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Yamassee Nation of Allendale SC/Yamasee Indian Tribe of Seminoles

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There was a woman posting on a thread on FB about how she now has a CARD and everyone can kiss her ass. Stating things like the Muskogee are from Virginia and Florida. The more she wrote the stranger it got.

This site is a bad deal. They are not Federally Recognized. They say they are Federally "acknowledged" because they have had correspondence with the Gov. HUH?

In order to (pay) get a card with them all you need is a signed affidavit stating that you have an ancestor somewhere in your family.

I tried to talk to the woman and tell her she was being fleeced but she did not want to hear one bit about it and said I was a BQ nazi.

There's another bunch calling themselves Yamassee in quite a bit of trouble with the IRS. It's a splinter of the dangerous Nuwaubian cult.

All three seem to be outfits preying Blacks with stories of NDN ancestry. Just like the Nuwaubians, all the faux Muslim or Egyptian names are a dead give away.

This bunch has been around a grand total of 15 months.

What's interesting is that the wikipedia page on them, obviously written by a member or supporter, lists many different leaders, and it's only three months old. Curious how they have multiple grand chiefs, directors, prime ministers, ambassadors, and shamans.

T'chobiy Miki (Principle/Grand Chief) Sekhu Hidden Eagle Thunderbird Gentle> Deputy Chief (Miki) Joseph Black Wing Falcon Curtis> Department of the Interior Prime Minister "Rawsheed" Stone Coyote Patton> Chief Clan Mother Grand Matron Brenda Red Crow Thunderbird Webb> Shaman Ray Spotted owl Ellis> Chief Minister Saliym Waller> Chief Marshal Aaron Black Bear Holmes> Associate Grand Matron Lucinda Watson> Tribal Council Chairman Fahiym Howling Wolf Spirit Conner-El> Tribal Director Saja Peaceful Dove York>
 More Names Available on their Official Website
Tribal Council
Fayhim "Howling Spirit Wolf" Conner - Tribal Chairman (PHL,PA)
Brenda Red Crow Thunderbird Webb - Clan Mother/Grand Matriarch /Chief (Tampa, FL)
Marquitta Running Hawk Gentle - Clan Matron (Tampa, Fl)
Saliym Waller - Tribal Minister (PHL ,PA)
Aaron Black Bear Holmes - Chief Marshal (ATL, GA)
Al " Golden Owl" Bey, Esq - (Chief Justice) (CA)
Rawsheed Stone Coyote Patton - Prime Minister of the Department of the Interior (Los Angeles, Ca)
Lucinda Wright - Assc Grand Matriarch-(GA)
Joseph Black Wing Falcon Curtis - Deputy/Vice Chief ( Miki) (Norwalk, Ca )
Chief Akil Ali / Ambassador/ Tribal Elder ( Ypsilanti, Mi)
Rex Brown Hawk Vidrio - Associate Chief Diplomatic Liason (Iroquois Ambassador)
Clerk of Court EVG Muhammad Bey
Sekhu Hidden Eagle Thunderbird Gentle - Principle / Grand Chief (Miki)(Maco)(Mico)


Here's another page of theirs where they claim to be officially recognized by the SC state govt...because they got the key to the city given them by Charleston SC.

Chief's FB here.

One of their leaders, Rasheed Patton, is listed here prior to his getting a twinkie name, when he opened a healthfood store. What's of interest is he listed as his spiritual teacher Jihad Curtis.

This may be ominous. One of their leaders is a professional casino consultant.

A lot of their genealogies are listed here.

One gives his family history here.
....Chief  Sekhu Hidden Eagle is one of those descendants, of Yamasee that family has still worn the name “Gentle” after the wars! After an interview with Chief Sekhu (Hidden Eagle Thunderbird) Gentle, he lays out a brief history of his family tree!
Sekhu is the Son of Col. Geronimo Gentle, Who is the Son of  Willie Gentle Sr.
Chief Sekhu mother is Brenda  Wright Mitchell  (Of the Wrights in Northern Florida & southern Georgia.
Geronimo’s mother is Katherine Simmons of the Seminole .
Their family lineage of 4 generations , from the Gentle’s, to the Sneads, & more makes Chief
Sekhu recall how deep his family lineage is...
Stories his grandmother told them,  stories past down to her on the Seminole ( Her Side) & Yamassee (Gentle Side)...

Defend the Sacred:
That's not even a real Wikipedia article. It looks like someone went against policy and used their user page to post a bunch of stuff that would never stay in the mainspace. I assume this in an attempt to get around the fact that there are probably no reliable or verifiable sources (by WP standards) to indicate notability of this club.

