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Adam Danner, 4Directions Healing Foundation
« on: July 18, 2010, 10:04:19 pm »

 I personally know Adam and Phyllis quite well, and they have both tried to help educate in an effort to stop different kinds of cultural exploitation.

As to what landed them on this web site, there are some things that need to be cleared up.

Adam's profile that the first poster was referring to is an old and outdated mini bio.

The profile contains an important mistake in wording that, admittedly, could raise questions.  The use of the term "Algonquin Nation", associated with Phyllis, should have said "Algonquin Native American Church,” which to my knowledge was a real organization, started by Richard Phillips (Abenaki), in upstate New York that was a source of Algonquin teachings for that area. Obviously, for anyone to claim to be anything for the entire Algonquin Nation(s) would be inaccurate.

The mistake of the term "Algonquin Nation" being used occurred because of a simple wording mistake and as soon as the mistake was realized it, it was quickly changed.

Then, what is really misleading is that the first poster attached some other group, called Algonquin Wabanaki of Turtle Island.  They were obviously researching terms like Algonquin and Abenaki and found this group.  Well, that’s great, but Adam and Phyllis have nothing to do with that group and have never even heard of it.  Why was it just thrown in this thread instead of creating a new one?

Then the second poster, who obviously did some research on the Algonquin Wabanaki of Turtle Island, found things to criticize on their website.  But when the average reader looks at that second post, it appears that Adam and Phyllis, or even Richard are being criticized, when actually much of the criticism is directed at the Algonquin Wabanaki of Turtle Island.     
The fact that a couple of misused words by someone other than Adam, Phyllis or Richard has landed them in a position where, anytime their names are searched online, they show up looking like possible "new-age frauds," is a complete misrepresentation of who they are.

Adam has had solid relationships and cultural influence from Native people from different tribes, over the years, and has spent much time trying to educate and show people respectful paths they can take to learn about Native culture that is not exploitative of Native American people/traditions) and has been praised by many Native American people for doing so.  He also helped to found a charitable/educational organization thats sole purpose is to work for the good of Native American people, part of which includes trying to alleviate stereotypes and misunderstandings about Native people and cultural ways.  The board of directors include Native American people from different states and tribes who are friends with either Adam or Phyllis.  I seriously doubt if Adam was not doing things in a good way, that many of these people would support them the way they do.
Here is a link to the organization, in which Adam helped to start:

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Adam Danner
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Hello grandmasue,

I'm the one who wrote the second post and you're right, I was only responding to the site.  Usually I'm a little more clear when I write, but I'm only human.  There was no intent in my post to be misleading.  My apologies and I concur with your comments about my post.


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Adam Danner
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No problem Superdog. 

I never thought it was intentional,

Just wanted to point it out.

I'm fairly new to this board, but I'm sure you've done your share of good work in the past.


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Adam Danner, 4Directions Healing Foundation
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The topic was split from the original one in Research. This portion of a post by Flyaway was also separated from the original question.


 Adam Medicine Dog Danner --
-- Native American Traditional Education

Adam Medicine Dog Danner(Algonquin, Cherokee) is the understudy of Phyllis Singing Bird Ballard(Seneca, Mohawk, Algonquin). Phyllis Singing Bird is the Sogma Nebizon (Medicine Chief) for the Algonquin Nation as well as the Native American Fellowship Dayspring Church. Adam is of the Turtle Clan, and is a trained Pipe Carrier for his people.
Adam’s teaching lineage, through Phyllis Singing Bird, comes from Phyllis Singing Bird’s grandmother, a Mohawk Medicine Teacher, and from Abenaki Chief Medicine Man Richard Blackhorse Phillips(Abenaki, Wampanoag; both Algonquin).
Adam is a protector of Native ways from exploitation and misrepresentation.

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Re: Adam Danner, 4Directions Healing Foundation
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Thanks for moving this to non-frauds, genuine and trustworthy people.

We at 4 Directions Healing Foundation have worked hard to promote thruths about Native American people and culture.

We are a 501c3 charitable and educational organization primarily made up of Native American people from different backgrounds, including multiple federally recongnized tribal members.
As well as providing clothing and everyday essential items to different Indian communities we also try to be an important Native American resource to the public, doing cultural programs with the sole purpose educating the public in an authentic way about Native American people and culture.

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