Author Topic: Does any one know David Grey Eagle?  (Read 12708 times)

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Does any one know David Grey Eagle?
« on: November 03, 2008, 09:56:30 am »
David Grey Eagle seems to be very active and he's possibly a shaman in NA related issues. Fighting against Canadian government for equality for his tribe. Does any one know if he is a fraud?  I am hoping to get answers. Thanks!

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Re: Does any one know David Grey Eagle?
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His legal name is David Sanford. Listed on many sites as Mohawk of the Bear Clan. Mostly conservation activism and talks.

Some sites mention ceremonies he does, but no sign of charging.

An archaeology page lists him as a source but doesn't say for what.

Also seems to be an agent and musician.

This is his site, mostlyh locan conservation issues, but one thing that strikes me as strange is his leading a group of schoolkids in building a medicine wheel.

This belosw also strikes me as strange.

While the site was virtually pitch black after nightfall, a circle of light emanated from a bonfire in front of the observatory dome. There, David Grey Eagle, a Mohawk of the Bear Clan, conducted a prayer ceremony, invoking his ancestors and the need for all Rainbow Warriors to fight to save nature.

I am a Rainbow Warrior and for those of you that do not know me, when you sleep I am doing my work. We all have to do our part watching this place,??? he said.

“What we do here together will change the future.???

He also recalled having a dream of meeting a great owl, which became reality when he encountered a great barred owl while conducting a ceremony here in February.


This claim here seems like it could be easily checked.
"David “Grey Eagle??? Sanford, the last living grandson of Chief White Cloud of the Upper New York Mohawks, representative liaison for the Huron Nation of Ontario. "

My dialup connection here is too slow for youtube. Can someone tell me what's in this video?

This is probably the most important thing I found. Frankly I'd be a lot more comfortable if the author weren't anonymous though.
But the affidavit mentioned should be easily found with calls or a visit to the local courthouse.
Wendat Grand Max Gros Louis also states David Sanford aka "Grey Eagle" is an imposter!!
by anonymous (no login)

Residents challenge local activist's request for City funding
Thu Mar 06, 2008

PICKERING -- A couple of Pickering residents have recently challenged a local activist's request for funding from the City.
In December 2007, the News Advertiser printed an article when activist David Grey Eagle Sanford requested funding in a letter to the planning and development department so he could put together a team of First Nations' leaders and lawyers for consultation on the Pickering Official Plan. In 2006, Mr. Sanford, along with representatives from seven First Nations' bands, argued in court they were not consulted during the class environmental assessment of the Seaton land exchange and that a full environmental assessment with complete consultation should be undertaken. The Huron-Wendat Nation was not one of the seven bands challenging the Province. The Ontario Superior Court of Justice Divisional Court dismissed the appeal in February, 2007.

Pickering resident Terry Nuspl wrote a letter to the City regarding an affidavit presented during the trial from Max Gros-Louis, grand chief of the Huron-Wendat Nation, a member of the Founding First Nations Circle. She also included a copy of the affidavit. In it, the grand chief called Mr. Sanford "an imposter," after Mr. Sanford had previously stated he was a "representative of the Huron-Ouendat Nation."

"The circle consists of seven Chiefs and the Province has been consulting with them as the official representatives for the Seaton Lands," Ms. Nuspl wrote. She added the court also recognized the Founding First Nations Circle as the body to speak on behalf of First Nations regarding Seaton.

In the affidavit, Grand Chief Gros-Louis states, "I can speak no more clearly: Mr. Sanford does not speak for the Huron-Wendat Nation."

Don Harvey, a representative of the Cherrywood District Residents' Association, came to council to contest Mr. Sanford's request. He explained the court determined the Huron-Wendat Nation had the most significant connection to the Seaton lands.

"I think the court documents indicate that Mr. Grey Eagle Sanford is not one of those people as far as Seaton is concerned," he said.

In an interview, Mr. Sanford's lawyer, Nicholas Tibollo, said there's another side to the story and that he cross-examined Chief Gros-Louis and the transcripts would "suggest something different.

"Council should be aware that there is a response to that affidavit, one, and two, there's a cross-examination to that chief," he said. "So they ought not just limit their review to that affidavit because there were many, many questions asked about the contents of that affidavit and answers received."

He added Mr. Sanford did formerly represent the Huron-Wendat Nation in the past. Also in Council correspondence was the letter from Chief Wellie Picard, Grand Chief of the Huron-Wendat Nation in 2003, stating that he supported Mr. Sanford's representations pertaining to a different site, the Milroy site within the Rouge Valley. In Chief Louis-Gros' affidavit, he noted he understands support for Mr. Sanford to act on behalf of the Huron-Wendat Nation since then has halted.

City solicitor Andrew Allison wrote in a memo, "Essentially neither the Court nor the Province has recognized that Mr. Sanford is the official representative of any First Nation with an interest in the Seaton lands."

He further noted the City will work with consultants to develop a strategy to identify and consult with all First Nations that have treaty rights or aboriginal rights in any land in Pickering and it will continually invite Mr. Sanford to give his input on the process, whether or not he represents any First Nation.