(If the person who set that up on their user page is reading this, don't blame me for your article and heritage club not meeting the criteria. I didn't set the policies.)

ETA: This looks to be the real article on the history of the tribes in that region: 

The user who posted that stuff in their userspace can technically keep it if they are improving it to bring it up to WP standards, but given the situation with the club they're promoting, I don't think that's possible. If they're just using it to park a fake article, it won't stay up.

Also, if you look at the discussion about some of the edits that were attempted on the real article, here you will see that some of the attempted changes (that didn't stand) sound reminiscent of some of what we've seen in the videos from Elwin Green Gillum, aka "Queen Chief Warhorse"

I am trying to figure out how many members are in their club... nowhere that I can find on their site states how many... at $54 a pop..its adds up. This is a travesty. Thanks for the other info. Al.

Here are some things she was told by the "tribal chairperson" and her thinking as a result. I edited her
name out as I dont see it as pertinent to the thread.

*****Name edited

Woopie!! I finally got my tribal id today.. now the tribal card nazis can offically pucker up and pick a cheek to kiss. I am a Yamassee Muskogee Nation member. Bird Clan

Thursday, May 24 at 5:32pm via mobile · · 1Reply
***** Now I don't have to worry bout my sons status in the future. Or any of my decendents.

Thursday, May 24 at 5:33pm via mobile · · 1Reply
*****That's why I worked so hard on it. So my baby can sink his roots down and know where he belongs. The tribal chairperson called me personally. We share the same family surname. Her husbands last name is the same as my ggrandmother

Thursday, May 24 at 5:36pm · Reply
***** Apparently our roots are very deep.. all this time I didn't know

Thursday, May 24 at 5:36pm via mobile · · 1Reply
***** Yes. They originally were in virginia,west virginia area

Thursday, May 24 at 5:37pm via mobile · · 1Reply
***** But relocated to florida later on. We are a confederacy. We have creeks, choctaw, seminoles all together

Thursday, May 24 at 5:38pm · Reply
*****The Yamassee war in 1715 was very bloody. Many small nations joined together to fight. Thus the confederacy was formed. Check out there website.

Cat Carnes 10:11am May 26
***** are you aware that this is not a federally recognized tribe... and where did you get the idea that the Muskogee people came from Virginia? I sure hope you did not pay for this card!

***** 10:49am May 26
I got the idea from the tribal chair person herself. Check out the Yamassee Nation on the internet. They are federally reconized. Thanks for the warm positive words..

***** 10:52am May 26
I am pretty sure that the chairperson knows the history of the Nation. Also the Yamassee war in 1715. Several treatys were signed and also we have a goverment to goverment relationship. Please cat don't start with the tribal card nazism. I'm not trying to hear it. Stop trying to ruin my happiness

Cat Carnes 10:54am May 26
I am not trying to ruin anything just stating some facts...did you pay for that card? Actually believe it or not I care enough to post...

***** 10:59am May 26
Well maybe u should argue that point with the tribal council not me. And maybe u should google the Yamassee nation and read our history. Just because its not planted in oklahoma doesn't mean anything. I was waiting to see which one of my friends were gonna start this BS about my card.. I knew it was coming. OMG can u just let me be??

***** 11:01am May 26
Also Cat since its not your nation then its not your problem.

Cat Carnes 11:03am May 26
*****... its not a Nation... its fakin bacon!! I am trying to discuss with you not fight with you you are the one getting upset.... You are being duped darlin...

Cat Carnes 11:03am May 26
and no legitimate nation CHARGES for a card....

***** 11:03am May 26
We have been around before colombus.we are very old so don't start the whole this is a club crap. The tribe has been well documented and has a long history. Oh wait.. maybe cause were mixed natives then were not excepted by some tribal card nazis.

***** 11:07am May 26
Whatever... I am happy and no ones going to start ruining my joy.. I call them joy killers..

***** 11:06am May 26
Wow... happy Saturday lol.. ppl just seem to enjoy spoiling my day. I don't care bout the BIA. The goverment can't tell who's who and what's what.. don't tell me u believe what they say..

I'm trying to remember which of the links I saw it at...I think one of them claimed they had 300 or so members. X54 that's over 16,200 bucks they've scammed.

That wiki bit, the fact that so many leaders have changed in such a short time, that points to possible turmoil or jockeying for positions.

Cat, you might try showing her a list of fed recognized tribes so she could see for herself the Yamassee are not on it. Their "recognition" is just getting a member getting govt letters in a child custody case. And if recognition doesn't matter to them why are they trumpeting a phony claim of it?

Any actual Yamassee ancestry people likely wound up among the Seminole two centuries ago.


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