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A good white man joke
« on: March 21, 2008, 02:46:43 am »
There was this farmer named Wilbur who lived about 20-25 south of Pine Ridge. One day he was out plowing and he got real thirsty for a cold beer, so he said to himself, " I'm going to take the tractor up to White Clay and get a beer".
So he drove the tractor up to White Clay and parked on the edge and started walking in. He didn't get far when a gang of winos took after him. They cornered him by a bar and they started fighting. Wilbur was pretty tough but the wino gang was experienced and crafty and they were 5 in number. They would get him down and Wilbur would get up, up and down, up and down, fighting and brawling the whole time. Finally they got him down for good and put the boots to him and pounded on him for a while then they went through his pockets. All they found was a dime.
The leader of the wino gang said, " holy **** man! A dime is all you have! We almost killed you for a dime!"
Wilbur looked up from the ground and said, " Oh, I thought you guys were after the $100.00 bill I keep in my sock"