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Sweats for Veterans
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Re: Sweats for Veterans
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Is this a question about him, or nonNatives in lodges?
Sweats for vets, including nonNatives, have been going on at least since Vietnam. I know the VA hospital in Phoenix has a lodge. The VA will even help with the costs of constructing a lodge, but they have criteria saying the persons building it must be known as healers within recognized NDN communities. There have been problems with exploiters trying to get at the govt funds.

Thomas has been doing a lot of good work all over it seems.

It's nice to be able to write about such a good man, since we often deal with some of the worst.
ETA: Moved to NonFrauds, but if people wish to write more about him or sweats for vets, one can.

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Re: Sweats for Veterans
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Thank you. I was happy to hear about this and just wanted to make sure.