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Chief Arvol Looking Horse Does Not Blog
« on: July 22, 2012, 11:12:11 pm »
Periodically we have received notice of frauds attempting to impersonate Chief Arvol Looking Horse online. We have always addressed this in the threads themselves, but we had a request to also pin this post from 19 April 2011 as its own topic.

If you come across anyone online claiming to be Chief Arvol Looking Horse, please remember this: Arvol does not blog. He does not post on message boards, nor does he have any profiles on any social networking sites.

In the future, all official statements from Arvol will come from their official website:

Once the website is upgraded, Paula will continue to also send out Arvol's statements for him via email, as she does now, but in the future they will include a link to confirm them on the official website. This has become necessary due to the impersonators and attempts at identity theft.

While Arvol does not use the computer himself, he has full access to what is online, and a team of assistants who research and keep him up to date on these things - he knows about the situation with Jervis, Crowther, and the other frauds and has been aware of it all along. When asked about Kiesha Crowther his response has been that Ms. Crowther is not a member of the Lakota Nation, she is not a relative, and she has no rights to ceremonies.

Anyone claiming otherwise is misinformed. Please set them straight if it comes up. Thanks :)


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Re: Chief Arvol Looking Horse Does Not Blog
« Reply #1 on: April 16, 2014, 12:00:51 am »
Little Grandmother recently posted something on her Facebook page regarding the Fukushima Nuclear Crisis that was signed by Chief Arvol Looking Horse and the statement is on the below-listed site which appears to be a blog for Chief Arvol Looking Horse.  However, I cannot find it on the site Kathryn listed above (,_2013

The statement first appeared on the internet about five and a half months ago and was re-posted over several blog sites.  Since LG is heading to Japan right now to plant several crystals which she has assured everyone will clear up the nuclear pollution in that country, that is the reason she is posting the statement now.  It appears to give her "street cred".

Since Kathryn's statement said that Chief Arvol Looking Horse does not blog, has this changed? 

***I will post this comment in the LG thread also

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Re: Chief Arvol Looking Horse Does Not Blog
« Reply #2 on: April 16, 2014, 01:25:04 am »

Just compare writing styles, signature styles, and attribution styles, that should be enough to answer that question.  I'd say it was Chief Arvol Looking Horse's name ONCE AGAIN attributed to something he didn't write.

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Re: Chief Arvol Looking Horse Does Not Blog
« Reply #3 on: April 16, 2014, 04:52:28 pm »
That looks to be one of the statements from Arvol that Paula sent out to a huge mailing list, and that was shared all over Facebook. However, I have not gone over it word by word in comparison to the original to see if they altered the text in any way.

Manataka and other frauds have always tried to make themselves look more legitimate, and imply a connection with people they don't know, by reposting those kinds of public writings. They've even posted protection of ceremonies statements on one page, while violating the standards on another. We've tried, but there's not a lot we can do to keep skeevy people from sharing public posts, especially once anyone with a huge friends list posts it to Facebook and people start hitting "share."

Sometimes we've been able to get the frauds to take these things down, but it's taken surreal things like having to engage with White Ego Fraud and people like that directly; which they then misrepresent to imply the interactions were friendly and supportive, when they were anything but.

When I posted above that Arvol and Paula would be putting future statements on their own website, that was indeed the plan. But Paula has been more inclined to continue using email and Facebook.

And if it is not clear: Arvol still does not blog. He has no connection to the Manataka site. Manataka steals from everyone.

As for the voice being at all different, it is a cosigned statement. More people than Arvol and Paula had input.  And many people they have nothing to do with have reposted it.

Here is the original:

From: Paula Horne-Mullen
Sent: Thursday, October 31, 2013 1:35 PM
Subject: We are now at the Crossroads, please share Urgent

                            Council Statement

This statement reflects the wisdom of the Spiritual People of the Earth, of
North and South America, working in unity to restore peace, harmony and
balance for our collective future and for all living beings. This statement
is written in black and white with a foreign language that is not our own
and does not convey the full depth of our concerns.

The Creator created the People of the Earth into the Land at the beginning
of Creation and gave us a way of life. This way of life has been passed down
generation-to-generation since the beginning. We have not honored this way
of life through our own actions and we must live these original instructions
in order to restore universal balance and harmony. We are a part of
Creation; thus, if we break the Laws of Creation, we destroy ourselves.

We, the Original Caretakers of Mother Earth, have no choice but to follow
and uphold the Original Instructions, which sustains the continuity of Life.
We recognize our umbilical connection to Mother Earth and understand that
she is the source of life, not a resource to be exploited. We speak on
behalf of all Creation today, to communicate an urgent message that man has
gone too far, placing us in the state of survival. We warned that one day
you would not be able to control what you have created. That day is here.
Not heeding warnings from both Nature and the People of the Earth keeps us
on the path of self destruction. This self destructive path has led to the
Fukushima nuclear crisis, Gulf oil spill, tar sands devastation, pipeline
failures, impacts of carbon dioxide emissions and the destruction of ground
water through hydraulic fracking, just to name a few. In addition, these
activities and development continue to cause the deterioration and
destruction of sacred places and sacred waters that are vital for Life.

