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Title: Woodland Indians
Post by: E.P. Grondine on February 07, 2011, 05:24:25 pm
Sometimes I am very surprised to read what I have "said":

"Isn't this, or one of these URB split-offs, the bunch from which Ed Grondine, over at NAFPS, claims to be "Shawnee"?  Just asking"

I think I have made myself clear at NAFPS as regards both Jerry Pope and many of his victims.

I think I have made myself clear here at NAFPS as to "Woodland" Indians as well, and they seem to be meeting my expectations: No cigarettes, and apparently too stupid to understand English.

I seem to remember that the claim here was "we speak the truth".

Title: Re: Woodland Indians
Post by: E.P. Grondine on March 12, 2011, 08:56:11 pm
Thank you for removing that material.
Title: Re: Woodland Indians
Post by: E.P. Grondine on April 20, 2011, 09:39:52 pm
Thanks for taking that one off.

Here's another place where I'm  surprised at what I said, or wrote:

I don't think I ever accused you of jinxing my keyboard.
I hope I was finally able to answer your question, bls.
Title: Re: Woodland Indians
Post by: E.P. Grondine on May 14, 2011, 04:02:05 am
Well, the offensive material is back up once again.

ten-skey, the facts are thus. Jerry Pope victimized many people. They did not "split off", but "walked away", and the court records proving that are filed as public records in Bellefontaine, Ohio.

I won't speak on the legitimacy or actions of the other groups publicly, but you can PM me for private discussion.

I only answer for my own actions and words. That being the case I will tell you plainly that in my opinion every time you label Jerry's victims as "split offs" you are committing slander, as the public records clearly show they "walked away" from him.

You ask a simple question as to my Shawnee ancestry. The simple answer is that it appears to have come from Bent Twigg of (Shawnee) Oldtown, Maryland.
There is no doubt that my division is Sewighili, now called Thawagili.

ten-skey, before commenting on Shawnee affairs, you should understand that the Shawnee national  covenant belt was formally and publicly broken in 1779, and to this day there is no SNO, similar to the one the Cherokee have with the CNO.

I suppose that what I will have to do now is apply for one of those BIA descendant cards. Some people tell me they feel like its like getting a tag from the American Kennel Club, but what the hell...

Quite frankly, I despise the names the archaeologists made up for the peoples, and I don't need to use them. Hence my much earlier comments on "Woodland Indians", which was made prior to finding the offensive material on your forum.

I met with some more of the archaeologists on Wednesday, and I am tired, so I am not in too good a mood right now.