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The recent reports actually show that the plastics and tarps used on the roof of the brainwashing tent...uh sweat-lodge, were intentional to create an air-tight seal, for oxygen deprivation to create a false euphoria in people, which they would mistake for a "higher consciousness" and attribute to the Guru.

Because James Ray on other occasions blabs about avoiding toxic "poisons" in the environment, usually to market a cleansing product of course. (one that is probably toxic itself).

Meanwhile, they deliberately cover the overheated brainwashing tent with plastic/tarps.
Technically, the possible toxins from the heated plastic are the least of ones worries, as that might give you lung cancers decades in the future.

Its the severe oxygen deprivation which is far more dangerous.
Organ damage.
Brain damage.

Talk about "toxins", when you get severely dehydrated and overheated, you are damaging your liver and kidneys, which actually filter toxins. So damaging those organs is the most toxic thing you can do. You can die from that.

And what about the people who were "only" injured, and may have suffered some organ damage, and some possible brain damage from the severe oxygen deprivation and over-heating?
What about them in the years ahead? What about their health problems from organ damage?

The authorities said they took samples of all the materials from the roof and structure for testing. And they are checking to find the instructions for the sweat-dome.

This can be the cost of not exercising critical thinking with knowledge of how LGAT seminars operate. With critical thinking, some wackjob Guru tells you to get into his crude overheated brainwashing tent, but first you go and inspect it, inside and out.

You see its designed to create an air-tight seal, so you tell the Guru to open some holes in the roof to create a draft. He says no.
Then you say if he does not make the structure safe with ventilation, you are calling the fire department from 911.
Oh that's right, the Guru has taken your phone.

Then you go to one of the Guru's goon staffers, and tell them to give you your phone in 10 seconds. Or even better, you pull your phone out of your pocket, as you kept your phone and ID, as you don't hand stuff like that over to LGAT guru's.
Then you walk to the lodge and call the fire department from 911, that some aggressive Guru is pushing 60 people into a fire-trap and unsafe building structure.
They get there quick, and shut the thing down.

Or if there is not time for that, you tear the structure down yourself, or rip 5 holes through the roof.

With training in wilderness survival, critical thinking, and LGAT seminars, you can spot what the Guru is doing in minutes, and take action to stop it.
Many cults will try to physically stand in people's way to coerce them and try to stop them from leaving.

But with proper knowledge and training, you can tell the Guru to get out of your way in 5 seconds, or he will be charged.
Of course, this is why Guru's, spend months breaking down people's will, starving them, lack of sleep, and building up false trust, so they can then have more leverage over the victim.
They also kick out people who stand up to them, and try to groom their followers to do whatever the Guru tells them to do.
That's why they call it Mind-Control.

The public needs about 1000x more training in these areas.

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critter - a white non-ndn person:
I don't know what to say.  I started replying a few times now.  The guy isn't.  That's all that can really be said. And if people are actually believing this guy is .. that is just really sad, and shows clearly that people are very lost.


--- Quote from: taraverti on March 04, 2010, 01:28:16 am ---Rick Ross has a huge thread on Byron Katie. Scary stuff.,12906
--- End quote ---

Rick Ross moved here, and you can search to find all the information about Byron Katie:


--- Quote from: dabosijigwokush on March 04, 2010, 01:54:16 am ---The recent reports actually show […]
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That whole post is Copy & Paste (with no source given) from here:,77450,77845

I awakened this topic because Jim Frank (AKA James Michael Aloysius Frank) is still active.

His old site is still there, but no updates since 2016: &

Right now he recruits from here:

--- Quote from: ---Medicine Wheel Wisdom and the 12 Steps
Six Tuesdays on Zoom begining September 13, 2022, from 7:30 to 9PM
--- End quote ---

Disciple of Michael Harner, Sandra Ingerman, Byron Katie, and Joseph Rael AKA Beautiful Painted Arrow. My boldings in quotes below:

--- Quote from: ---Who is Jim Frank?
[…] With the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, he trained in core shamanism with Michael Harner and soul retrieval with Sandra Ingerman.
[…] In 2003 he attended the School for The Work with Byron Katie in Brussels, Belgium and in 2004 he staffed at the School in Stamford CT.  He is skilled in facilitating The Work and has maintain his relationship with The Work by regular attendance to Katie's New Year's Cleanse. In recent years he has traveled to Peru to deepen his connection to indigenous peoples and visiting with his friends in Cusco.
[…] Since 1991, Jim has followed the Red Way as taught by Joseph Rael, aka, Beautiful Painted Arrow, with whom he apprenticed as a ceremonial leader.  He leads his local community in ceremony since 1995 Within his larger spiritual community he is recognized as a valued elder and continues to lead ceremony and teach workshops.
--- End quote ---

More about his Byron Katie connection:

YouTube channel (four videos right now)


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