra (Daniel Tompkins)-- PPI. Phone. Travel. Teaches FSP. PLI1,2,3,AdvPL. FSP1,2,3.
 Ph: 530-926-3998  Mount Shasta, CA
Melting Moon Singing (Jill Van Buren)-- PPI. Phone. Travel. FSP1, 2, 3. Ph: 773-395-3717
Email: Chicaago, IL/Worldwide
Vlasta-- PPI. Travel. PLI1. Ph: 530-926-7919 California
Mary Lou Laughing Waters-- PPI. Phone. Travel. FSP1,2,3  Ph: 208-255-5290 Seagle, ID
Bryna Waldman-- PPI. Phone. Travel. Teaches FSP/PLI. PLI1,2,3,AdvPL. FSP1,2,3,AdvFSP.
 Ph: 541-482-8014 Worldwide
Franca Baroni--PPI,Phone, Travel...PLI1.2.3 AdvPLI & FSP 1,2,3, Ph: 206-323-1831 Seattle, Wa. US, Europe and South America
Sage Lyn Wind Dancer--PPI. Phone. Travel FSP 1,2,3 Ph: 805-927-5461
 USA including Hawaii and Alaska
Whirlwind Wise Creation Fire-- PPI. Phone. Travel. FSP1,2,3. Ph: 415-279-6279 Worldwide
Fire Star-- PPI. Phone. Travel. FSP1,2,3. English, Spanish Ph: 214-520-8575 or
214-893-6890 Texas and USA
ImaKariel-- PPI. Phone. FSP1,2,3. English Ph: 617-694-0994 Boston, MA and Metro area
Morgan McDonald FSP 1,2 PLI 1 Phone: 773 330 9678 Chicago, IL, Worldwide
Seth Buoymaster, completed FSP 1, 2 & PLI 1 Cell phone 352-249-6456
 Resides in Florida, will travel to do sessions  Outside U.S.A.
Michele Light PPI, Phone, Travel, Teaches FSP 1, 2, 3 Ph. 0411 111 957international + 61 411 111 957 Australia & International
Tiannamai [Bernadette Whyte Rai]  FSP 1,2,3 Phone Ph. 0266846006 Mullumbimby, Australia
Hanneke van Juchem --PPI, Phone, Teaches FSP 1,2,3 phone sessions and private sessions I speak Dutch and English Ph: +31-13-4556032

 Tilburg ,Netherlands FSP Classes offered Spring & Summer of 2006.
Amon-Ra Antares-- PPI. Phone. Teaches FSP. Travel. PPI FSP1,2,3. Ph: 0044 (0)121-323-5125


Alorah Baker-- PLI1.  Ph: +31 578-615-331
Valeria Bagkovska-- Phone.PLI1. FSP1,2,3. Ph: 416-760-7658 Toronto, ON, Canada
Liliane Bennewitz-- PPI. Phone. Travel. FSP1. PLI1. Ph: 0575513318 Netherlands
Hiltje Bonnema--PLI1. FSP1, FSP2. Ph: +31 594-505288Email:
 Groningen, Netherlands
Martin Bosma PLI1. FSP1. Ph: +31 341-251-938 Nunspeet, Netherlands
Yvonne Bosshardt-- PPI. PLI1. FSP1. Speaks Dutch, German, French ( a little), English Ph/Fx: +41 33-438-1238 Switzerland
Liz Braunstein-- PPI. PLI1. FSP1,2,3. Ph: 416-282-1381 Toronto, ON, Canada
Hetty Carrette--PLI1. FSP1. Ph: +61 41-972-6638 Queensland, Australia
Champak--PLI1,AdvPl. Ph: 604-883-9776 Vancouver, BC, Canada
Greetje Claeys--FSP 1,2,3. Phone. Ph: 00 3256-37-1738 Kortrijk,Belgium
Philip Coldwell-- Phone. PPI. PLI1. FSP1. Ph: +44 017683-72215 Cumbria, United Kingdom
Lia de Bont PLI1. FSP1. Ph: +31 578-612-861 The Netherlands, Europe
Hans De Zeeuw-- Phone. PPI. Travel. PLI1. FSP1. Speaks English and Dutch Ph: +31 78-631-3724
 The Netherlands, Europe
Sophia Dykhuizen-- PPI. Travel. FSP1,2. PLI1. Ph: 0464428372  Netherlands
Susan Eckert-- PPI. Phone. FSP1,2,3. Ph: 61-2- 4872 2641 NSW, Australia
Jakko Exel-- PPI. Travel. German, English, French, Spanish. Ph: 49-6707-8703
 Germany,Hessen & Rhine
Eileen Fay Yan Eng-- PPI. PLI1,2,3,AdvPL. FSP1,2,3. Ph: 416-534-0002 Toronto, ON, Canada
Gisa Feder-- PPI. Phone.Travel. PLI1. FSP1. Ph: 004-982-1243-1506 Germany
Diana Groteb--PLI1. FSP1,2. Ph: +31 72-564-5232 Alkmaar, Netherlands
Hilda Heidsma -- Phone. Teaches FSP. FSP1,2,3. Ph: +31.20.4527101 manvir@kaur.myweb Amsterdam, Holland
Anja Hergaarden -- Phone. Teaches FSP. FSP1,2,3. Ph: +31.72.5337847 Heiloo, The Netherlands
Ruby Hess-- PLI1. FSP1. New Zealand
Maria Hollebrandse -- Phone. Teaches FSP. FSP1,2,3.  Ph: +31.181.642640 Spijkenisse, The Netherlands
Abraham Holt-- travel, boundary workshops, personal consultations and work by phone. PLI1. FSP1,2,3. Ph: (403) 667-6866 Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Risa Prack (Ocean Fires Bat Spirals)-- PPI. Phone. Travel FSP1,2,3. Ph: 780-433-2499
 Edmonton, AB, Canada Speaks English, French & some Italian
Jeannette Hospers-- PPI. PLI1. FSP1. Ph: 0049 7531 284352 Germany

