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Research Needed / Re: Margaret Noodin Ojibwe Professor
« Last post by Cetan on April 15, 2022, 02:30:45 am »
Meg is good at teaching the language and is fluent, if she hadnt been Hap and Howard and Alfonse would not have worked with her at U of Michigan. She had been a good influence with students here encouraging them to learn and speak their language
Research Needed / Re: Margaret Noodin Ojibwe Professor
« Last post by Defend the Sacred on April 15, 2022, 12:57:19 am »
It's too early to say if she has changed. She came here and tried to mislead us.
Research Needed / Re: Margaret Noodin, Professor
« Last post by educatedindian on April 14, 2022, 11:05:59 pm »
I realize universities are protected from hiring non-Natives for positions teaching Native history or programs, and there is no Indian Preference in hiring. That's why Ward Churchill, and Andrea Smith, have been able to continue their work. The best case scenario for any Native community trying to repatriate its languages and cultures, and heal from historical trauma is to have a enrolled Native person would be hired with the proper credentials to assist them and if not Native they would be totally transparent about their background, which we have numerous documentation that Margaret Noodin has not. From misrepresenting how she was raised, to her last name, to her lineage to Grand Portage and Metis, none of this has proven true.
Her tactic now seems to say she never claimed to be enrolled, but not to deny she has Any Native or Ojibwe ancestry. She claims friends have told her to explore her identity, that is not a proxy for go tell the world your Ojibwe until your found out. I would like to see this person placed in Frauds.

Actually Churchill is the one and only case I know of where he was hired solely for being (thought to be) Native, and not for the quality of his work, training, or teaching. And both he and Smith were forced to step down.

How many times do you have to hear you won before you realize you did? This is the third time I've told you.

You've been part of NAFPS for years and you realize who we usually go after. She's not a cult leader, didn't abuse anyone, didn't spread falsehoods about Native traditions. There's zero evidence of harming anyone. Just the opposite, her being forced to step down harms Ojibwes by taking away a language teacher.

You're certainly right that it's far better to have someone who grew up speaking the language teaching it instead of someone who learned it as an adult. But that's just not possible for more than a few NDN tribes in the US or Canada.

I'm writing this paragraph for any outsiders reading this since I know you know it all too well. Boarding schools came damn close to killing Native languages, reduced the speakers to sometimes a few dozen people out of thousands. Even the larger groups like Dineh and Cherokee struggle to hold onto the language. Non Natives often teaching the language is going to be a reality for the near future, for the same reasons the Spanish teachers in Iowa high schools probably won't be Latinos.

Noodin is someone who took the family stories of ancestry at face value without checking them. This is something she shouldn't have done, but there was no intent to harm and no benefit to her.

Calling herself Ojibwe several times so far that we know of instead of "I believe myself to be a descendant" was wrong. But it wasn't systematic, and likely came from her thinking at that moment, "I'm part of the community, and I believe what my family said." She has apologized here and can and should correct her mistakes.

It also has to be a hard experience for her to go through. All her life she believed herself to be a descendant and made it her career to learn the language fluently, doing a lot of good because she also thought she was getting in touch with her roots. And she can and should take pride in the good she's done, just has to relearn to think of herself as an ally and community friend.

WIN, you know what we do when someone we criticized and investigated tries to change and do right, or was found not to be harmful. Noodin is both of these.

The right thing to do is wait for her to contact the several websites where she falsely called herself Ojibwe instead of "I claim to be a descendant." Once the sites have corrections up, this thread should be moved to Archives and marked No Longer a Matter of Concern.

You won. She had to step down, and changes what she said. Happy ending? Not for the shock to her sense of self, and the loss of a needed teacher.
Research Needed / Dr. Ruby Gibson
« Last post by fairbanks on April 14, 2022, 10:18:09 pm »
Anybody know anything about Dr. Ruby Gibson? On her website she's self described as "A mixed blood woman of Native and Mediterranean descent." No mention of actual tribal affiliation though. She developed a historical trauma healing practice called Somatic Archaeology and combines this with brain-spotting therapy called Generational Brain-Spotting. Her book My Body, My Earth has a chapter called "Excavate you Chakra System" as well as an entire chapter on Essential Oils.

