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Dr. Light
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Here's one you could probably send over to the Pagan group.....but have a look first....laughable if it wasn't so wrong.  

Dr Light  Welcomes You to his Yard and Reminds You to Always
"Follow Your Heart!"
see the pic:

Messages from DrLight

"I want people to understand there is no difference between Love and Magic.   Magic is what makes the World Go Around.    Love is All There Is and Love is what creates the Magic.   What you consider Synchronicities,  Coincidences,  the Beauty that you See in Everything..."  

"There is no time to talk about differences.   The time is to share your similarities.    Focus on what connects and celebrate your differences    I want you to understand how beautiful you each are all and how I see your through the eyes of unconditional Love   I see you as GOD (dog) sees you    I am here to teach you to See  as I See.   I do this with Messages,  Sending Energy  doing Healing work with you,  Clearing your Aura.      As do all your house plants,  the Insects and Bugs you so detest,  are all a part of a Greater Whole...  I am here to Shine the Light on the Divine in You...   That is why my name is so appropriate."  

"May we All come from a place Deep in our Hearts of Joy,   connected to Spirit, to All of Life, as we walk through our day  this day and all days to come...   Recognizing that there is Life and Love in all we See and Touch and Experience.   There is no Beginning or End to Love.   Yours, Mine and Ours,  may we remember this Deeply in our Hearts and every Cell of our Body  always..."   Woof - Namaste"       (The above a message from DrLight)  

Animal Healer: Dr LIGHT - Quite an animal himself Dr Light is a Reiki Master Healer, AHS Facilitator, Heart Specialist, Surfi, Therapeutic dog and gentle powerful Light.  He assists Jan, Keth and Team in their Healing work and is a very proficient and powerful Healer himself.  He helps transmute density and ground the energy & grid work onto the physical plane.  His Unconditional Love and open Heart is the foundation for All Healing and he represents the Animal Kingdom and Spirit Guides in our Healing Sessions.  

DrLight and Keth have worked together through many lifetimes. Together 30 years in just this current life of Keth's, Dr Light has had three different bodies.  They met in 1975 in Tallahassee FL while Keth was touring  with the California Professional Artist Society exhibiting his Art Photography across the country.  They have developed a powerful deep working Partnership of Love, Respect, Loyalty and Sharing.  He is and has been a friendly, loving, playful black, water loving, Labrador mix through all three lives, now with an 8 year old, 90+lb sturdy gentle body.
He has also had Human lifetimes but prefers the Dog ones for his Bodhisattva Service without the extra human drama.  He Jan and Keth all had human Spiritual Healer lives working together in ancient Egypt.  In other incarnational dramas Jan and Keth had lives as some of the first African's brought to this country.  Dr Light came with them as one of the few dogs to make the crossing and survive, an early pioneer sailor.  Dr Light has also been a small town country Doctor in Wyoming.

you HAVE to scroll down to about the middle fo the page to believe this....

Dr Light working on his new book.

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Re: Dr. Light
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Ohmygod! Did anybody else find this site as funny as I did? Start off with the guy's name, which reminded me of the old DC comic book villain. (He was a bumbler, if I remember right, an old guy dressed in black and white tights with a Colonel Sanders beard.)

Below are actual quotes:
"Keth Luke D.D.   Etheric Surgeon, Minister, Spiritual Healer, Divine Tune-Ups, advanced Multi-Dimensional Healing, Adamantine"

Wait a minute, he's a dentist? And an etheric surgeon? Divine tune ups? (Better than one from Meineke, I presume.)  Oh, and "advanced" multi dimensional healing. Wouldn't want beginners, presumably.

You know, technically there's no such thing as one dimensional healing. Doctors and elders do move through four dimensions after all.

"Dr Light, Surfi, Pet Healer, AHS Facilitator, Reiki Master, Heart Specialist and Unconditional Lover"

We can't have a "surfi" (Is that supposed to be Sufi, or Smurfy?) whose a conditional lover.

You know, his dog inspires more confidence in me than his photo or qualifications.

Can't forget this:
"Awakening-Healing Motor Home our Shasta traveling Ship of Light and home away from home.  Currently in need of a new refrigerator, detailing, inner carpentry and an engine AC update."