Powerful technologies are out of control
and are threatening the future of all life
The Fukushima nuclear crisis alone is a threat to the future of humanity.
Yet, our concern goes far beyond this single threat. Our concern is with the
cumulative and compounding devastation that is being wrought by the actions
of human beings around the world. It is the combination of resource
extraction, genetically modified organisms, moral failures, pollution,
introduction of invasive species and much much more that are threatening the
future of life on Earth. The compounding of bad decisions and their
corresponding actions are extremely short-sighted. They do not consider the
future generations and they do not respect or honor the Creator¹s Natural
Law. We strongly urge for the governmental authorities to respond with an
open invitation to work and consult with us to solve the world¹s problems,
without war. We must stop waging war against Mother Earth, and ourselves.

We acknowledge that all of these devastating actions originated in human
beings who are living without regard for the Earth as the source of life.
They have strayed from the Original Instructions by casting aside the
Creator¹s Natural Law. It is now critical for humanity to acknowledge that
we have created a path to self destruction. We must restore the Original
Instructions in our lives to halt this devastation.

The sanctity of the Original Instructions has been violated. As a result,
the Spiritual People of the Earth were called ceremonially to come together
at the home of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe Bundle. These Spiritual
Leaders and those that carry great responsibility for their people from both
North and South America came together with the sacred fire for four days at
the end of September 2013 to fulfill their sacred responsibilities. During
this time it was revealed that the spirit of destruction gained its¹
strength by our spiritually disconnected actions. We are all responsible in
varying degrees for calling forth this spirit of destruction, thus we are
all bound to begin restoring what we have damaged by helping one another
recover our sacred responsibility to the Earth. We, the Original Caretakers
of Mother Earth, offer our spiritual insight, wisdom and vision to the
global community to help guide the actions needed to overcome the current
threats to all life.

We only have to look at our own bodies to recognize the sacred purpose of
water on Mother Earth. We respect and honor our spiritual relationship with
the lifeblood of Mother Earth. One does not sell or contaminate their
mother¹s blood. These capitalistic actions must stop and we must recover our
sacred relationship with the Spirit of Water

The People of the Earth understand that the Fukushima nuclear crisis
continues to threaten the future of all life. We understand the full
implications of this crisis even with the suppression of information and the
filtering of truth by the corporate owned media and Nation States. We
strongly urge the media, corporations and Nation States to acknowledge and
convey the true facts that threaten us, so that the international community
may work together to resolve this crisis, based on the foundation of Truth.

We urge the international community, government of Japan and TEPCO to unify
efforts to stabilize and re-mediate the nuclear threat posed at the
Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant. To ensure that the Japanese
government and TEPCO are supported with qualified personnel and information,
we urge the inclusion of today¹s nuclear experts from around the world to
collaborate, advise and provide technical assistance to prevent
further radioactive contamination or worse, a nuclear explosion that may
have apocalyptic consequences.

The foundation for peace will be strengthened by
restoring the Original Instructions in ourselves

Prophecies have been shared and sacred instructions were given. We, the
People of the Earth, were instructed that the original wisdom must be shared
again when imbalance and disharmony are upon Mother Earth. In 1994 the
sacred white buffalo, the giver of the sacred pipe, returned to the Lakota,
Dakota and Nakota people bringing forth the sacred message that the winds of
change are here. Since that time many more messengers in the form of white
animals have come, telling us to wake up my children. It
is time. So listen for the sacred instruction.

All Life is sacred. We come into Life as sacred beings. When we abuse the
sacredness of Life we affect all Creation

We urge all Nations and human beings around the world to work with us, the
Original Caretakers of Mother Earth, to restore the Original Instructions
and uphold the Creator¹s Natural Law as a foundation for all decision
making, from this point forward. Our collective future as human beings is in
our hands, we must address the Fukushima nuclear crisis and all actions that
may violate the Creator¹s Natural Law. We have reached the crossroads of
life and the end of our existence. We will avert this potentially
catastrophic nuclear disaster by coming together with good minds and prayer
as a global community of all faiths.

We are the People of the Earth united under the Creator¹s Law with a sacred
covenant to protect and a responsibility to extend Life for all future
generations. We are expressing deep concern for our shared future and urge
everyone to awaken spiritually. We must work in unity to help Mother Earth
heal so that she can bring back balance and harmony for all her children.

Representatives of the Council
Chief Arvol Looking Horse
19th Generation Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe
Spiritual Leader
The Great Sioux Nation aka Pte Oyate Buffalo People

Bobby C. Billie
Clan Leader and Spiritual Leader
Council of the Original Miccosukee
Simanolee Nation Aboriginal Peoples

Faith Spotted Eagle, Tunkan Inajin Win
Brave Heart Society Grandmother/Headswoman & Ihanktonwan Treaty Council
Ihanktonwan Dakota from the Oceti Sakowin
7 Council Fires
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