Frits Hulsink-- PPI. Travel. PLI1. FSP1. Speaks Dutch, German, English. Ph: +31 546-539270 The Netherlands, Global
Rosemary Jones-- Phone. Travel.FSP1,2,3. Ph: +61 2-9662-7203 Sydney, Australia
Yvonne Joy-- PLI1. FSP1. Ph: +61 2-9570-1432 Sydney, Australia
Dev Sarang Khalsa-- PPI. PLI1,2,3. FSP1. Ph: 416-534-0002 Toronto, ON, Canada
Lena Klitrose-- PPI. Travel. FSP1. PLI1. Ph: 0045-982-43485 Brovst, Denamrk, Europe
Yoko Komiya-- PPI. Travel. FSP1. PLI1. Ph: 0049-6196-591651 Eschborn, Germany, Europe
Irene Kuyt-- Phone. PPI. Travel. PLI1,2. FSP1,2. Speaks Dutch, German, English. Ph: +31 7-1572-4623
Kate (Ingham) Louise-- PLI1. FSP1,2,3. Ph: +61 2-4787-7541 New South Wales, Australia
Fahad Ullah-Khan FSP 1,2,3  Ph: +44 (7919487015)  Brighton, UK/Worldwide
Morven Magari-- PPI. Phone. Travel. FSP1. PLI1. Ph: 01524271979 United Kingdom
Erin May-- PLI 1. Ph: 807-346-5872 Thunder Bay, ON, Canada
Anne-Marie Mayhew-- PPI. PLI1. Ph: 403-241-6228 Calgary, AB, Canada
Yvonne McRae-- Phone. PPI. Travel. PLI1. Ph: 416-496-9965 Toronto, ON, Canada
Deborah Miller-- Phone. FSP 1,2,3 Ph: 02 628-89358 Australia, Canberra
Ingmar Mittmeyer--PLI1,2. FSP1,2,3. Netherlands
Carolyn Musgrave--DBR sessions only .PLI1,2,3. FSP1. Ph: +61 2-9665-6585 New South Wales, Australia
Christine Newton-- PPI. Phone. Travel. Teaches FSP. PLI1,2,3. FSP1,2,3. British mobile 0044 7736419850

 Alicante, Spain
Mark OÕNeill-- PPI. Travel. Phone. PLI1,2,3. FSP1,2,3. Ph:+61 2-9949-2636
 New South Wales Australia
Ormungandr Ishmael Melchizedek -- PPI. PLI1. FSP1. Ph: +44 131-221-1395
 Edinburgh, Scotland, U.K.
Annette Papworth-- DBR sessions only. PLI1. FSP1. Ph: +61 4-1221-0871 Sydney, Australia
David Parsons--PLI1. Ph: 519-527-1076 Baltimore, ON, Canada
Ta-Mara Ananina (Susana Paulone)-- PPI. RF. Phone. Travel. FSP 1,2,3 - PLI 1,2 Ph & Fax: 54-0342-4600466  Santa Fe, Argentina Worlwide Speaks Spanish & English

