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Re: Sonne Reyna
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I had to take a double take on this guy ,Thought it was a Baboon hahahaha in sheeps clothing

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Re: Sonne Reyna
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The grand prize goes to - "klingon Shaman"  LOL


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Re: Sonne Reyna
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Sonny and his wife, Elaine, used to run the American Indian Spring Market at Mission San Juan Bautista back in the 1990's.  Then he was just a slick salesman and certainly no "Chief"! 

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Re: Sonne Reyna
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I'm writting in response to the Texas AIM chapter. There is no more Texas AIM only South Texas Chapter that is nationally santioned and has nothing to do with them. When it was texas AIM the director was Juan Mancias who basically on a mission to "find" as many Carrizo/ Come Crudos as he Could to get the Carrizos federally or at least state recognized. As far as sonne being a sundancer. the carrizo have a sundance but its not called that its called a harvest dance and they don't pierce so he's fulla it.

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Re: "Chief" Sonne Reyna
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"07.01: Graduate, Astropsychology & divine astrology, Dr. Louis Turi, AZ, USA "

Turi is himself quite a character.
"In 1993 he received a metaphysical Doctorate from the Progressive Universal Life Church based in Sacramento, California. His notoriety skyrocketed after rekindling, practicing and teaching Nostradamus’ rare Divine Astrology method, which he calls Astropsychology....He writes a yearly periodical with all these predictions, called "Moon Power Starguide." The printing process makes the proof of his predictions totally unarguable."

LOL! Does it really?
"self-described "prophet" Dr. Louis Turi, a failed scam artist who bought his PhD at a diploma mill for $350, and whose predictions never seem to come true."
"I find the "Dr. Louis Turi: Astropsychology Readings" portion of your schedule to be ridiculous and almost funny if wasn't so pathetic. I believe "Dr." Turi to be a fraud who isn't even very imaginative in his repetitive horoscopes. — This site has disappeared from the Internet.

I found this on "Dr." Louis Turi's site:

Chief Sonne Reyna is part of this group need someone else in this group category…

Native American Wisdom
94 members

This group is public with *Chief Sonne Reyna  participation, for those interested in Native American Wisdom and their connection to Mother Earth…If you have experienced or know anything related to the Mayans, Sumerians, Atlantis or any of the disappeared civilizations share it with other Cosmic Coders. I wrote “Explanation of the Mayan Calendar” as an example for you. Enjoy!

The bolded part beginning with an asterisk is a link to this Facebook profile, active up to this day:

Chief Sonne Reyna, Lipan Apache-Yaqui
Studied favorite writer - Juan Rulfo at University of Texas at Arlington
Studied at University of Texas at Arlington
Went to La Joya Senior High School


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Re: Sonne Reyna
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He lists his parents as JJ Reyna and Beatriz Alaniz Reyna here (archived )

Here is his father's obit:
Juan Jose Reyna, a member of the Elders Circle of the San Juan American Indian Council, passed on to the Spirit world with his family around him on July 7, 2002. He was 77.Mr. Reyna, a descendant of Yaqui-Coqhuilteka Indians, was born in Havana, Tex., and served in the U.S. Navy during WWII. He lived and worked in San Benito County for the past 30 years and was once honored by the county Board of Supervisors. He was a custodian for the county who maintained Veterans Memorial Building. Mr. Reyna is survived by his wife of 55 years Beatriz A. Reyna, his children Juan Jose Reyna Jr. of San Juan Bautista, Ramon Homero Reyna and Minni Zavala of Texas, Jesse A. Reyna of Hollister, Emily Hollowell of Woodland, Juanita Ponce of Hollister, Lucille Moore of Los Banos, Wakin (J.W.) Reyna of Modesto, sisters Sara Salinas, Irma Garza and Amelia Gonzales of Texas, 11 grandchildren, five great-grandchildren, and numerous nieces, nephews and cousins. At his request, arrangements for cremation have been made through Grunnagle Ament Nelson Funeral Home. Friends are invited to attend a memorial July 12 at 3 p.m. at the mortuary. Donations are preferred to Hospice of the Central Coast in care of the mortuary chapel.

Pinnacle 7/11/02.

Sonne Reyna = Juan Jose Reyna Jr.

