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I'm a sessional teaching an Indigenous Studies class. I find it annoying when students cite dubious sources in their papers. A lot of this is New Age gibberish, Shaman stuff. Sun Bear's Medicine Wheel book or Lynne Andrews flights of fantasy becomes a source. Some are incredulous when I explain to them that the medicine Wheel concept is a new non Cree concept. There is not only a pan Indian trail mix spirituality but also this New Age Shaman b.s. becoming more accepted. The old Cree stuff must be constantly maintained and corrected. Not everyone's spirituality is Lakota Sioux. I notice a lot of the shaman baloney is also in our University library. I think it would be good if this site could not only provide a list of shameless Shaman books but also provide sticker templates via computer that could be easily printed and stuck to the library books not only here but where they're sold. Wouldn't it be neat if Indigo Books for example put a sticker from this site on NDNZ saying something like. "Doubtfull Authenticity" or "Culturally fraudulant"  Then in smaller letters, NAFPS. 

critter - a white non-ndn person:
That would be great!  Oh, I do recall Lynne Andrews.. bleh.  It was given to me, I never finished it, I couldn't get past the corny-ness.  Same with this Mary Summer Rain, I think it was.. another that someone gave to me, that I couldn't finish.  The only thing I remember of either is that they were corny beyond belief and how could anyone believe that?

I'd love to be putting stickers on books. Give me a list, give me some stickers...  I'm ready to go.

Defend the Sacred:
Some AIDS activists did something like this when a misleading book about AIDS came out in the eighties. The Surgeon General denounced the book so we made stickers with a Surgeon General's Warning, followed by a quote from the surgeon general about how this book could be hazardous to their health. Like the warnings on cigarettes. It was good to have something to do with those books.

Also, when I'm in libraries and bookstores, I turn the covers of the good books out, displaying them prominently. And one can also make the crap books harder to find.  8)

When I'm in a bookstore it's my habit to move the Nuage books he naive employees have put in the NDN section to the Nuage section.

I once stumbled upon a book in a public library that someone had put their own handwritten sticker just inside the cover, three of four sentences explaining it was false and offensive.

Perhaps people can suggest a very brief all purpose statement that can be pasted on the majority of shame on books?

And I realize it's a lot of work, but we can start a compilation of all the fraudulent books in this thread.

critter - a white non-ndn person:
Sure, first on the list:  The Secret.

Have to figure how many words can be used on the sticker.  Something like, The material in this book is not authentic.  ?  That's a little lame ..  perhaps something more harsh.  To jolt a person into doubting that it's a good idea to read it .


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