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Stevan Simich and The Western Door
« on: December 24, 2020, 02:00:20 am »
Got a request about this one. Lots of ties to Earth People United, the outfit run by white Guatemalan posing as Maya, Erick Gonzalez.

The director is Stevan Simich, who says he is an Ojibwe elder. In the very wealthy Boulder Colorado resort area, and for entirely white New Age audiences, according to the web page.
Simich looks to be in his 40s, and any BQ is low. Picture attached.
He calls himself tossekana. Online Ojibwe dictionaries don't have that word. It's not online anywhere except in links about him.
Simich owns a tech co that makes apps for sales.

They also host Julia Kern AKA Sweet Medicine Nation quite a bit, and pass her off as a traditional elder. We have a thread on her.