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Sam Musqua
« on: October 04, 2009, 01:50:05 pm »
Sam Musqua from Keeseekoose First Nation Saskatchewan is a traditional Anishinabe Bear Clan leader. Travels extensively through out North America. Keeps the Shake Lodge and works with Ojibway (Chippewa) Tribes in Michigan and Wisconsin. Sam is very dominant and at times controversial.What have peoples experiences been with Sam?

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Re: Sam Musqua
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What's online about him shows him at funerals, powwows, teaching Ojibwe at a school, donating a star quilt at a charity, etc.

Also consulted as an elder for environmental concerns. See page 19.

And doing some teachings on wellness, sobriety, etc. I didn't see anything that seemed unethical to me.

What is it that is controversial about him?

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Re: Sam Musqua
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Sam has a good reputation in these parts.He has doctored people nobody else has been able to. Seems lodge keepers/ Elders are either devils or saints to many people. This goes with dysfunction as dysfunctional people look at things in black and white. Someone is all good or all bad. Also there is a lot of jealousy and Elders tend to bump heads.Egos get out of hand. Someone told me Sam is into money and needs to be in control when Elders meet. The Sam I met travels in an aging 70's era Chevy van that sputters and coughs. He once got pulled over by the police who laughed when they found he was using a Chiquita banana sticker to validate his plates. Everyone has their detractors and I am just double checking to see if everything is on the up and up with him. I sincerely hope it is.