His former wife is Elaine Anne Reyna. In a past newspaper article she was known as Laynee Reyna, former wife of Sonne Reyna "who also goes by the name Chief Sonne". ("Native American traditions employed to plead for rain:, Diana Marcum, Monday March 10 2014, Daily Press, Victorville CA)

From the book "Real Moments: Discover the Secret for True Happiness" by new age author Barbara De Angelis: "Their names are Juan Jose Reyna, Jr., who everyone calls Sonny, and Elaine Reyna, who is known as Bluebird."

Elaine Anne Reyna is the CEO of One People One Earth Peace Vision Inc. in California. Current site: . I don't know if Juan Jose Reyna Jr /Sonne Reyna is active is this endeavor now, but he was in the past.

Elaine and Jose ran Reyna's American Indian Gallery/Museum in San Juan Bautista CA They held various events such as "American Indian Prophecy Seminar" including "13 Moons Retreats".


ceremonial chief and shaman
empower women and men globally to reclaim their magic to make peace with nature, and inspire the alpha women and men healers to lead us to salvation by feeding all hungry children and parents.

About Sonne
Chief Sonne Reyna, Lipan Apache-Yaqui


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Re: Sonne Reyna
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Message from San Juan American Indian Council and One Earth*One People


Sonny Reyna requested that I post the following message.   Anybody wishing
to respond may do so best by calling Sonny at (408) 623-2379 or by writing
to the San Juan American Indian Council, PO Box 1022, San Juan Bautista, CA
95045, or by visiting Reyna's Gallerias at 106 Third St.


    Sonny Reyna (Coahuilteka Comanche) and Elaine Reyna (Algonquin) are
ancestral traditional Native Americans, co-founders of San Juan American
Indian Council, One Earth*One People*Peace Vision, Inc., Reyna's Gallerias &
American Indian Museum, and the California Indian Market.   The Reyna family
is dedicated to the preservation and protection of the surviving native cul-
tures in the Americas and other regions of Mother Earth.!topic/soc.culture.native/n_lV-cnR5dU


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Re: Sonne Reyna
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Another former wife is Claudine Bourgeois-Reyna. Together they had "Earth’s Children Cultural Organisation" in USA and France.

A comment left on a Youtube video about him:


5 years ago
I hate to burst any bubbles however I know Sonne very well, being an old girlfriend. He has much charisma and is talented orator like his father, but he does not walk his talk. He is mostly Mexican blood with 1/4 N. Am. He does not honor his wives which he has many, chasing many other women while in marriage, abandoning his little boy and wife in France, pretending to know native tongue when he does not, etc. He is one of those who saw an opportunity and grabbed it, desiring fame. I'm sorry 2say?

Reyna says both of his parents come from shamanic lineages. He says as a preteen he learned from "tornado shamans" how to turn tornadoes aside. He also says that we've all reincarnated and "I believe that we are all natives.".

A Traditional Sun Dancer, Sun Dance Society, Peace Chief

The Delight Makers took their name from the inspirational teachings shared by Sonne after a ceremony in April 2005.

Sonne’s teachings are introduced through the film Metaphysia 2012, by Sean Fisher. The film shares the journey of open innocence through the minefield of new age information and ideas around humanity’s developing consciousness.

In all his work, Chief Reyna’s major inspiration and passion is his vision to revive the most important of Indigenous Sacred Wisdom:  “That the Children Belong to All of Us – They are born and are enchanted until disenchanted adults change them.

That Family includes all enchanted creatures of Earth Sky – We are all related.

That Enchanted Men are the Guardians of Life – forming a Protective Circle around the Family. That Enchanted Men are Compassionate and Responsible Fathers.

That Enchanted Men Honour the Ability of Enchanted Women to Lead and Guide Humankind to Salvation.”

Chief Reyna conducts Ceremonial Rites of Passage and Traditional Vision Quests that help us to become Enchanted Women and Enchanted Men Again.

About Metaphysia 2012:
In search of deeper meaning and a greater understanding of our New Century predicament, Fisher travels coast to coast across the United States, meeting some of the most influential thinkers in the alternative and metaphysical movement. But it is a mysterious phone call from a Native American Peace Chief that changes his path and destiny forever.


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Re: Juan Jose Reyna Jr AKA Sonne Reyna
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Media clips accessed through Proquest:

It comes as no surprise to learn that Chief Sonne Reyna was raised by 'tornado shamans' able to control the weather. He's a force of nature, with a face as fissured and craggy as an Arizona rock-face and a laugh so loud and broad you can see his tonsils dancing in the back of this throat.

