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Poor old NDN couple
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There was this poor old NDN couple. One day there was nothing to eat so the old man took down his 22 and a rusty bullet. Off he went hunting while gramma set a pot of water on to boil. The old man wandered all over but he couldn't find anything. Finally he starts walking home. Then he comes across a turtle. The old man picks it up and takes it home. "This is all I could find", he tells his wife. "It will have to do." she replies. She drops the turtle into the boiling water and due time she scoops it up, puts it on a plate and sets it down at the table. Just as they sit down they hear NDN singing. They look around bewildered then they realize the singing is coming from their meal. The singing stops. The turtle pokes his head out and says, "Wah wah that was a good round! Door keeper bring six more rocks."  ;D