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Outraged Over Twilight Fraud
« on: June 24, 2009, 11:16:31 pm »
News Release               
For Immediate Release

Tuesday, January 13, 2009
Contact: Lydia Ponce, organizer

Native Americans Outraged Over Twilight Fraud
Action Alert

Hollywood, CA – Native Americans are outraged over what they hold as
deceptions in and around the production of the Hollywood film series

With the commercial success of Twilight, Hollywood is abuzz with agents
molding, fitting, and pushing their celebrity actors to pass as Native

“The Twilight Series is one of few commercial films, a script, and a story
with Native American roles.” said Lydia Ponce. “It is a sad day to see that
the big power agents are marketing Filipino and Asian celebrity actors to
play Native Americans. These are such rare opportunities. When films like
Twilight knowingly and willfully select non-Native American actors to play
Native roles, it sends the message that we’re not good enough to represent

Not so long ago Old Western films hired Caucasian actors who were painted a
brownish-red and wore wigs to portray Native peoples. Continued insult and
injury further perpetuating bias, stereotypes, and racism, was so very
wrong and evil then and now. Hollywood is using the tan spray and hair
extensions again.

Hollywood agents are instructing their talent to dig and find those ‘Native
Roots’ and publicize their newfound Native American heritage in interviews
conveniently in sync with current casting needs and trends.

Twilight’s lead actor Taylor Lautner, who allegedly just found his Native
American roots, was given the extraordinary opportunity to play the lead in
the film well after the “discovery” of his ethnicity.

In a recent MTV interview Lautner stated, “I am part Native American. We
learned that through [preparing for] this film. I'm French, Dutch and
German, and on my mother's side, she has some Potawatomi and Ottawa Indian
in her.”

However, in a film with such a strong Native American theme, only two
actors of Native American decent were hired. But due to reasons unknown,
Solomon Trimble (Apache) who played and established the character of Sam
Uley, has suddenly lost his role.

Sam Uley’s character has been re-posted onto the Hollywood-casting
breakdown, and it is obvious that Hollywood is now looking for a more
marketable teen heartthrob celebrity actor to play the more substantial and
very desirable part.

Given that this franchise’s upcoming sequels have two Native American
female roles, it is concerning that there is only one female role currently
open on the official breakdown casting. It is a very small role that never
develops into a significant female lead.

Reports surfaced across the Internet yesterday morning that Vanessa Hudgens
has auditioned for the other withheld major Native American role in the

It cannot be just mere coincidence that Chris Weitz, the new Director of
the Twilight film series, shares the same powerful agent that is also
representing Vanessa Hudgens and Taylor Lautner.

“Today Native American communities offer plenty of known and unknown
talent.” said Lydia Ponce. “How can we accept that Filipinos and other
ethnic groups, talented or not, are being packaged and sold to us as the
redefined and new and improved Native American image? What about the social
responsibility the casting of this film will once more have in terms of its
power to re-identify and redefine an entire culture within the public eye?
Hollywood is not trusting native peoples to portray themselves once again.
It’s like we’re being ethnically cleansed from mainstream films.”

Reliable insider sources, who preferred to stay anonymous, state Taylor
Lautner’s Agent, was overheard in commenting during a conversation
regarding Taylor Lautner’s Native American heritage, “Well, we had to work
around that. We had to fudge it. No one will know the difference.”

Native or not native, in a recent television interview about his reception
by the Native community while promoting the film, Taylor told the press
how: “I actually had a meeting with Quileute tribal members yesterday! I
interviewed them and just wanted to get to know them. One thing they do
that I noticed is they don't need to be told to what to do. If the trash is
getting full, they empty it out. They're always helping each other and are
really nice. They are people just like you and me.”

Access Hollywood today confirms that Vanessa Hudgens (Filipino) from High
School Musical HAS auditioned and is up for the role of Leah, the lone
werewolf and main Native American female character:
cle_13014 .

Given that this franchise’s upcoming sequels has only two Native American
female roles, it is shocking that the only female role currently open on
the official casting breakdown is the very small role of Emily, a character
that never develops into a significant female lead.

The stronger role of Leah, whose character will develop into a significant
leading role for a Native American actress in New Moon’s sequel Eclipse and
Breaking Dawn, is currently absent from the casting breakdowns and
therefore not available to talent agents for submission.

The fact that the major role of Leah is NOT listed on the casting
breakdowns, coupled with the fact that Vanessa Hudgens has auditioned for
the part of Leah, is enough for any Native American actress to feel
discriminated against in the sole right to be given even a chance or

It’s easy to find the information and cannot be just mere coincidence that
Chris Weitz, the new Director of the franchised film sequel, shares the
same powerful agent (William Morris Agency) also representing Vanessa
Hudgens and Taylor Lautner.

Action Alert: Join us in solidarity--Thursday, Jan. 15 @ 4:00 PM sharp--in
front of Summit Entertainment for a Peaceful Rally/Demonstration: A Prayer
Ceremony (Address is listed below).

Also, please join us in solidarity by having your voice heard by calling,
e-mailing and contacting ALL of the Twilight representatives listed below
and urge them to honor Native Peoples by having us represent ourselves:

Summit Entertainment (Production Company)
Producer: Mark Morgan
1630 Stewart St.
Ste. 120
Santa Monica, CA 90404

Phone: 818-733-5410

Stephenie Meyer / author of the Twilight books
c/o Liddell Entertainment
606 N. Larchmont Blvd.
Suite 202
LA, CA 90004
Phone: 323-461-1103

She frequently posts blogs.

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Re: Outraged Over Twilight Fraud
« Reply #1 on: July 25, 2009, 12:38:35 am »
It gets worse: Jacob "imprints" on Bella's infant daughter. Before she's born. Seriously. Major author appeal going on with the tendency for massive age gaps: Bella's mom's boyfriend's young enough to be her son, Bella dates Edward the 104-year-old virgin, Quill with a two-year-old and, ahem, Renesmee.

If that didn't squick you out enough, Jacob tries to kiss Bella against her will. In front of her father. Her father congratulates him for it.

And of course Bella's a Mary Sue, except she's clumsy and too dumb to live because she's a girl. Even Leah wants her because she can read Jacob's mind. Stupid sexy Flanders Bella.

Then there are the Cullen clan. They're vegetarians because they only drink the blood of animals. You keep using that word. I do not believe it means what you think it means.

And let's not forget the genetics of vampirism. Bella has 23 pairs of chromosomes like all humans. *facepalm* The sex chromosomes aren't considered a pair, Meyer! But if she's afraid of blood and a teenager, they must be XY. Edward, a former human who's now a vampire, has 25 pairs. *facepalm* Werewolf Jacob has 24 pairs, even though his non-werewolf brother has 23. *facepalm* When Edward and Bella have a child *facepalm*, she gets 24 pairs. *facepalm* Why does my face hurt so much? Meyer clearly has no idea how species works. Or that the number of chromosomes have nothing to do with how advanced a species is. Then again, she also had sperm surviving for 100 years, still human, producing a half-vampire baby. And Bella goes from conceiving to 6 months pregnant in two weeks' time! The human body can't take that!

The fans are funny, though. Twilight is the new Neon Genesis Evangelion for fanatical fans. Evagelion fans send death threats to Anno. Twilight fans have a riot over a canceled book signing and threaten violence against anybody who either interprets Twilight differently, doesn't like Twilight, or has never heard of Twilight. (All six people left on the planet in the latter category.)

If you must read it, read it for the unintentional ho yay. Write your own Edward slashfic. It'll probably be better than this piece of shit.

Fun the things  you learn on TV Tropes.