With coal-black hair snaking down his back, Chief Reyna, 58, looks like an Indian but talks like a preacher, in long, graceful passages with repeated phrases and musical cadences. He's mesmeric to listen to and regularly drifts into a passionate paean to the earth.
According to him, we are all descendants of 'tribes of magic' - indigenous peoples who understood the natural and supernatural worlds - and we have the potential to rediscover that heritage now.

Listening to the Earth
Graydon, Nicola. The Ecologist; Bideford Vol. 38, Iss. 2,  (Mar 2008): 20-21.

She talked to Sonne Reyna, her ex-husband, who goes by the name Chief Sonne and owns a coffee shop in town.

The two were once hippies and both are still in the habit of flashing peace signs. Later, they were involved in the American Indian Movement, the group that led an armed standoff with federal agents at Wounded Knee, S.D., in 1973. Then they became interfaith ministers and held conferences in the giant tepee in their backyard.

They were married for 20 years. They marked their divorce on a hilltop, invited all their friends and considered it a sacred sign of approval when an eagle flew overhead. Now Chief Sonne lives in a trailer out by the tepee.

Dancing to pierce skies; Native Americans encourage everyone to join a weekly ceremony to bring forth water.
Marcum, Diana. Los Angeles Times; Los Angeles, Calif. [Los Angeles, Calif]06 Mar 2014: A.1.

[Just changed title-Al]
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Re: Juan Jose Reyna Jr. AKA Sonne Reyna
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More about Reyna from another topic (NAFPS Reviews of Nuage Related Films):

Two more posted, we'll see if they allow them.
A New Age Hoax Posing as Native
Calling this a documentary is a stretch. It's about as accurate as those awful Ancient Alien shows on History Channel. New Age nonsense throughout, POSING as American Indian:

The 2012 pseudo prophecy came from New Age imposters, not Mayas or other Natives. Actual Mayas were appalled and frustrated because they have no prophecies about 2012. Far from any end of the world, their ancient calendars go to the year 4377! And even then they don't show any apocalypse. All those claims came from white New Agers posing as experts in order to fleece the fearful and gullible.

"Chief Sonne Reyna" is not a chief, and his claims of ancestry change constantly, from Yaqui to Apache to Comanche to Coahuilteca to Carrizo. None of these tribes are related to each other. The last, Carrizo, were made extinct over 200 years ago! His real name is Juan Jose Reyna Jr. He's Mexican with possibly distant ancestry, and makes his living peddling New Age nonsense to European whites.

Save your time and avoid seeing this hoax from imposters and exploiters.
And a bio of Reyna:

Born Juan Jose Reyna Jr. according to his father's obituary at  Reyna is a Mexican American calling himself "Chief Sonne Reyna." He is not a chief, and his claims of ancestry change constantly, from Yaqui to Apache to Comanche to Coahuilteca to Carrizo. None of these tribes are related to each other. The last, Carrizo, were made extinct over 200 years ago.

He possibly has distant ancestry, and makes his living peddling New Age ideas to European whites, passing them off as Native American. Also calls himself "Whirlwind Eagle Wolf." On some sites he uses the British spelling, "wolfe." He claims to be a "Nawal Eagle Clan Chief, Sun Dance Society Peace Chief, and Global Ambassador for the Supernatural worlds." Neither naguals nor the Sun Dance have anything to do with any of the tribes he falsely claims. He also sells just about everything, weddings and namings, and is based in Germany.

He claims training from "Dr." Louis Turi, a French astrologer whose degree came from a degree mill. Reyna also claims to be a member of the American Indian Movement (AIM). AIM denies this. Lakota tribes deny he is a Sundance chief as he claims. Reyna also once falsely claimed to be Geronimo's great-grandson. Reyna has been married and divorced twice, the second time to a French woman, abandoning both the wife and child.


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Re: Juan Jose Reyna Jr. AKA Sonne Reyna
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Excerpts from an article about a past Reyna event, notable especially because of description of "blood sacrifice":

 A Most Powerful Ceremony 

On Sunday, Jan 11th I participated in a Coahuilteka (healing and empowerment) ceremony with Chief Sonne Reyna and his brother, Jesse Reyna of the Yaqui Indian Nation. It was a powerful experience that I want to share with others.

