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Thank you all in advance for reading my post. Thank you, too, for the valuable information shared here on the forum.

I have benefitted from this site and, if possible, I would like to pay it forward and share from my personal experiences with a couple individuals who are listed here. Their damage isn’t limited to my cohort and the harmful messages they call teachings are being passed down like subconscious, inherited traits. The next generation doesn’t know the origins of their beliefs but there is a direct line of influence from one person to another. They think they are safeguarding teachings but they are mimicking a fraudster from the 1940s who had his own motives from another era.

Several years ago I was going through a very difficult in my life and a trusted friend suggested I visit her and meet her new friend, a “real Native American shaman”. My friend was really good at sounding clear-headed so I trusted her. It was described as way to pray with other women and a potluck. What I didn’t know was that she was already into this cult and was now recruiting others.

Because I had never attended any ceremonies before and I didn’t want to be rude, I went with her to this charlatan’s house and met her core followers.

Ironically it’s that desire to not be rude that prevented me from speaking up online initially - one of the tactics of this cult was to say that we were colonizers engaging in race-policing if we questioned where the ceremonies and teachings came from. If we asked for their credentials they would tell us we were part of the patriarchy and drinking the Kool Aide. To further ensure we didn’t go poking around, whenever anyone asked if this was a tribally sanctioned ceremony we’d be laughed at and told that the local tribe was too traumatized, too politicalized, distrusted white people and was too Christian now to be associated with if we wanted to pray away from a Christian church.

The next step was my attending a large gathering with all the group’s members, and later I met some related groups that help reinforce the other’s agenda and provide mutual validation. This, I think, was the substitution for having any connection to the local tribal community, and furthered the talking point of creating community, creating a new tribe.

Over time I both learned the backstory of the group and looked the founders up online. Since two group leaders had a profile here on NAFPS and I could reconcile what I had heard with the forum posts, I decided to approach the group’s leadership with my concerns. They objected to my wanting to make changes, to be honest about the appropriation, and to repair the damage. They doubled-down on their claims, sanitized some of the PR materials, got a new crop of volunteers and continued as they wanted to.

Since leaving I have reflected on what I experienced there - and in the groups that collaborated with them - and have educated myself about what was going on. I have educated myself about cults and believe what I saw was a cult of personality. I am certain there will be those that won’t care if their “teacher” is a fake, will find justifications, and call people like me bitter but a least there would be informed consent.

I have been threatened for several years and can feel that I am still nervous about sharing certain identifying details about myself. If anyone would like me to share those details, if it comes up where anyone would like more info for any reason beyond what I might have posted, please just DM me. I’m open to talking with individuals if it’s helpful.

Thank you for reading, for the light y’all shone on my ignorance and allowing me a opportunity to fill in some blanks on some of the people who are doing harm. If anything I post here is an extension of any lingering ignorance, please say something. It would seriously stink if I kept perpetuating BS.

I’d like to share one of the sources I have relied upon, a site called Freedom of Mind by Steven Hassan. He explains the BITE method/model for identifying cults. I’ll attach it in case this is ever helpful to anyone else.

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I’d like to share one of the sources I have relied upon, a site called Freedom of Mind by Steven Hassan. He explains the BITE method/model for identifying cults. I’ll attach it in case this is ever helpful to anyone else.

The Freedom of Mind website and Steven Hassan have been mentioned about a dozen times before. There is even a separate topic, and even after 17 years, all three links in the first post still work: —

Good news!

I've been in touch with Steven Hassan, an anti-cult activist and expert on mind control within cults. He's an ex-Moonie who now heads the Freedom of Mind Reseource Center.

He's adding a Shamanism section to his website which will use NAFPS as the main resource. This should get our views to a much wider audience.

A profile of Hassan.

There's a quote from one of his books that I think can help us understand why twinkies are the way they are.
"Few people understand that cult indoctrination superimposes a new cult identity that suppresses and controls the individual's authentic identity. Relatives and friends think they are having a conversation with the person they have always known when, in fact, they are probably addressing the cult identity. In most traditional exit-counseling and deprogramming cases, the cult identity is submerged but left intact. The pre-cult identity assumes control, but the cult identity is not fully absorbed and integrated into the new post-cult self. Specialized knowledge and training are required to effectively promote healing."