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Hi all!

I'm Jallan, or James/Jamie whatever you want to call me. I live in the Netherlands and have always been fascinated with religion and spirituality. I have decided about three years ago that the shamanist path is the one that fits me best. I came to this forum to prevent myself from walking into any "traps" and perhaps prevent others from doing so if I can.


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Hello Jallan

I am pleased that you have come here rather than just sign up for some seminar or retreat on shamanism.

There are some very, very dangerous people masquerading as shamans in Europe and reading the threads here may save you a lot of pain and money.

Few if any people here will be able to advise you on authentic shamanism, however many people here are knowledgeable about frauds, predators and other criminals who operate under the camouflage of shamanism.

All the best

nemesis :)