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Heather Sprague, Republican Candidate Maine

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Sprague is claiming to be Abenaki, even showing up at cultural events. This is her to the right, red face paint, red shirt.

She's a MAGA candidate, a bigot who hates gays and trans people, an election denier...and a convicted drug trafficker from only four years ago. Most recently she had to back down after claiming the massacre of schoolchildren in Uvalde was caused by liberal teachers.

Portland Press Herald reported that Republican candidate Heather Sprague from Cushing blamed liberal teachers for the Uvalde school shooting, saying they had brainwashed the shooter into thinking he was gay, resulting in a mentally ill person who subsequently went on a school shooting spree.

Far-right conspiracist Maine House candidate Heather Sprague likes to dress up in Native American attire for various events & claim she's got indigenous...

For those who have an account with, Heather Sprague has a public family tree:

This is her mother's obituary:

Facebook profile: — Posing as Native American (three photos):
Photo caption: Heather Anne Sprague June 8: The red paint signifys that I am taken or married.  :)
Photo caption: Heather Anne Sprague September 9: My Abenaki name is Molsem Naovos Alemos or wolf chasing coyote. Very fitting.
Heather Anne Sprague September 12 (No text.)

About her current role in politics:


--- Quote from: Sparks on October 24, 2022, 01:12:38 am ---Posing as Native American (three photos) …
--- End quote ---

I should have added: "Maybe she is authentic?".

I IMd her at FB. She sent this. My question, followed by her answer.

Hello, I wanted to ask about your being Abenaki. Could you tell me about your ancestors? Band or tribe, enrollment, anything you care to share. I did see your photo here and in an article about a gathering in Richmond.

Good morning I do not know if I am Abenaki or not, I was part of a reenactment and invited to the island there by my Abenaki friends.  I am waiting to find out my heritage, I have to travel to Ellsworth to do so and have been busy with the campaign so waiting for that to be over. My friend Ruth Moore is full abenaki and gave me my abenaki name and plans to do a blood adoption. I never said I was abenaki because I do not know and cannot make such a claim. Its obvious I do have native in me Im just not sure which tribe yet and can keep you posted as my journey continues if youd like?


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