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Some people are reporting that recent images I've uploaded aren't showing up, although I can see them myself. So here is a test, are others able to see this image?

the images do not show up when just browsing the site..,we just see the written text, but when i sign into nafps, the images appear then. the images only show up when i sign in , can this be fixed?? the images are important information, in that they show what some of the Haida "booty"that they gave erick gonzalez for the his personal"altar" . these images of him showing off his haida booty verify that erick gonzalez himself is the "altar"
thanx. Piff..

Defend the Sacred:
If the images show for people who are signed in (and I can see them, too), this is a forum software issue. We'll look into it, but it may not be something we can change, depending on our security settings.

Sometimes, I have only been able to see the images when I am logged in, but the above image I was able to see even before I was logged in.  Does it have something to do with how the image is added?  I think you can either attach it inside the message or as an attachment to the message.

P.S.:  The Erick Gonzalez images are not visible to me unless I am logged in.


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