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"Queen Chief Warhorse, Tchufuncta Nation, Chahta Tribe" Elwin Green Gillum

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Read Debbie Reese's post on Queen Chief Warhorse:

Queen Chief Elwin Warhorse Gillium of Tchefuncta Nation

At one point they were called the St Tammany Chahta.

This groups says they are a branch of the Choctaw left behind during the Trail of Tears, also to have been a nation of Black/NDN mixedbloods in Florida. It may be some have NDN ancestry, wouldn't be unusual.

But it doesn't help their case when they dress up as Mardi Gras Indians. In fact they seem to have been a Mardi Gras group as recently as this February.

One of the links says they have 100 members. They also have a website still under construction.

One of the Neville Bros is their "ambassador."


--- Quote ---Members of the Tchefuncta Nation, made up of the descendents of 125 families of Chahta, Cherokee and Creek ancestry
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---Still, “All my Indians were not counted,” she said. “We lost people. Those who call themselves Creole, or multiple races, it divides people and all those get counted in the ‘other’ category,” on the census, rather than as American Indians, she said.

“But, the census bureau did all they could,” Gillum said. What changed this count, is that the U.S. Census Bureau allowed people to identify themselves and really count the Indian nations, she said. American Indians could claim who they are, as well as record their tribal affiliation.

The Tchefuncta Nation was provided a three-digit code for its members to use on the census forms. This will allow them to track the count of members who reside in about 30 states. Only people who had their paperwork in order and confirmed their affiliation with the tribe, were given the code.
--- End quote ---

This article reads like a sales pitch for the group.

Ha! I follow Racialicious on Twitter and was just tonight tracing back the surprisingly comprehensive, impromptu Twitter Teach-In that unfolded as Racialicious live-tweeted the Kellog Foundation's "America Healing" conference under the hashtag #racialequity.  It seems to actually have been a non-attendee, the Blackfeet/Suquamish author-attorney Gyasi Ross (who has been mentioned on these boards for his new book Don't Know Much About Indians, But I Wrote A Book About Us Anyways) who first sounded the alarm.  Looks like the upshot is he was invited to and accepted the offer to write an article for their blog.  Can't wait!

I've been following some of the #racialequity conference twitter stream now too. I watched more Queen Chief Warhorse videos last night also. Really look forward to Gyasi Ross's article.

I think Queen Chief Warhorse is playing Indian and encouraging others to do so also. Included in that playing Indian is merging Mardi Gras Indians festival activities with "we are an actual historical tribe". If I was her publicist I'd encourage her to dress differently at conference type events - she has a pseudo multi-tribal thing going on and it sets off red flags for some viewers.

Personally I think she might have a sort of personality cult in the making. People who are feeling lost can be told that they've been found by their tribe. She works for tight group unity and is dismissive about some other actual tribes.

I'm all for people researching their genealogy and the history of a place. I think Ms. Elwin Gillum could start a heritage community group that doesn't claim to be a current tribe. She and others could be role models for people of distant Indian ancestry on how to research their genealogy and on how to then not misuse that information.

I can see how fake tribes can be really appealing to folks. We are told that we've been found by our long lost tribe, that our sense of rootlessness and lostness has a cure, that we now have a firm foundation to stand on and an answer to all our questions.

--- Quote ---The Tchefuncta Nation is made up of different tribes, bands and clans with members concentrated along the Gulf of Mexico from Texas to Florida. Members are descendent of those who did not move onto reservations in Oklahoma under the Dancing Rabbit Creek Treaty of 1830 and who escaped what came to be known as the Trail of Tears.
--- End quote ---

White House pays Tchefuncta Nation visit in its 'White House'

Tchefuncta Nation, Chahta Indian Tribe


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