About 20 people gathered at a house in San Francisco. We began with a sharing of food and a getting to know who was there with us. Before the actual ceremony, we all watched "Mending the Sacred Hoop". This film is about a Lakota Indian Chief leading rides (on horseback) to places like Wounded Knee where congregations of indigenous peoples perform sacred ceremony together for the sake of the world, and to heal the land where terrible things have happened. (Wounded Knee is an infamous place where large numbers of defenseless American Indians were massacred by the US Cavalry in the mid 19th century)

A recent congregation took place in Costa Rica where indigenous peoples gathered from all over Central, North, and South America. Another such gathering in June, 2004 took place in Hiroshima, Japan (As the Lakota Chief says "There are places like Wounded Knee all over our world").

After the film, the Chief began the actual ceremony by telling us a little history of how the Yaqui nation was governed in traditional times. There were two governing houses (much like the Senate and the House of Representatives) but one house was composed of all men, and the other, all women. Each had equal power in decision making for the tribe, including warfare. And the men would not go to war unless the women agreed. Sometimes in dire situations, the mothers of the tribe would place themselves between the warriors of conflicting tribes and bring the fighting to a halt.

Chief Reyna said that modern society has is backwards today in our "artificial world". The real power of the women has been taken away. He believes that the only hope for America to become truly great is to take responsibility, and to heal from the genocide and other atrocities that were committed upon the native American peoples by the European invaders. The Chief says that this healing must come about by the restoration of the true power of women.

Then the Chief spoke about ancient ceremonies in which the sacrifice of blood was the medium of powerful prayer. For women, in their monthly menstrual cycles, they would for a time, bleed consciously on the earth as a prayer. And for the men, this bleeding took a different form where they willingly allowed their bodies to be cut and bled as a way to strengthen their prayers. (Sometimes women, not in their menstrual cycles, would choose this way also)

The Chief said that this most potent and powerful practice has been completely misunderstood and is all lost in modern times.

The Chief offered us the opportunity to participate in such a blood sacrifice. Eight of the twenty (5 men and 3 women) chose to do so. We went outside, It was cold and foggy. The Chief told the men to remove their shirts and "make friends with the cold". I resisted at first, but did as he asked, and surrendered to the experience. Soon, I did not feel cold at all.

As we waited in line for the bleeding, he asked each of us to formulate a powerful prayer and keep our intentions focused on this throughout, The other participants (who chose not to bleed) held places in a surrounding circle, and all focused their intentions together. Even before the bleeding, I could feel the magnifying power of what was happening. When it was my turn, I held a sacred peace pipe to my heart and prayed to "End the destruction of the rainforests in the Lands of the Condor, and to stop the killing in Colombia".

The shape of a lightning bolt was cut into both of my shoulders. Each man received the same. Circles (of life and healing) were cut into the arms of each woman. The conscious wounds hurt and bled, but I felt the pain as a sacrifice to empower our prayers to end the suffering of others, and I willingly endured it. The intensity of the ceremony magnified even more. Some of our blood and flesh was given back to each of us in small blood red prayer packets.

Bob Bishop (Jan, 04)

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Re: Juan Jose Reyna Jr. AKA Sonne Reyna
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(Wounded Knee is an infamous place where large numbers of defenseless American Indians were massacred by the US Cavalry in the mid 19th century)

Wrong. Took place December 29, 1890:

When it was my turn, I held a sacred peace pipe to my heart and prayed to "End the destruction of the rainforests in the Lands of the Condor, …".

The Stupid! It Burns! No rainforests in the "Lands of the Condor":

Condor is the common name for two species of New World vultures, each in a monotypic genus. The name derives from the Quechua kuntur. They are the largest flying land birds in the Western Hemisphere.

They are:

The Andean condor (Vultur gryphus) which inhabits the Andean mountains.
The California condor (Gymnogyps californianus) currently restricted to the western coastal mountains of the United States and Mexico and the northern desert mountains of Arizona in the United States.

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Re: Sonne Reyna
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With so much support how can Dr. Turi be a fraud?

Mike: There are a lot of ways you could've defended Turi's business, which to most people looks like outright looniness and fraud. But spamming us with half a dozen posts with maybe twenty testimonials wasn't the right way to do it.

There is a separate thread about "Dr." Turi (moved to 'Frauds' in 2018): [Louis Turi]