Annette Prinsen-- PPI. Phone. Travel. PLI1. FSP1. Ph: 01131591372493  Netherlands
Shena Sanders-- PLI1. FSP1. Ph: +61 2-9327-7655 Sydney, Australia
Lenny Slot--PLI1. FSP1. Speaks Dutch, German, French (a bit), English Ph: +31 38 3760014 The Netherlands/Global
Vassiliki Bess Sophios-- PPI. Phone. Travel. FSP1,2,3. Ph: 0293606063 Paddington, Australia
Allies Swinnen-- PLI1,2. FSP1,2. Ph: +31 13- 571-4404 Tilburg, Netherlands
Jan Swynnoe-- PPI. Phone. Ph: 01432-840831 Hereford, UK
Alie Thiescheffer -- PPI. PLI1. FSP1. Ph: +31 599-3311-77 Netherlands
Renee Timmers-Brouwer-- PLI1. FSP1,2. Ph: +31 499-476-614 Breugel, Netherlands
Ben Tuinstra-- PPI. PLI1. FSP1,2. Ph: +31 599-3311-77 Netherlands
Dineke Uijttenboogaart-- PLI1. FSP1. Ph: +31 20-625-7032 Amsterdam, Netherlands
Rietje van Craenenbroeck-- PPI. Travel. PLI1. FSP1. Speaks Dutch and English Ph: +32 14-217753  Belgium/Worldwide
Elisabeth (Els) van der Steen-- PPI. Phone. Travel. PLI1. FSP1. Speaks Dutch and English Ph: +31 70-345-7527  Netherlands
Ilona Weber-- Teaches FSP. PLI1. FSP1,2,3. Ph: +44 01208-871-323 England, U.K.
Jennifer Wilton-- PPI. FSP1,2,3. Ph: 66291734 Clunes, Australia
Lucero Wong-- PPI. Travel. Teaches FSP/PLI. PLI1,2,3,AdvPL. FSP1,2,3. Speaks fluent Spanish - en-Espanol
 Ph: 416-999-7171 Toronto, ON, Canada
Alexandra Weyman-- PPI. Phone. Teaches FSP. FSP1,2,3. Ph: 0044 (0) 1480 413353
Sheralyn Shacknofsky-- PPI. Phone. Travel. --FSP1,2,3. Ph: 063-9819-9420

 Victoria & all Australia
Christine Chapman

 Vancouver, Canada BC
Lower Mainland
Annelies van den Boom
PPI, Phone
Teaching FSP 1, 2 & 3
Speaks: Dutch, English &

 Ph:+31 23 5576870 or
+31 6 49072228

Speaks: Dutch, English & German
Birger Hjelle -PPI -Travel -FSP1,2&3. PLI 1,2 & 3
 Ph: + 47 6487 4769
Speaks Norwegian & English
Razeio (Ronda Hornstra)--Phone. Travel --FSP1,2,3.
 Ph: 0353-48-4450
 Victoria & all Australia
Sylvia Gons --Phone. Teaches
FSP1,2,3. PLI 1
 Ph: +31.20.6418074
 Amstelveen, The Netherlands
Keiko Anaguchi
FSP 1,2,3 PLI 1,2,3 Phone, Travel, PPI, Teaches
 Ph: 03-3791-8466
English & Japanese
Harumi Beppu
FSP 1,2,3 PLI 1,2 Phone Travel PPI,
 Ph: 05-6833-4304
Yoko Komiya
FSP 1,2,3 PLI 1,2,3,Phone,PPI
 Ph: 81-(0)467-23-6881
Hiroko Areeani Ona
FSP 1,2,3 Phone PPI,
 Ph: 03-3427-3144
 Toyko, Japan
Rie Saski
FSP 1,2,3 Phone
 Ph: 011-81-45-651-3610
 Yokohama, Kanagawa..Japan
Cora de Jong
FSP 3 Phone
 Ph: ++31 030 2894677
Marianne Peeters
FSP 3 Phone
Vera van den Ingh
FSP 3 Phone, Personal Private Intensives
 Ph: ++31 035 6233111
Angela Treloar
3 Jarman Drive
Langwarrin Victoria 3910
FSP 1,2,3 Phone & Travel
 Ph: +613-3790-0777
Fax: +613-8790-0888
Jeanine Jonkers
Korte Haeg 32
3853ED, Ermelo, Netherlands
FSP A,B,C, & 3 Phone & Travel
 Ph: ++31-341-429062
jea at
Jane De Angelis
FSP 1, 2, 3 PPI, Phone & Travel
 Ph: 053 334-3287
 Ballarat Victory Austrailia
Helen Michael
FSP 1, 2, 3 PLI 1 PPI, Phone, Travel, Languages Greek and English
 Ph: 0425 805 511
 Melbourne Austrailia

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Re: the same Guy Lone Eagle?
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"Developed by Guy Lone Eagle and Ruby Nighthawk Gibson, Shamanic Stone Medicine™ Sessions weave the ancient knowledge of the plant world, sweat lodge ceremony, animal world, essential oils and stones/crystals into a clinical model of healing.
The Shamanic Stone Medicine™ Session consists of an hour and a half of full body massage, the application of 5 Young Living Essential Oils to the spine in raindrop fashion and the placement of 4 hot stones on the back. This technique is used to eliminate repressed material from the body and may create lasting benefits."

Like the way they registered the phrase as a trademark. I can only hope they're kept busy suing the many other frauds using the phrase.
"The Subtle & Profound Energies of Sacred Union: Spiritual Sexuality
Guy Lone Eagle & Stephanie Waddell, M.A.
Some ancient cultures considered sexuality equal to other sciences, as important as astronomy of physics. Through certain practices-breathing, eye or soul gazing, synchronizing energy vortices or chakras together-we are able to align with a harmony of energy flow within ourselves and with another.
A study of the Medicine Wheel within each chakra will be explored through safe, guided meditation. This session will be educational and experiential."

Guy doing a pipe ceremony for the polyamory crowd.

Everything I found on him shows him to be the same Swiftdick follower.