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Questions, & What Else Do We Need?


Some pretty funny censorship built into this board. The word s - e - x apparently brings in a link I can't figure out. It also rewords the clinical term for female genitals as "girl thingy".

So what else does this group need? What is everyone's suggestion for graphics, links? I think we need links from the frontpage www.newagefraud.org to both the forum and www.nafps.net. Plus the Welcome message should be there.

I noticed the censorship script when I was setting up the board. Anything in it can be changed - words deleted, added, changed. Just tell me what you want and I'll fix it

[size=18] LOL!!!  [/size]

What else do you want on the front page? Some graphics sure would help!

One thing to add is a "testing" area so that people unfamiliar with boards like these can go and "test out" their posts and IDs, images etc...    They can make a "test" post to check out their set up and it gets deleted later by the admins.  It's only used a few times till they get it right.

I was wondering about that "thingy"  thing LOL


Well, on one forum I'm on, it rewords spic and spik as Latino, so any reference to spikes or spices changes to Latinoes.

Rewording strings can get funny. Especially when the strings are nothing like ck.


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