Quite interesting to call a supposed decolonization practice "archaeology" in which you "excavate the body" considering the colonial history/practice of archaeology, and also "somatic" a therapy buzz-word these days which has Greek origins. Appreciate any thoughts or info on this...
Archive No. 1 / Re: NO LONGER A MATTER OF CONCERN Rod Skenandore/Elk Chief
« Last post by educatedindian on April 14, 2022, 10:03:33 pm »
There's another thread on him in Archives after he passed. We overlooked this one. Merging them.
Research Needed / Re: Garrett Duncan Navajo Illuminations "Navajo Shaman"
« Last post by educatedindian on April 14, 2022, 09:59:51 pm »
I sure don't claim to be an expert on Dineh tradition. I know there's dozens of healing specialties. But this screams a lot of Nuage busswords, not NDN.

Garrett will provide additional techniques that include;
the double sword technique, extractions through Feather-puncture, cord removal through scooping, and using your swords as a wand and antennae.

Sacred space will be created to allow practice in a safe setting. In addition, an energetic healing chamber will be created to heighten energies and intention ceremony will be performed in the chamber.

And this, same link:

Recognizing & Honoring your Inner Native

Do you love watching: Dances with Wolves or Last of the Mohicans?
Do you own a rattle, drum, walking stick, or feathers?
Do you dream of flying with the Eagles, Hawks, or Ravens?
Do you smudge using Sage, Cedar, Copal, or Palo Santo?
Do you dream of running with the Wolves, Buffalo, Horses, etc?
If you answered YES, to any of the questions above, chances are that you have been Native American in a past life.
Garrett Duncan, Navajo Healing Facilitator will assist you in recognizing your INNER NATIVE. He will tune into your spirit and share with you TRIBAL AFFILIATION and perhaps a NAME and/or give you insight from this time.

And WTH is this:

For the Love of Dragons

In collaboration, Garrett will introduce the Dragon essence line. In the class, participants will receive annointments of three dragon essences.

They are: Dragonheart, Mystic Dragon, and Master Galactic Dragon. Insight will be provided on each energy.

A Dragon journey will be conducted to meet your personal Dragon guide. You will receive guidance from them in addition to a name. The class will end with reflection and sharing of individual dragon journeys.

This mentions him being born in 1981 and claims he became a "shaman" in 2008 at age 27. And says he's an ambassador to Sasquatch. Then why doesn't he use the Dineh name for them?
I found a few sources saying there are descendants through his half sister. So indirect descendants. The Edward Clown family.
Research Needed / Re: Margaret Noodin Ojibwe Professor
« Last post by WINative on April 14, 2022, 03:45:17 pm »
I know many of you have worked hard to uncover Margaret Noodin's family history and have done a great job in showing she has No Indian Blood on either side, No Grand Portage Band of Lake Superior Chippewa and No Metis. Both of these she has claimed to be in her past videos and presentations.
As early as 1992, she is documented as claiming to be Ojibwe from Minnesota, and 2008 she said on the video below "The Tribe we were enrolled at is Minnesota Chippewa from Grand Portage and Martin Clan." As recent as the video from 2020 below she states, " Our family is from Grand Portage Band of Lake Superior Chippewa." She now states I never said that-i'm just a Ojibwe descendant, which she is Not. She has admitted she is stepping down from the Electa Quinney Institute due to these issues and people don't do that unless they have been caught. She has led you down a wild goose chase stories of more ancestors but nothing found. I think this has to have a consequence for all her actions, which have had a negative impact on real Native Americans.
that is my understanding as well
i thought crazy horse did not have any descendants
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